Thursday, 1 October 2009

They really are trying

Gloop soup

The kitchen staff have done their best with this but you can't
make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, can you?

Time to call in the back-up...


  1. That cheese sauce is a very odd colour and since when did carrots come in that shape and size? Furthermore, I thought you weren't allowed to eat sweetcorn - that's definitely a bit of sweetcorn I see peeping coyly out from between the peas and carrots. As for the soup - all their soup seems to come in one of two colours - gloop coloured or orange. Is that a fair assessment?

  2. This food is really insipid looking TM,I cannot even begin to imagine what that greenish stuff is, with the brown bits.

    That's not soup, that's the stuff you use to hang wallpaper.

    What crossed my mind was, the hospital giveth, and the hospital taketh away.

  3. I had the chocolate milkshake supplement instead. The staff really took the trouble to heat and serve the food well, but they can't be held responsible for the offsite stuff that gets delivered for regeneration. I have got Stockholm Syndrome, haven't I?

  4. I am afraid you have sir!!.

  5. You'll have something else too if you ate that muck!!

    Did the lunchtime staff resign or have they fled the country for disobeying hospital rules - i.e. give the patients what they need to get out of here fast slop.

    Keep going


  6. Hi TM,
    Nice to see the lunch plate(what was the alternative tho?) I'm sorry but dinner doesn't look too good, I know you said they are trying and full marks to the hospital staff for that. The only good comment on the main course is that I think I detect a slight piece of grilled cheesy crust? I fear you are indeed succumbing to Stockholm syndrome, either that or guilt at complaining is creeping in, either way you must maintain the fight! Think of all the poor sods who didn't get he tasty panini for lunch, they must be bloody starving by now!

    Having previously had a long stay in hospital here in Tenerife some years ago, not only was the food crap but they had a weekly menu, same thing every Monday, then every Tuesday and so on, I think their aim was to kick everybody out within a week! Brain dead after a fortnight is an understatement!
    Keep smiling
    Linda Tenerife x

  7. i dont understand the reason so much food has to be out sourced and reheated later , the hospitals here cook it on site and serve it still hot and freshish .it just isnt making sense . and let me guess what tonights pudding was , something unidentifiable swimming in some sort of custard?i am determined to never complain about usa hospital food ever again , all i will have to do is remember the butkas they are making you eat and i will be convinced that i am eating gourmet

    rhonda, usa

  8. So, what was tonights main course? Hubby thinks it was supposed to be Cod Mornay but I couldn't see any cod!

    We had wonderfully pan fried lamb steaks, potatoes and peas and beans!! YUM! Mojitos before and a couple of bottles of beer with!!! YUM!! All to celebrate the fact that son is well enough for us to consume alcohol tonight!

    I don't blame you going for the replacement shake on offer!!!

    Don't give up! But you do have Stockholme Syndrome!!!

  9. Broccoli in cheese sauce. Yours sounded better. Good to hear the boy is doing well. I'll drink to that. I do feel sorry for the kitchen staff. They try hard but the muck that gets sent to them is difficult to make palatable. They are trying harder. Of course, these days a lot of people only stay in hospital for a couple of days so the food situation doesn't matter. Long term patients have different needs, particularly the elderly. Mental health trusts spend a really decent amount ion their patients' meal but their patients are long term. Perhaps the NHS needs to do something about the menus for people spending more than one week in hospital.

  10. It would appear someone had a nasty accident in the general vicinity of your dinner plate.
    The ole codger who lives next door to us drinks ensure. He's it must be doing something right!

  11. Evening TM,

    By all accounts the Ensure stuff is much nicer if its cold and not hot!!.


  12. It was lovely and cold chocolate flavour.

  13. Wow! Frozen, pea, carrot, bean and sweetcorn medley - I haven't seen that since 1974. I bet it was that old too huh?!

  14. Hmm...they haven't been slipping you Kool Aid by any chance.

  15. Good grief! Still, survival is an imperative which means we must eat to stay alive. People have been known to subsist on leaves, insects, lizards... even rats and fungus. I'll bet you envy them sometimes.

  16. You're catching on TM now the comic writers are copying you :-)


  17. Having spent some time as an inpatient in a psychiatric unit, I remain to be convinced that the NHS spends more money on the food budget per patient in such establishments....

  18. There is a league table of what each trust spends on each meal. Many Mental Health Trusts are up at the top. One spends £19 per day per patient.