Thursday, 15 October 2009

Easy to guess... hard to swallow

A gastric incident?

What lurks beneath?


  1. If that's supposed to be a stroganoff, ragout or chilli, then I'm the Queen of Sheba. It looks revolting!

    Whatever the pud's drowned.

    I hope they let you out soon, before you drag yourself and the bed out of there screaming.

  2. It's Italian mince. I've mentioned this before. Mince with a tin of tomatoes thrown in for authenticity (hollow laugh). Apple crumble and strange unsweet custard?

  3. Mince and tatties, allegedly.

    Jeez that mash looks absolutely tasteless.

    No comment on what lurks beneath.

  4. The carrots look nice and round though .. .. ..

  5. Why does the custard have a green tinge to it again?

    Out of interest, how much weight have you lost since being in hospital, or have Mrs TM's food parcels meant you've been ok?

    Fingers crossed for better tonight.

  6. OMG - I've seen more palatable looking contents in a litter tray.

    *reaches for mind bleach*

    WV eatupe!!!

  7. Wow...that entree has rendered me speechless.It is truly spectacular,a prize winner.

  8. Hell's teeth TM!

    What is that? It looks even worse than Whiskas (banned substance in my house due to have been declared "bogging poison" by my cats). Hard to find a category to put this in.

    @ Plato - owning 3 cats, I have seen some shocking litter tray activity, albeit without having been this revolted!

    Where is Mummy T or Mrs T or friends or a little, sneaky Panino?

    Courage, Cats' Mother

  9. Cat food with a few kidney beans thrown in? The carrots look cold and hard but at least they have been left alone by Jeremy.
    The resulting stools scooped up from the litter tray and covered in custard?

  10. Hi TM,

    Is it me or are your 'meals' becoming more and more disgusting?
    Easy to guess? - not sure about that as I had to think about this one..... If it is what I think it should be then Chili con Carne should never ever be served with mash and carrots, what another incredible inedible combination! As for the pud, as I stare to try to summon up some idea of what it might be all I can imagine is a slimey big octopus about to emerge from that swampy looking custard!

    PS Just read in the Mail - Hairy biker has had motorbike accident so I guess that puts paid to their help, mind you it might also be a plus cos I understand he is now in hospital so will no doubt be sampling some of your delights. On second thoughts may be it's research for when they sort out the NHS 'cooks'!

    Linda Tenerife x

  11. 1. You know when it's been raining, and you're walking down a street and you look down a blocked drain ..? Well it's that with some carrots that are so old they're wooden, and a spoonful of potato boiled to death and then crushed.
    2. You know when you've left a cup of tea with the dregs in and you discover it under the bed three weeks later and it's got things growing in it .. but yellow.

    Captcha word: FRYLEG
    It's a better option ..

  12. It is awful! brown goop with a side serving of mush and slop, follwed by... best not to speculate really.

    Were you overweight when you went in? just trying to fathom why they are trying to put you off eating...

  13. No I wasn't overweight. I have managed to maintain my weight with treats and not needing too many calories since I've given up jogging for the time being.

  14. OMG the main looks as though it has already been through one patient already...while the desert look strangely totally unappetising... mmmm glad I am not in your shoes figuratively speaking.

  15. That is revolting. Who on earth makes the decision that a ladle of cat puke is acceptable to serve as dinner?

    The CA state secretary for transportation a few years ago made the decision to do all his travel for a month via public transit, and found all kinds of places for improvement (we have two red line trains but only one goes to the airport (and this isn't marked), etc).

    Perhaps the head of the NHS could eat hospital meals for a month and make some similar earth-shaking discoveries?

  16. I can't believe it !! (In Victor Meldrew voice) !

    Disgusting :(


  17. I bet the poor kitchen staff sneak in stock cubes and oxo cubes ,to make a meal seem a bit more appetising in sympathy for the patients, i know i would.


  18. That really does not look nice...

  19. What was it then?

  20. Ugh. I don't like the look of these red bits in it. I thought they were tomatoes. I'm so sorry you have to eat this crap