Thursday, 29 October 2009

They're taking the pizza!

It’s not just the NHS that’s taking the Mick when it comes to serving up food to its customers. Pizza Express, the popular chain of British pizzerias has come up with a great wheeze to boost its profits by cutting back on raw materials.

Weight-conscious Pizza Express customers can now order a Leggera version of the restaurant’s pizzas. The Leggera version is simply a pizza which has had a large hole cut out of its base and replaced with a bit of greenery. With the hole removed, the pizza has 30% fewer calories than a regular pizza and only half the dough. And yet… the Leggera actually costs more than a standard pizza.

Pizza Express claims that it’s giving dieters the choice of ordering less fattening versions of their pizzas. Good idea. But why don’t they simply make smaller pizzas for dieters? Hang on a minute! People might not want to pay as much for a smaller pizza. To get around this, Pizza Express has come up with a cunning plan to make the pizza look like it’s the same size by cutting out the middle and filling it with a bit of salad and then charging more for it.

You’ve got to hand it to Pizza Express… they certainly know how to make more cash from less dough.


  1. Strange contraption, a flattened pizza bagel. In other countries you can buy a straightforward pizza half or pizza quarter ... Or you take a whole pizza sliced in eighths and divide it with your friends ... In Sicily you can even get a nutella pizza to condivide for dessert. Without custard! How do you feel in the meantimew, have the pains given you some sort of truce yet? Or have they surrendered which would be even better. Greetings! Barbara

  2. The drugs are helping but it's going to be a battle until next Wednesday when they may take the knitting needle out or replace it.

  3. I'll be thinking of you next week. I may not be looking in as much as I'm on holiday but I hope all goes well.

  4. Good to see you have retained your sense of humour through the morphine cloud. What a weird idea from Pizza Express. If they covered that with nutella Barbara it would be a doughnut. Yummy idea, I have a pizza base in the cupboard. Must go!


  5. Big slug of morphine on its way so I'll say goodnight and thank you to everyone. You're all very kind. xx

  6. Goodnight TM. Hope you manage to get some sleep. We're all thinking about you every day. Even when you're asleep.

  7. I get the feeling that I am part of an experiment but what the heck...

    Your write so well and I am hooked.

  8. Well since I'm still up and about and tapping away on the keyboard I thought I'd just have a quick virtual peek to make sure all is OK and that you're sleeping, and will just make sure the staff know to stand by in case another slug is needed in a while.

    AHEM!! PSSSSTTTTT!! Stand by, night staff. Roger and out.

    I'm wondering if the pin has bent fractionally. Just the slightest pressure in the wrong place could be causing the pain. I'm hoping it's nothing worse than that, or perhaps rejection or a growth of bone round the entry and exit points making the pull much more painful.

    I hope you're dreaming of your beloved wife and of your beloved Northern Portugal. :-)

  9. This poem was voted by the UN as the best poem of 2008, Written by an African Kid

    When I born, I black
    When I grow up, I black
    When I go in Sun, I black
    When I scared, I black
    When I sick, I black
    And when I die, I still black

    And you white fellow
    When you born, you pink
    When you grow up, you white
    When you go in sun, you red
    When you cold, you blue
    When you scared, you yellow
    When you sick, you green
    And when you die, you gray

    And you calling me coloured??

    I thought this was really brilliant and hope you like it too.

    How are you feeling today TM, a bit better I hope. Did you manage to get much sleep or did the friendly caring people keep coming in to wake you up to see how much pain you are in? Not long now and then you will be able to have a huge hug from Mrs TM and we can sample the delights she has brought in for you. Living as an expat I have a hankering for crumpets so tried to make some yesterday - they were OK but i really would love a plastic one from Warburtons - wonder when our next visitors are coming out????

    Chin up Much love for a pain free day,


  10. Hi Kitty

    If I could post you some crumpets and hope they would arrive in good shape I would. What do you like on them? Just butter or some strange combination like peanut butter and Marmite?

    Does anyone else have any special food hankerings?

    TM xx

  11. My goodness TM, I go on holiday for a week, look at your blog, and the food looks much improved, this is indeed good news for you.

    Sorry to read of your pain, hope all goes well for you TM.

  12. Thanks, Ann. I must say, responding to a post in another thread has taken my mind off the pain and cheered me up. You can read it here:

  13. Hi TM, just butter thanks! Oh and any chance of some wensleydale just a small piece to remind me what it truly tastes like!

    Raising my cup of tea to a pain free day for you

    Love Kitty

  14. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer cheap sunflower spread and budget marmalade like wot we get here?

  15. Traction Man said...

    Does anyone else have any special food hankerings?

    Yeah rough cut horseradish, all I can get in Au is smooth, and it is NOT THE SAME (pout) I had a friend try and bring me back 6 jars from the UK, but in a fight change in Singapore, they were confiscated :(

    I had checked with the customs people in Au and this product could be brought in unopened.

    Oh well :(

    I have taken to having my roast beef with Wasabi, the green Japanese horseradish, it is still smooth, but it has the punch of Hot English mustard :)


    Kat from Perth.

  16. I too would kill for some proper salted English butter. Even the stuff that says it's salted over here (Germany) damned well ISN'T. My ex has been ordered to bring a load over when he comes for my première next weekend. I am also longing for a proper roasted rib of beef, and for fresh lamb (I have been known to get on the train and go to Frankfurt's Turkish butchers for that!); however I'm not sure what Customs would make of those in his case, so butter it is.

    (PS Kat, if you can find fresh horseradish, it's actually very easy to make your own rough-cut sauce)

  17. morning TM - so glad to see that you are feeling up to talking to us this morning. Hope you are heading towards a painfree weekend and that Mrs TM is bringing a lovely picnic tomorow


  18. Oh Mr Mandelson, that was quite brilliant

  19. well i worked for pizza hut and the thick crust pizzas are sat in pans of oil for hours and hours before there cooked!!!