Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pile it high...


Someone thinks that if they stick enough food on my plate it will make me appreciate it more.


  1. OMG - what is that slab? and you have sweetcorn. Did Mummy Traction come with goodies? Hope so.

    Just shown this to those I am cooking for tonight so that they might be thankful for the food they will receive (it will look like what you had for lunch but hopefully will taste okay)

    hope you are feeling well tonight and I'm looking forward to hearing your xray results are fantastic.


  2. sorry to tell you this, but i think there might be a slight delay in getting better food whilst in hospital...


  3. OMG what is it TM, this is repulsive, what on earth is it.

    Do you appreciate it more ha!!.

  4. That is turkey and ham pie with potato gems. Normally one gets two or three of those... I think the server is piling the food on to make it look good on the blog. I've definitely been rumbled.

  5. Hi TM!
    My soup guess: Cream Of Mushroom.
    Wishing you all the best for the x-ray-tests and steady incoming stealth food supplies. Today I had to drive aver a snow drift up in the mountains somewhere. Luckily enough I had my car's tyres changed yesterday afternoon, so the car had the winter tyres on already. Greetings from Styria! Barbara

  6. Potato ge .... GEMS?


    Oh please! Make it stop!

    And what's that solid red brick doing there in the gravy with bits of cubed plastic underneath it., unless the caterer's lorry had another smash on the road from Wales and collided with a builder's merchant delivery.

    It's all very mysterious.

    Oh and no dessert. I guess the circular sponge pudding has become so hard that nothing will cut it except a chainsaw and the tree surgeon has gone home.

    Captcha word: CATERSI .. did they leave the C and the K off?

  7. I didn't bring up the soup. But you might.

  8. Piling the food on to make it look good? ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, will EVER make that look good TM not even Photoshop!

  9. That is utterly utterly vile

  10. I note no pudding so I will tell you about Cyril's toenails. But first I have to tell you a bit about Cyril. He was the live-in school handyman who also helped serve the food. We weren't allowed to lock the bathroom doors in case we drowned, and he had a habit of walking in on girls bathing. You getting the picture? He had stooped shoulders from crouching at loo doors and a weeping eye from peeping through keyholes. He was once seen blowing his nose on a roller towel. You know that stuff that encases apple pips? The inner hardened layer of the pericarp called the endocarp? There was always a lot of that floating in the apple puree, which we would tell each other was his toenails.
    Aaah, happy innocent days - not.

  11. Utterly grosse.... inedible crap. Turkey and ham pie....Pies have crusts of pastry, without pastry it should be turkey and ham bake or meatloaf..??

    Ness xx

  12. "Someone thinks that if they stick enough food on my plate it will make me appreciate it more".

    Or perhaps they have rumbled you and you are getting double rations as punishment...

  13. They haven't even dripped on the plate so it does look like they might be trying to make it look better for the blog. Sadly though, more just looks even more disgusting in this case.

  14. Tell the chef to put hidden numbers in the peas - we'll find out who this bastard is yet!

  15. i agree with julie , its a punishment .repent sinner!!!!!!


  16. The kids (5,4 & 2) think the meals look disgusting (will this mean that they will eat their own dinner tonight?)
    I feel really sorry for the kids in the Paeds wards having to face this muck.
    Keep up the great work
    Heather Canberra Australia

  17. Well if Si. is in Hospital then that's it .. Hairy Bikers to the rescue!

    He's only to sample those delights and he'll be up for it I'm sure :-)

    Message to Ann and all re yesterdays rant ..

    I know what you mean about the nanny state but the government has to have some rules regulations/laws to protect us all!

    It's a big subject but lets not get too embroiled in that here.


  18. ooo mmmmyyy godddd what is that supposed to be.. what did you do that was so wrong to be punished by this endless array of what passes for hospital cuisine...?lol

  19. i've been feeling very sorry for myself as i have a bad case of bronchitis....but seeing this made me feel positively brimming with health. Please, please tell me you did NOT eat any of that. I think there must be an aussie working in the kitchen and i bet he's looking for one of his old grubby thongs. That's the only explanation i have for that brown thing.

    I note that there has only been one post from you on this one Mr TM? Not off having your stomach pumped after trying that meal are you?

    Cheers from Mich in sunny Perth Aus (hot enough to go to the beach tomorrow...YAY!!)

  20. For all that is bad about your food the roastie spuds always look great! :)


  21. They may look good... but the proof of the potato is in the eating.

  22. Soup: more redioactive ectoplasm.

    Main: Potato gems?? I'd laugh if the meal looked at least vaguely appetizing. Why has it been sprinkled with sawdust? For flavour? Or extra roughage?

    I hear that the hairy biker is not seriously injured and was spared a stay in hospital.

  23. Thank you for that. I'm NBM today and suddenly fasting is just what I fancy. :)

  24. Good luck with your op. Just think of the lovely meal awaiting you when you come round!

  25. Who puked on your plate?

  26. Dear TM

    Having watched Masterchef Semi Finals last night - can now imagine Michel Roux Jr's face at seeing the montrosity above.


    Best regards, Cats' Mother

  27. Are you sure that's right 'chef'

    Traction Man said...

    Didn't you mean chef or was that a typo?

  28. Think yourself lucky you don't have to pay for it. As a nurse I get the luxury of having to eat that crap and pay through the nose for it.