Thursday, 29 October 2009


I'm experiencing extreme pain today, I may not be able to blog for a while. Please forgive me. If I feel better later on then I will. Thanks for understanding.



  1. Sorry to hear his TM, see you later :o)


  2. Feel better soon TM! We forgive you!

  3. Hope you feel better soon TM xx we look at your blog every day in the office, it's easy to forget how poorly you are when you are so upbeat.xx

  4. I hope you are pain free soon, your health is more important than blogging!
    Gute Besserung!

  5. Feel better soon TM.
    I do hope this is not a sign of further problems for you. Look after yourself.

    I hope you have let the staff know how much pain you are in and that they are taking it seriously and dishing out the analgesics?

  6. Hope things improve soon, TM. Best wishes.

  7. You don't owe us anything. Get well soon.
    (Trauma Surgeon)

  8. Thinking of you.... it puts most of our own little niggles into perspective. As someone else said, you often sound so upbeat and together that it's easy to forget the pain you are in.

  9. Put yourself first.
    Hope you're out of pain soon.
    We're here when you feel like writing.

    Big hugs.

  10. You don't have to apologize.
    Get well soon. :)


  11. Sorry to hear that TM. Really hope the pain abates soon.

    Look forward to hearing from you when you are feeling better.


  12. Take care TM. Hope you feel better soon:))
    You are such an inspiration to us all.
    Keep fighting,


  13. {{hugs}} sorry about the pain issue, we probably forget that you are in hospital for a reason and not just to blog about the meals...

    Come back soon, fighting fit and with more delicious recipes...xx

  14. Best wishes and Love x Thinking of you and hoping your pain eases soon x ccy x

  15. Hope you soon feel better - we sort of forget your not well ! Sorry, hope it's only a blip - hope your better for your Birthday !!

  16. *hugs*

    Hope things improve very soon, and that at least the food is appetising for a while.

  17. hope the pain ease's soon TM
    Hope they are sending round the pain nurse with IV morphine {{{hugs}}}

    You have no reason to apologise.
    I feel a bit guilty now as I'm disappointed about not having a blog today but your health must come first.

    At least you can start to look forward to you lunch and dinner for a change.

  18. Dear TM

    Thanks to you my day is back in perspective.

    Greetings from Cats' Mother.

    Hope that they manage to manage your pain and that that is all that it is.

  19. Elín Bara Cooper29 October 2009 at 12:45

    Hope you get better.

    Br. from Iceland

  20. Feel good soon. I've been there, it's not fun.

  21. Hope you feel better soon TM.

    All best wishes

  22. I hope you feel much better very soon TM. I'll be thinking about you. best wishes

  23. hope you get lots of morphine! :))) hope you feel better soon and keep up the blog - i am a MASSIVE fan of your work xxxx

  24. TM....thanks for the heads up. Keep yours down during this "bad moment". We know you're not well and are keeping us entertained with your stories of meals endured during your lengthy admission.

    Do hope this is just a "minor" moment on your road to full recovery.
    Take a breath, take some pills if needed or another injection and we'll all be waiting here with warm cyber hugs when you are up to it.

    So glad you decided to indulge yesterday and at least have the memory of yummo food to get you through today.

    Michey xx

  25. Feel better soon! dont fret about writting for us we can all amuse each other on your comment. you come first and if you arn't up to it, give us a miss until you are back on form again!!

  26. Whilst wishing you a speedy recovery, I will miss your blog when you eventually escape the grip of the NHS.

  27. Get the doctor to prescribe 20mg of IV diamorphine (or just morphine if your hospital don't have it) 'on demand' which means you should be able to get that quantity (or smaller blocks as you wish) up to once an hour.

    When I've been in hospital (I was in a lot a few years ago) they let me choose how much I wanted and when I wanted it. As I began to feel better I was able to choose to have a smaller dose less often - didn't turn me into an addict!

  28. I hope you get the pain sorted. Don't worry about us. We'll keep checking in to see what's happening and chat amongst ourselves until you feel better.
    Best wishes,

  29. No worries TM - don't post if you're not up to it, we all understand. Big hug and I really hope you're feeling better soon.

  30. Having been in traction I know how painful it can be and you are my hero for being awake and functioning most of the time. For the last month in traction I slept about 18 hours out of 24.

    Keep supping the oramorph - or demand a PCA. Hope the antib's do their job soon. x

  31. very very best wishes - you know better days are coming

  32. Hope you feel better soon

  33. poor old TM - it's so easy just to enjoy the food comments and forget that you are there because you need to be.

    It's not that the decent food is a shock to the body - is it?

    love and sympathy


  34. No apology needed, just hope they get that pain under control for you quickly

  35. you poor thing , i hope you get better soon

    rhonda , usa

  36. Thinking of you sweetie.


  37. We're here to support you, TM, not the other way round. I am worried for you and hoping they are getting to the bottom of what that pain is about.

    Just know that we are all rooting for you and ready at a moment's notice to help you to improve the lot of patients in hospital.

    I feel absolutely certain that if you had been fed properly from the start you would have mended faster and been out of hospital by now. If you are suffering with yet another infection due to not getting the amount of nutrients you need for your bone to mend - medical opinion would be useful here - then this is many things including negligent, not helped by the hospital management ignoring the nutritional guidelines in order to cut costs.

    We're all here whenever you're ready. I think the queue to give you a virtual hug or two goes right round the county, whichever one that is :-)

    Courage mon brave. X

  38. Hi TM,
    I found your blog through Mary Poppins'blog. I had a good time (sorry ;-) reading (most of) your posts yesterday.
    I am sorry to read that you are in much pain now. I hope that it will pass soon and you will be able to go home soon.
    Hang in there!
    The Netherlands.
    BTW Sooz has a valid point there.

  39. Hi TM,

    Hope you are feeling a bit better by now but if it is possible try and get some shut eye. Sleep helps if you can get some. Same sentiments as Sooz and everyone else. Lots of hugs, gentle ones.

  40. Ouch, I hope things improve, quickly.

    It is easy to forget why you are in the position to write this blog, which is strangely compulsive reading.

    All the best.


  41. Bad luck mate. You get that morphine down your neck.

  42. poor you, don't worry about not being able to entertain us all with your humerous and clever comments on the trials of being stuck in hospital - just hope you get better and at least pain free very soon, thinking and praying for your recovery

  43. Hi TM! I'm thinking of you!! Hope that the pains can be rendered supportable by the drugs and that it will be possible to root them out with the antibiotics treatment. I think you are a hero. Big hug from Styria. Barbara

  44. Hi TM. Like everyone else....I do hope you feel better soon. My thoughts are with you and am sending you a cyber hug. I think you have done remarkably well to stay sane and write this blog all the time you have been in pain - and undernourished to boot.

    Gill xx

  45. Ahhh ...TM, sometimes I forget what a bad time you are having because your posts are so funny and well done ..... you have such a positive attitude.

    Hang in there, your loyal readers will be here waiting for you .

    Moira (Canada)

  46. Serves you bloody right, why aren't you back @ home yet, or have we missed something obvious ???
    My mate was thrown out to fend for himself alone after 3 days NH bloody S treatment,

  47. The next time you whinge about comments, twat, remember you started the whole Fu**ing charade.
    traction man, I wish,

  48. We are not so thick as you think we are or would believe,
    Get Well soon,

  49. Hi TM,

    I've never posted before but have been following your blog since the beginning. I'm from OZ and know you're feeling somewhat. I had the unfortunate experience a year ago of being accidentally set on fire by a mate of was cooking chips... he was drunk.

    The pain was fairly shocking but the day you get out is like mixing the greatest booze, drug and sex fueled night of your life all into one.

    All the best,

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  51. Oh TM how could you treat that supercilious moronic protosimian in a such a way, no doubt he will be on his way to the C.A.B. now for help to fill it in thinking there is a prize at the end of it all.

    Here's to a pain free day,

  52. Please don't put comment moderation on because one person makes adverse comments. Also, "unemployed" in your Q6 was a bit odd? Hope your pain management is doing the trick for you and you have a good day today.

  53. Nicky, it's only a joke. Don't worry. Just me trying to be funny. Blame the morphine.

  54. Bugger off, FRed.

  55. Dear TM,

    Your acerbic response to Fred's ranting has made my day. The vast chasm between your levels of humour and intellect is astounding.

    I have been following your blog since it hit the papers and agree solidly with almost everything you have said. NHS Hospital food is shit. Hospital food is shit because the budget is shit. The budget is shit because we have accepted that. It is cooked (for the most part) by morons who are not trying to cook good food, but merely complete a factory process. Some Cooks / chefs manage wonders with such a limited budget, but they are the exception rather than the rule. They have something which the majority of NHS catering staff lack - inspiration and motivation.

    Aiming high rather than just accomplishing a task, is not often found, and must be encouraged. Mediocracy has become a goal for many: aiming not to stand out of the crowd, or to achieve anything. What a sad indictment of our society.

    You are an exception.

    I can only hope that you will continue to make us laugh (and think) so much when you are finally released - sorry, allowed home. That moment will come and it will be wonderful. However, it is just another step in your recovery. Lots of physio and hard work are still to come, and I wish you all the best for it.

    I can barely imagine how difficult it has been for you, as I am normally the one standing at the end of the bed writing illegibly in patients' notes. Your insights have allowed me to better understand how things must be for the one under the bedsheets. Your blog has reminded me why I started medicine in the first place, and what I have forgotten in the rat-race that is the life of a junior doctor.

    I, incredibly selfishly and egocentrically, thought of myself as compassionate and caring, but what the hell do I know. I have never gone through anything close to what you must be going through. At least you have managed to reopen my eyes.

    Cheers for your continued ramblings.

  56. Thank you, John, for such kind words. Feedback like that makes it all worthwhile.

    Best regards


  57. @Kitty: I don't think you should describe FRed as a protosimian - why insult protosimians?

    TM - I think you should regard these desperately silly comments as encouraging - you are clearly beginning to provoke the people who need to provoked and that can only be a good thing.

  58. I bet FRed regrets it now... Everyone has turned on him and it proves that no one seems to be liking his comments at all... Well done TM you gave him what he deserved!