Saturday, 10 October 2009

Interesting Eateries... No 4

Shit restaurant!


  1. Evening TM

    Hope you had a good day with Mrs TM!

    Evenng dinner - above restaurant explains a lot!

    Cats' Mother

    PS my dinner - BBQ Crab Cakes - husband dropped in glass of rose - fished it out and ate - not bad at all - sorry!

  2. Oi!

    I've just been out for a meal at a 'decent' local hotel and ... well I was astounded to find on my plate some veg TM had been served in Hospital. Remember that orange 'drumstick' veg (I believe it was swede and carrot mash?). And those blessed peas. I wish I had a camera with me!

    I recon it tasted just as bad too. Needless to say we won't be going back there!

  3. is that the nhs caterers in wales lol

  4. At least its not total bollocks. That would be REALLY bad. x