Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I think I’ll pass on this one


Grosser still


  1. >>I think I'll pass on this one

    Sorry TM I think somebody already has!

  2. Oh my stars, the top plate looks like my cats dinner, and the bottom is scarier still.

  3. Top picture looks like it has already been regurgitated and the dessert could be, but I'm not sure, bread and butter pudding made with breakfast time's left over toast.

    w.v. = messeta

  4. why are they giving you rice pudding and boiled to death veg on the same plate?

    my god it looks awful

    WV has christened your lunch deetho - seems appropriate to me

  5. This has to be the worse to date!!

    It just looks sick and I’m sure it wouldn’t do much good to the consumer.....
    The custard looks as if it's gone nuclear…..fluorescent yellow should be left on building sites!!

    My heartfelt sympathy TM....Here’s hoping Mrs TM is visiting soon.

    One of my last experiences of hospital food was two slices of memory foam mattress with a sparse sprinkling of sawdust in the middle - this was audaciously called a Tuna Sandwich!!!

  6. Your meals are getting worse! I didn't think it was possible but they are managing!

    What is the 'puke' on the plate?

    I really think it is making my children appreciate what I cook tho when they see what you are offered!

    Hang on in there. The week is half way through!

  7. does your food now come with a predigested option?

    you poor thing!

  8. This looks truly disgusting. Do the staff look embarrassed when they give it to you?

  9. Jolly suspicious-looking lumps in that rice pudding. However I'm quite impressed with the nuclear custard. Takes practice to get that eerie green tinge, you know.

  10. Dear TM

    Whilst driving on the continent, one must have in the car florescent vests/jackets in case of breakdown ie on a motorway.

    Is ths custard a replacement for this requirement - you break down, don't have suitable outer-garments to put on - chuck a can of custard down yourself - easy to store in the boot.

    Chicken-dinner-winner!!!! Quids in.

    best, Cats' Mother

  11. The catering dept continues to amaze me (much to my horror).

  12. TM, I've just been catching up on the blog (backwards) and I am now convinced that the catering dept read it. They have obviously managed to get their hands on some tins of pork brains in milk gravy.

  13. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the pale vomit substance is in fact Potato and Tuna Pie. It is my belief that the chef is foreign and has confused the word Pie with the word Slop. This dish caused an instant gagging reflex. I tested it out on my father who is to food what an incinerator is to rubbish. He pronounced it disgusting. Interestingly he formed the same opinion of the Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard. Most definitely the product of recycled Sunblest toast and left over marmalade from this morning's breakfast trays.

  14. It's one thing recycling leftovers to one's nearest and dearest. Home made bubble and squeak - delicious! And you know where it's been! But recycled leftovers in a hospital? Er, germs etc.?

  15. just when i think it cant get any worse it does , if you had not told me what that mess on your plate was , i wouldnt have been able to guess . did you manage to get a meal out of dad tho?i would have had a tantrum if he tasted that mess and still didnt make with the panini.

    mom had a guess as to what your pudding was . but i cant tell you , its rather colorfull and definetly not for lil ears .

    and if the demented psych ward patients called chefs serve you pork brains, immediately contact the red cross and complain .

    rhonda , usa

  16. I think they know secretly that you put the pics on the blog and are trying to outdo themselves... boy are they succeeding...

  17. TUNA & POTATOE no way TM....

    Vile Vile Vile demand a refund on your taxes immediately

    Jill, Belfasat

  18. Tuna and potato pie???? It sounds awful but no way as bad as it looked! I have never heard of that!

    One hospital I worked in did a Cheese and Potato Pie with cheese on top! Served with baked beans it was okay when running out of cash until they replaced the real potato with dried, packet stuff! YUCK!

    TM, I don't know how you get through with these so called meals!

  19. Why 'pie'? What pie is easy - no pastry no pie - but why 'pie' is unclear. Possibly - says Chambers - from the magpie as the collector of odd bits and pieces.

    A dish, therefore, containing oddments bundled together 'cos they're there and 'cos they're cheap. Sound household economy, if not aimed at the Michelin star.

    The pastry binds it together, hides from sight some of the oddity within - making it more palatable, and also giving it some body and extra nourishment.

    The literal and the metaphoric 'humble pie' - filled with entrails of a deer nicely hidden beneath the pastry crust, and eaten to show that we are not proud. The perfect pie indeed.

    So you could almost argue that chef was initially on track with this concoction. Ingredients the worst degree of badness - shit on a stick, but without the stick. Getting there.

    But then he blows it by omitting the pastry altogether. D'oh! No pie, just utter sick sh1te - naked, exposed and an insult to mankind.

    (Word verification confirms this: 'snectum' - hospital food so bad it's been sneezed from the rectum.)

  20. I wonder if we can all put it to a vote that so far, this has to be the very penultimate worst meal ever ??

    Reminded me of a poem I was told as a kid in school during one appauling meal....

    Curdy, curdy custard
    green snot pie
    all mixed together
    with dead dogs eyes...

    I forget the rest of it but the last line was ...

    All swilled down with a cup of cold sick.

    It was a vile poem , but all the kids sang it out during a bad meal in school many years ago.

    TM.... I would gladly send you a food parcel from Crete as you have to be bloody desperate by now with all that unhealthy crap..!!


  21. It's time we had another poll. So let's have your nominations for the worst meals so far. We'll need to find a way of putting a link to each email so people know what they're voting for.

  22. Yeah everyone's right. A plate of vomit, and recycled breakfast toast with custard. Disgusting. Urrrrghhh.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to put this top of the list. I might manage to do a trawl for the others later when I'm not so green round the gills.

    Not long now, dear TM. With humour and satire this ship of fools will sail through to your discharge day with all flags flying, ready to wave you off to your beloved family.

    But we still expect updates.


  23. Did someone just vomit out partially digested food?! Yuk!

  24. Don't bother including any of the meals that have come before this one in your poll. No point - this is by far the most disgusting thing I've seen yet. I'm just about to cook dinner but I think i may have to wait until i can get this image out of my head.

    Poor TM - they'd better make an effort on your birthday and give you something nice.

  25. Take it away! Take it away!

    You see some scary stuff on the net round Halloween, but that is the worst yet.

  26. FWIW, That "poem" as I remember it from MY school days back in the 60's:

    Curdy Curdy Custard
    Green Phlegm Pie
    Black Dogs'Giblets
    Dead Mans Eye.

    N**ger Boys Toenails
    Spread on Thick
    All Washed Down
    With A Cup Of Cold Sick.