Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tonight's dinner bingo

Guess the flavour!

What’s your best guess?

Is it me or is that custard almost green?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! What on EARTH is that?

    My guess is that it is supposed to be a stroganoff as there is rice, I think, underneath it but WHY Cauliflower?????

    Was it edible?

    Don't know what the soup is and that custard looks radioactive! I would get Mrs TM to smuggle in a geiger counter on her next visit along with the bagel!

    What flavour was the wallpaper paste meant to be?

    Ensure for dinner was it???

    My son is horrified by your meals! It makes him realise how lucky he has been on his recent admissions!

    Take care

  2. Carrot & Coriander soup.

    Beef curry on a bed of rice.


  3. Are you sure it's even custard. Looks like green slime to me

  4. I'd have to be of a different species altogether to appreciate that strange meat meal. It must be made for a coyote of some kind.

    The dessert looks like a volcanic island rising slowly from the sea, quite majestic in a way I suppose...

  5. First, curry...? Second, either cauliflower or wood and some meat pices. Third, a floating **** in lime, sorry, vanilla sauce.

  6. Squash soup, Kidney in red wine sauce and fried mushroom with lemon curd ??

    am I close ??

  7. Perhaps I don't know any of your traditions over there because I'm Swedish, but do you always get dessert? (We mainly don't get that here, we save that for movie nights) And is it standard with some kind of pie floating in sauce?

  8. Cauliflower AND rice?? Did you choose that?!

  9. Let me put you out of your misery. The soup was vegetable. Tasteless but fresh. That main course was beef braised in mushrooms. Four small cubes of beef and three tasty mushrooms. The cauliflower was boiled to oblivion. Taste was fairly good but the texture of the beef sauce was gelatinous. The pudding was awful. It sounds good on paper but tastes flat. I think it's the health Nazis' restriction on sugar. It's a pudding but not sweet. Weird! By the way, I chose the cauliflower as I thought I ought to have a vegetable. No peas on the menu, only cauliflower!

  10. My guess (difficult task!):
    onion and curry soup
    giant beans in mulled wine sauce on rice with overcooked cauliflower
    spotted harry in milkless and eggless custard
    (I propose a spotted harry because it doesn't have the form of a dick)
    I guess you have led them astray, they took the prospect of winning the Turner Prize as an incentive.
    Greetings from Styria! Barbara

  11. The dessert looks like something from a remote Icelandic landscape. I had to look twice.

    As for the Chum on your plate in enriched marrowbone jelly .. [insert vomiting emoticon HERE].

    I'm glad you had a panini {panino??} earlier on. It looked vibrant and sparking with flavour. Thank god some people in that hospital have beating hearts ..

    Any news from the Hirsute Heroes?

  12. tonights main course was .... BRAINS . YUMMY DELICIOUS BRAINS !!!!! on a bed of steamed maggots , and the soup , mom guessed was bile , the nhs is recycling the passed away patients into food for the live ones .

    rhonda ,usa

  13. @ sooz: you're right: 1 panino (singular), 2 or more panini (plural). I think it'd be correct to call it 1 panino even if it's cut into two halves.

  14. I think I'd get laughed at if I ordered a panino even though it's grammatically correct. BUt now I know I going to find it hard not being correct and am therefore at risk of making an arse of myself.

  15. Is the kitchen there near the morgue by any chance? Only a surgeon could identify the main dish...

  16. The kitchen is 120 miles away in a big industrial shed where they produce one million cook-chill meals every week. Not sure if there's a mortuary next door. Perhaps there's a barber called Sweeney Todd.

  17. I must say at first glance at that pud I thought it was a grapefruit which had had its top sliced off and some creamy stuff had been poured inside after the flesh had been removed!!

    I thought the main course was steak & kidney pie filling on rice. Soup actually looked nice. My guess? … was parsnip

  18. Vile NHS fare, I was going to say golden vegetable, the cauliflower must have been just mushy and boiled to almost nothing

    The rice was al dente? and probably not so nice.

    Chocolate sponge in custard?

  19. "I think I'd get laughed at if I ordered a panino even though it's grammatically correct"

    I can just see it now. "Right mate, where d'ya want this pianner. And wot abaht the lid. Up or dahn."

    [edit] the captcha word is BILEAS. I kid you not.

  20. My guess;

    1. Sewage slurry soup.
    2. Deer shit and dogs vomit with Cauliflower florets
    3. Breeze block with bechamel sauce

    For God's sake TM. Don't tell me you actually ate that.

  21. I had a delicious chocolate Ensure and a cup of hot milk.

  22. I think it looks okay and would have eaten it.:)

  23. Looks can be deceptive. I'll make more of an effort next time.

  24. im loving the way the recycle the old hip bone joints... a little something for you to get your teeth into... or at least to relieve the bordem

    Jill Northern Ireland

  25. Hey you have a totally untapped resource at your finger tips......Nursing staff. Your link to the outside world, find a nice one who will in exchange for chocolate stop off at a pizza shop or salad bar and pick up something for you. Believe me chocolates and lollies are currency with healthcare workers. Go ahead utilise what's available and you will have access to real food!

  26. OMG, I have better looking compost!