Wednesday, 14 October 2009


My favourite lunch... freshly made


  1. What, you LIKE eating a slipper with your salad?

  2. Ah! The panino angel has paid a visit.

    What ghastly gloop have you been saved from?

  3. hooray! someone who knows their panino from their panini! And no I'm not a hospital cook, but a bit of a pedant.
    Jill Belfast, it wasn't so much a rough upbringing, just a 1950's convent boarding school. That's how I can recognise a corned beef lattice pie. TM, you haven't had 'Cyril's Toenails' yet for a pudding but I'll spot it when you do. Hope you get a better meal this evening

  4. Good afternoon TM

    I thought that Mummy TM was visiting today - make sure that you still have room for whatever goodies she brings - don't want to offend her or where will you be until the weekend!

    Jo - I want to ask about Cyril's Toenails but not sure that I actually want an answer .....

    Best - Cats' Mother

  5. Been reading you for a while after being in a similar predicament in March 2008! I lost 13kgs during my stay! I know it's no consolation but do you know you're not alone? Down here 'downunder' the same crap is "dished" - won't say served - up each day in the NSW hospital system. Dark chocolate and your sense of humour will save your sanity, it did mine. XO

  6. This looks yummy. Hope you enjoyed it.

  7. Oh yes. Fresh, crisp, crunchy salad and a whacking great panino. It actually looks bigger than the last one so they may be ordering in jumbo sized breads.Whatever - I expect it hit the stomach with a happy thump.

    Good to see you getting embroiled with the issues of the day - a bit of righteous spitting never does anyone any harm especially when they're nailed to a hospital orthopaedic frame. I'm off to investigate further and get my own bile on the boil.

    Good stuff.

    Toodle pip. Will skate past later to see what you're up to.

  8. I want to say Bravo.It pained me to read the stories about the patients on the Liverpool pathway but it has opened my eyes and that is important.I agree we need to keep an open mind and to assess all in context.
    I also think your lunch today looks great.
    Thank you for the laughs and the lows and keep getting well.
    Light,Love and Healing to you

  9. Jo may i extend my sympathies to you and TM no one should ever be inflicted to eat this sorta crap.

    Jill, Belfast

  10. 'Cyril's Toenails' please tell us more im well curious now