Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tonight it's going to be an Ensure

Taking a leek again!

What a shame that hard potato wasn't baked properly... butter would have been nice

Mushroom quiche

Spotted Richard - not bad but the custard let the side down


  1. OMG why is it all so yellow? And a nasty yellow at that. Have they not heard of tomatoes? Peas again!

  2. Do you like peas? If you did before then you probably won't for long! I haven't got much appetite today and these pictures haven't improved the situation. Hope you get panini tomorrow!

  3. Were did the mushrooms conceal themselves?
    Best wishes! Barbara

  4. That looks SO DRY.

    I can imagine it sticking to the roof of my mouth from here.


    Hope you have a smoothie handy to make up for it

  5. so sorry for your situation but the pud made me laugh out loud. however, I wouldn't be laughing if I had to eat it.


  6. yeah , i thought a spotted dick was some thing you needed cured , not to eat . and the mushroom quiche,thats funny , tell us really , what was it ?

    rhonda, usa

  7. That quiche was like a badly scrambled egg with too much milk. Not sure what happened to the mushrooms. The pastry was delicious... If you enjoy blotting paper.

  8. How on earth do they expect you to swallow a baked potato with nothing on it? It would be like trying to swallow your own tounge...only your tounge has some moisture on it... I guess thats why we Americans are fat! We like to swallow our food.... Get well soon! Houston Texas USA

  9. You couldn't make it up really, a mushroom quiche with no mushrooms. How was the ensure, NHS food makes my cooking deserving of a michelin star or 2 - just think, only a couple of days till mrs TM can bring in something edible

  10. how were the x-ray results tm? any chance of you escaping soon?

  11. I'm being x-rayed under anaesthetic on November 4th. If all is well I'll be cut down from traction and start physio. Lets say mid to end of November for my release date.

  12. Fingers crossed!! Why do you need anaesthetic for the x-ray? Sounds kind of unpleasant...

  13. It's called MUA or manipulation under anaesthesia. They twist, stretch and generally abuse your leg while watching a video x-ray to see if there are any weak spots. I'm getting used to these general anaesthetics as this is the tenth this year. At least it's not on my birthday. If it does work out well then they'll take the knitting needle out my leg and get me up on a pair of crutches. Then it's intensive physio and learning to walk again. That's a physical process and a psychological one.

  14. Ah.... Another yellow day with a hint of green.

    Bile soup...Sinus pie and turd puck in wookie puke...interesting..!!


  15. Oh God. Words fail me. Must... run... to... bathroom...

  16. I've been following your blog for quite some time. Sounds like there may be light at the end of this long ardourous tunnel! Keep your spirits high and hopefully you won't have to look at the brick wall much longer!
    -Stacey, WI - USA

  17. "Bile soup...Sinus pie and turd puck in wookie puke...interesting..!!"

    Hahahahaha!!! Excellent. :-D

    Mid November, eh. Well if the blighters would feed you proper grub full of nutrients and not swill and garbage, you would heal quicker.

    Did you hear that, caterers in Wales who keep smashing into delivery trucks on the motorway?



  18. Hi TM,

    Decided on the inspiration from you I would start my own blog :) But mine is on a mature aged student at uni as I will be 35 next year and starting uni :S I am nervous as hell lol.

    Today's crap looks like hmmmm crap lol

    If I had some spare money I would fly to the UK, stay in a hotel near the hospital and bring you something decent to eat three times a day ;)

    Take care mate.

    Kat from Perth Au

  19. Good on you, Kat. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Nice thought of you coming to stay in a hotel near the hospital. My wife tried to book a room to stay over on my birthday and the cheapest she could get was £137. Needless to say, she's only coming up for the day.

  20. I feel so sorry for you and everyone else who has to eat the food you are showing on your blog. Come to Sweden when you get well, and I´ll cook you a real dinner!
    Best wishes Maria