Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lunchtime dilemma

Which meal shall I have? The hospital one or the packed lunch Mrs TM brought with her? Perhaps you can help me decide.

Mystery Dish No 1

There's succulent meat inside that thing...

A tempting dessert

Perhaps I should choose this instead

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

followed by fresh fruit salad.

I really can't decide which one to have. They both look so tempting. Perhaps I should have both!


  1. Oh my goodness TM, decisions, decisions, such a difficult choice, the pink meat thing, or the bagel and fresh fruit, hmm, how about I eat the gorgeous bagel and fresh fruit, and you have the delicious concoction from the NHS.

    I demand to know what happened to the peas today.

  2. Well, I don't think I'd touch the chicken, if I were you, because it doesn't look properly cooked to me. Now some meat is fine a bit pink - chicken isn't one of them. It's a definite no-no. As for the pud - well it might be all right - but it looks as though it collided with the plate rather than being put carefully on it. SOOOO - no contest - it's bagel and fruit salad for lunch today. Three cheers for Mrs TM.

  3. No contest methinks... You will actually get some nourishment today.

  4. What I find disturbing is that instead of taking the ingredients it took to make that nastiness at the top and using them in a fresh and straight forward way, they cook the living hades out of them and offer you something that barely resembles food. I hope that our awareness of how much this sucks continues to grow to the extent that institutions stop doing this.

  5. gosh, I didn't think food could look so disgusting - I thought the chicken was slices of cheap ham packed into a breadcrumb batter until someone actually defined it as chicken. I'd go for the Mrs TM food if I were you, you should get her to bring in a fridge and stock it up so you could help yourself till next week. I hope you get out of there before you get malnutrition. Hope you enjoy a day of company with Mrs TM.

  6. I thought when one went to the hospital one went there to get better. So how can one get better eating that proffered lunch?

    Enjoy your bagel + fresh fruit salad.

    Heather in Montreal (home of the greatest bagels in the world)

  7. really, there's a little improvement for today...

  8. Dear TM, too bad you had to take the panino yesterday: now you know again how better looking food tastes! That panino blew it.
    I'm down as well, with a cervical prolapsed disc, although not in a hospital (yet...).

    I'd go for the bagel and fruit: it looks too nice to be missed.


  9. Go with the meaty thing and play hospital roulette instead of hospital bingo !! Besides which if you do take a turn for the worse you can conduct a survey on how long you have to wait for the very urgent bed pan !!!

    Nah not really stick with the Salmon xx

  10. Looks like I've been rumbled with the idea of £guess what it is before it comes" ... They swapped the peas for beans :-)

    No points for me then and no points for guessing what grub TM will go for.

    Formerly known as plain 'D'

  11. That chicken looks a bit pink to me too.

    Do you have any biohazard stickers you can put on it?

    Perhaps Mrs. TM has saved you from a nasty tummy problem. Hooray for Mrs. TM and her comrades brining edible food to their family members in hospital up and down the country.

  12. By the way, any news on when the Hairy Bikers are going to roar into action and save you and your comrades who are suffering injurious attempts at nutrition?

  13. Why do they have to plaster everything with breadcrumbs? It's hideous. Thank heavens for Mrs TM and bagels. That fruit salad looks lush!

  14. I hope to have news from the bikers next week.

  15. I honestly thought that was tuna in that thing !!

  16. Good God.That sort of meat thing looks dangerous, pink and nasty. And look at that disgustingly soggy crumb stuff on it. Bleeuurrgghhhh. [insert projectile vomiting smiley HERE]

    And what's that collection of brown irregular shaped objects next to it and the beans. Driveway aggregate?

    So, hooray for Mrs Traction! Have a great day. Eat lots. Squirrel things away and keep your spirits up.

  17. Well I guess you opted for the right things: salmon bagel and fruit salad. Hooray for Ms TM!!
    I was in a university catering spot today and we got a dish that consisted of fish with a potato mash crust on top of it and some potato slices baked in some salted egg custard next to it. I had to think of you. Only to do them justice it was seasoned not too badly and the crust was crunchy and there even was a sprig of parsley as decoration.
    I have never seen a sprig of any kind of fresh herb on your NHS bingo food plates. Iou'd think that it couldn't ruin them, could it?
    Best wishes! Barbara

  18. Well done Mrs TM! That meat thing on the main looks wrong, wrong, wrong. The bagel looks lovely (with a nice addition of fresh lemon and black pepper, I see) and the fruit salad looks absolutely wonderful.
    I thought of you today TM. I visited YO Sushi for the first time today. I was going to take a picture of my food but thought that would be like offering chocolate to a diabetic. You can hire out a mobile conveyor belt and they will bring food along; I thought of you straight away. Do you reckon the NHS will pay for it?

  19. Yawnnnnnnn

    getting a bit tedious now. You don't like hospital food - we get it.
    Stop bloody moaning and put some energy into getting well.

  20. @anonymous 20:53
    This blog is not about your boredom, but it is about ill persons being entitled to get fed, so they may develop the energy that it takes to heal.
    By the way, many times it is moaning that helps overcome the difficulties of life. You yourself probably were born surrounded by moans and cries, like most uf us. Hopefully a new or modified NHS food policy will be born out of TM's "moans". And I think I haven't heard as many spirited and funny moans as his, given the circumstances. And if you don't like the blog, stop reading it. Barbara

  21. To anonymous 20.53

    Perhaps you wouls care to sample the delights of hospital food for a few months and see how it improved your health. It could be that you could cancel your subscription to weightwatchers. Go and read soemthing else if you can't see what this is really about.


  22. Crumbed chicken and baked beans? I think you've mistaken the hospital chef for uninspired. He is actually at the cutting edge, boldly combining ingredients that have never shared a plate before.

  23. Imagination going astray to some idiotic inventer on the muppet show who always panicked.

    Also the incompitent Swedish chef as well, singing " Inshkindishidin, shkindinshkiden oop oop opp ooooooo."


  24. @Anonymous 20.53 yeah right, you're so bored with this you even go on to another page of the same blog and put up an equally tiresome comment. This doesn't sound like someone who is bored, it sounds like someone who, for his own purposes, probably commercial/financial, wants TM shut up. Sorry mate, this isn't the way to do it.

  25. As I was rude on both blogs, so I apologise wholeheartedly on both blogs.
    And actually I am someone who cares deeply about hospital food, I just don't think this is the way to tackle the problem.
    Get well soon TM - as I said on the other blog, I am bowing out.