Monday, 19 October 2009

Tonight’s delight

Leak Leek Soup

Oh dear!


Dessert to round it off


  1. oh dear, more potato 'jewels' - from what chasm do they mine 'jewels' like that?

  2. Oh, no.....

    (Courage TM - you'll be home for Christmas.)

  3. A little grated nutmeg can improve (homemade) leek soup no end. I don't know that it would help that creation though, and I can't think of anything that would help the rest of your meal! What is that pasta supposed to be, why does the sauce look like pale gravy and why would you serve it with carrots & potatoes?

    Best wishes,

    A Reader.

  4. chips and snails?

  5. They're like little mouths, mocking you...

  6. dear god - what to they think they are serving - and no one say "food" cos it's not.

    if I stare very hard at the pud I can see a face.


  7. Oh dear, what a composition! Good you had the panino for lunch!
    Best wishes from Styria. Barbara

  8. Are you sure that is a proper (I use the word advisedly) pudding? It looks to me like a bit of left over from breakfast toast and jam that has accidentally had custard dripped over it.

  9. Today's offerings look particularly disgusting. I can see the face in the pud too... I hope you're out soon.

  10. Dear God.

    yewwwwwwwwk. Pasta? With gravy, chips and carrots? What bright spark thought that one up then. Or were they just emptying the bins and thought it would be a pity to see it all go to waste on the pigs ..

    That soup is the liquidised cardboard back again I see, with a smidgeon of something green and frondlike. Probably dredged from a pond.

    As for the dessert, it looks more like a bit of burnt toast with a teaspoon of jam and a bit of custard thrown on top.

    Any news on the X-rays? Is the leg healing despite the muck you're being expected to eat? If so it'll be down to your good wife's ministrations and carrier bags full of comestibles.

  11. You ate some soup... there's not much left... didn't
    Scary main course. But... oh, god,I cant believe I mean this, BUT I actually could eat the pudding. Am quite hungry and would manage to polish it off quite quickly. Does that make me deranged? Probably.

  12. I had to pick the remains of a disembowelled possum off my lawn yesterday. It looked better than this...

  13. I can see the 'face in the pudding' too. Can't you declare it is Jesus or Elvis or Michael Jackson or someone and sell it for millions on ebay and get yourself BUPA'd?

  14. i see a face as well , i think we should name it george .


  15. I see the face of Osama bin Laden...

  16. Did somebody cut a finger portioning up the sponge pudding (I HOPE that's what it is) before it went into the custard ?

  17. I tried to see Osama, but strangely I see (quite clearly) an echidna.

    Apparently androids dream of electric sheep. Do hospital patients dream of salad and prawn saffron risotto?

  18. I have put a link to you from my blog, in the hope of ever widening your audience to a greater degree and improving the food.. ah well I can but dream... btw that main looks absolutely disgusting, would like to know who dreamt that menu up.. michael roux should step in and upgrade you to michelin class.. xx

  19. Emmanuel From France20 October 2009 at 12:54

    Hello Traction man,
    You will be pleased to know that France 5 (public television channel here) has mentionned your web site in program related to health.
    So you may get a few hits from my country.
    Being a chef by trade, I am amazed of what you have to "eat" in your hospital. I know that french hospital food is not that great, but what you have here is definitively revolting.
    Does it taste as bad sa it looks?
    Well, keep your moral high, and I hope you will soon be able to treat yourself to a nice meal when you finally leave this place.

  20. Trust me when I say it tastes worse than it looks. I rarely eat the food. I always taste it but one mouthful is all I can manage.

  21. Jesus was seen recently in Ikea on the wooden door to the toilet of all places.
    Who ever is in your pudding is crying.Big fat tears.Possibly of shame.
    Glad you dont eat that stuff they serve.
    Light,Love and healing to you

  22. Hell's teeth! I cannot imagine a worse concoction than your main course, but I'm sure the catering department will come up with something.

    Even basic cookery lessons should teach potential cooks that some combinations are no-nos but then I don't suppose 'le chef' has had any lessons.

    If I turn my head to one side and squint, I can make out the face. It's Grace Jones sporting a mohican.

    Great news about the leg...Won't be long now.


  23. Raji has made some impressive dinners in the past, but nothing compares to this delicacy. It looks like it comes from mrs. M's kitchen!! Get well soon traction man, regards Raji.