Thursday, 8 October 2009

Neanderthal and boorish... but damn funny

Motoring journalist, all-round motormouth Jeremy Clarkson may be a boorish and sexist Neanderthal to some... but he's one hell of a funny writer. That's why I both admire and hate him. It's just professional envy. Whatever you think about Clarkson, his Snort Out Loud While Reading Factor is way up there in the stratosphere. See what I mean by reading this latest piece of his in The Times.


  1. Ah yes, thank you, he really is laugh-out-loud funny (in the way that not a lot is when it's half past five and you can't sleep).

    Bland hospital pabulum does at least have the advantage of seldom blowing your head off...

    I had a similar experience once in Thailand - I honestly thought my eyeballs had melted and all the skin inside my gullet burned off. The rest of the cast thought it was hilarious; I had to sing Carmen that night. Nice clear sinuses, in the event!

  2. It couldn't have happened to a nicer man, that has made my day. Can't wait to tell my husband, the dog is totally disinterested and is snoring through my semi silent giggles!

  3. Hi
    This is quite funny thing and I could not stop my laugh.I am also agreed that it could not have done to good man.Thank you for sharing this with us.


  4. That article did give me a giggle. Thanks :-)

  5. Clarkson for Prime Minister!!!

  6. Thanks for that, TM. What a hoot!
    As a lover of hot and spicy things myself I know that it doesn't just burn when eaten but there's the afterburn the next day too.

  7. We always remind our guests it is not so much the burn in the mouth that may be the biggest discomfort.
    It gives a whole new meaning to a "Burning Ring of Fire"
    Light,Love and Healing to you