Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thank You... Sister Morphine

Feeling a little better thanks to the morphine so I didn't want to disappoint you by not posting my lunch. Sorry if the pics aren't quite up to scratch but you'll get the general idea:

Name that shoe!

At least it's green

The return of the custard

But look what lurks beneath the yellow peril


  1. TM yes thank God for Sister M. Let us know what the blood results are and what's behind the pain.

    Well the shoe looks like an ancient leather sabot rescued from the bottom of a curry lake, but I have to say the salad could tempt me. However, the curry theme continues into the dessert, I see, so presumably they have dredged the curry lake and come up with not one but two courses. They're nothing if not inventive.Curry crumble? hmmmmmm ...

    We are always here for you, TM, and it's not supposed to be the other way round. Remember that :-)

  2. You're all so very kind and thoughtful. Thank you so much. xx

  3. After all the entertainment you've given us TM the least you deserve is a bit of group love {{{hug}}}

    glad to hear the pains a bit better.

    I'm not sure what to make of the half moon thingy - it's a bit abstract!!! do you think rolf harris will be round later to finish it off....

    At least the salad looks fresh and the custard hid the pudding hee hee

  4. You have been a source of humour and inspiration to us while suffering a great deal in the name of culinary arts.... hope the morphine works and the pain subsides.. take care xx

  5. Hope you continue to have that pain under control.

  6. Garlic clog, ant salad, pork and custard and iced curry? So sorry you are not well, although I have to say that even with the help of Sister Morphine your spelling is at least on a par with that of Mick Jagger and probably far exceeds Keef's efforts. Thank you for posting despite the pain.

  7. Oo oo! Me Sir! Omelette sir!

    Hahaha, my verification word is biles!

  8. The yellow peril looks like something out of a 50's horror flick. I'm pretty sure Steve McQueen contracted that after having sex with an alien played by Sandra Dee in "Space Blanket Bingo".

  9. Just returned from a visit to a Children's hospital with offspring! We bought filled rolls there from the little tea bar place and they were LOVELY! And cheap! And these are people trying to make a profit as well as provide a service!

    The salad looks lovely! I think that is about all I can say about lunch for you other than I am so glad you felt up to taking pictures of it. I hope that means the pain is better controlled now? Any reason given for the increase in pain? Or is a huge great knitting needle in the bone enough of one?

    Take care and I hope tea time brings some relief from pain and some good food!

  10. Sister Morphine is every boy's favourite sibling.

    Be well soon sir.

  11. Hope the pain is better under control. Salad here looks fresh but the rest of lunch isn't looking too exciting. Hope your evening meal is more exciting.

  12. Oh goodness, that custard-concoction looks positively sinister (borne out by what was actually underneath). I thought Halloween wasn't until the weekend?

    Hope the morphine is helping, and adding to the group hug - we're definitely here for you all the way!

  13. Are the kitchen staff putting tumeric in all your food now to see if it works on bone infections?

    Pleased to hear that the morphine is holding the pain at bay, but I hope the cause of the pain is not too serious.

    Sounds as thought you could do with some tasty comfort food more than ever.

    Best wishes,

  14. Is the shoe a Croc? That custard looks lethal!
    This is like no other blog I've seen.

  15. glad to hear sister morphine has been by for a visit. hope she drops by again today , preferably before dinner , and as dor the custard , we have determined that the yellow mass is north america, please eat around georgia as that is where i am , you more then welcome to new jersey tho as that is where all my ex in laws reside .

    rhonda, usa

  16. Chin up TM, it's not long to go until Sat and a visit from the family that should perk you up a bit. Bet the cat is dreading you going home, my dog is in a sulk as I threw his frisbee into next doors garden and they are away he has tried to jump the 5ft laurel hedge, tried to dig under it and tried to barge through it to nao avail so now we are inside and I'm getting some very dirty looks. I might have to creep out later get the stepladders and try and retrieve it with a lake, torch taped to my head!! If I'm not back tomorrow I will either have been locked up in a mental institution or possibly have sprained both ankles retreiving the damned thing.

    Hope you have a good night and things are improved a bit by the morning. Sleep well

  17. oh dear - I thought that the shoe thingy had hairs on it - only to discover that the cat had been snuggling up to my screen - thank god it was hair my end and not yours - that would really be gross.

    hope your pain is on the wane


  18. Not so much a shoe as one of those liner thingys... after a few years in a runner. As for The Beast From Custard Lake - Kill it, kill it, kill it!

    Talk about suffering for your art. Take up the cudgels for all those poor bastards who have to endure that slop without even being able to blog or complain about it.

    All the best.

  19. I'm not sure what to make of the half moon thingy - it's a bit abstract!!! do you think rolf harris will be round later to finish it off....