Sunday, 11 October 2009

Traction Man unveiled... almost

My friend Sam brought his camera with him as well as food. My face has been obscured to protect the innocent.

There is a window... now take a look at the view.


  1. Hello, Is it safe to come out of hiding then ;o)

  2. Almost... but you can't see my face, can you?

  3. Smile! You're on candid camera!!

  4. Ooooooh! So that's what you look like? I was trying to picture you. At least you have a window, I suppose. Is it a decent view? The hospital I work in is rather bizarrely built and the majority of the staff work all day in rooms with no windows. My first job there had a lovely window view but was unfortunately located directly above A&E, so I had either patients outside having a fag or the intermittent arrival of the Essex Air Ambulance.
    Glad to see you left no incriminating evidence of your location in the photo (eg. menu card, hospital name on pillow.) Very wise.

  5. I do hope you're not rumbled!

    What I can't understand is how, after so long in traction, on indescribable food and bed pans, you've managed to retain your sanity?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Xray results are good and your ordeal is soon at an end.

    And if not, I hope that Sam is able to visit you more often!

  6. Writing the blog and reading all your messages and comments keep me sane. I'm really grateful for that. Couldn't have done it without you.

  7. Keep on blogging TM!
    Good to see, almost, what you look like! The view you have is second to none! I can honestly say it looks like some of the places I have worked! My son's last admission had an excellent view!!! NOT! It looked out over the link corridor between one bit and another of the hospital! Really great! Oh, and of the trench in between! LOL!

    Good to know others beside Mrs TM are bringing real food for you. Keep up the good work all of you!

  8. Awww TM, you are almost spoiling the mystery of what you look like to us addicted peeps that visit your blog. I for one am here on a nightly basis, totally facinated by what cullinary delights the kitchen staff can conjure up.

    My heart goes out to all the patients that have to endure the incredible inedibles, and my sympathy goes out to the kitchen staff who must feel embarassed with what they are supplied and what they can do with it all.

    Can you imagine a comedy scene of the kitchen...

    Gladys ( head cook).
    Mavis ( supplies )
    Nigel ( head chef )
    Ian ( porter )

    Scene in kitchen, time 6 in the morning, getting breakfast ready.

    Gladys enters, makes a cup of tea, stamps on a cockroach and goes out back for a smoke, Ian arrives, joins Gladys with a coffee and a fag, both make small talk and Ian asks Gladys if she knows who the mystery blogger was.

    Gladys : Well Ian, who ever he is he deserves a Blue Peter badge for eating this crap we serve.

    Ian : Aww the food isn`t that bad Gladys, i ate the sausages, gravy and mash, and the peas yesterday..... I only had to go for a crap 4 times this time..!!

    Enter Mavis, clipboard in hand and awaiting delivery of supplies.

    Enter Nigel, as raring to go as a pine martin with attitude and piles.

    Nigel : Ok peeps , lets get the gruel over with, Mavis .... what crap can we expect to be delivered today , where is the f*****g delivery and Ian, don`t dump last nights waste.... we may need back up ..?

    Breakfast done, now main meals for the day, Mavis and Ian await the delivery van and as it arrives they place hands on heart and sing " Land of Hope and Glory ".

    Nigel shouts " Ok Mavis , what delightful delacasies have we today?"

    Ian , on seeing the contents scarpers.... exit stage left .....

    Mavis , being of a nervous disposition faints.

    Gladys ( built like a brick shit house, with attitude ) steps forward and clasps her hands over her face in awe.

    Peering in the supplied box`s, in hesitation were .............

    STOCK CUBES.....!!

    Love and light ..... Ness..xx

  9. How do you know this picture really is me? I could be playing mind games with you. Shall I remove the photo? Anyway, you cannot see the face.

  10. I'm sure that a while ago you temporarily had a photo of your face on this blog... I'm sure I saw it!!

    Just caught up with the last few days after I've been spending an inordinate amount of time in a hospital and then hospice with a terminally ill relative.

    The difference in the food between the 2 establishments is quite simply astounding. Although given the choice to eat great food and need to be in a hospice and put up with crap food and only need to be in hospital, I know which one he'd choose.

    That's not a dig at you TM, more of a reflection on the way life is so ironic sometimes.

    Thanks for posting the photos of your leg - really brings it home what you're dealing with 24 hours a day. I've got my fingers crossed for you, that the next X-rays bring good news.

    Keep your chin up - this will pass and you will be free again to enjoy life as you should.

    Cate x

  11. One thing I've learnt this year is to not feel sorry for myself. My condition is an My situation is an inconvenience and nothing more. There are always many more people worse off. I was lucky. I very nearly died and here I am now well on the road to recovery thanks to the best doctors and nurses you're ever likely to meet. That's how I stay sane. I count my blessings every day and that keeps me cheerful and positive. I'm very lucky and fortunate. I have nothing to be miserable about.

    Cate, I hope the time spent looking after your relative hasn't been too difficult for you. Giving our time to care for others is the most precious and selfless things we can do.

    Take care


  12. hey - it's our pin up!


  13. Nice view...once stayed in a hotel in Leicester, The Ramada. After i had beaten the swipe card lock into the room to make it work, i flung the curtains open to be greeted by......3 brick walls, 2 skylights and a whole load of bird crap on the roof below. Oh and a very nosiy air con plant.


  14. It's quite a nice brick wall really, and compares well to the ward with no window where Mother was incarcerated earlier this year for a fortnight or so. I have no hospital food to report on because despite the fact that the poor old duck was in there all day, not a morsel was served, nor were any cups of tea offered. We broke her out in time for a late supper at home.

  15. Appologies TM.... I was just trying to cheer you up a bit, now i feel bad. My own situation is a comedy of errors, i try to turn bad into good for survival, sorry ..xxxx


  16. Oh look! A brick wall. How jauntily the bricks sit atop one another. How gorgeous the colour of the wall in the afternoon light, and how playfully the sun dances upon the pointing. How fascinating to be able to lie musing upon the exact number of bricks in the wall, the sight of which must fall upon your gaze like a blessed balm. One might almost think oneself in Florence.


  17. that brick wall is like a canvas, just begging for installation art made by...oh...flinging your food at it out the window.

  18. Top suggestion. Unfortunately the windows won't open more than a few inches. I don't know whether this is to stop me escaping by knotting my sheets together or is simply there on the instructions of the Nanny Stae should anyone decide to fling themselves out of the window. Mind you, with food like this, who wouldn't jump out of a window to escape mealtimes?

  19. I think someone else stopped in your room years ago and must have been in a similar predicament, I think they wrote a song - Another brick in the wall. Maybe that's why the bloody thing is obscuring the real view of the kitchens.

    Keep up the good work TM


  20. Tm, If you pull that triangular bracket above your head does your leg go up and down?

    Chin up me ol' mucker

  21. Aha, the man at last, nice to nearly see you TM, though this is much better than writing to anon of a hospital bed, we can now put a pretendy face to you.
    Thank you.

  22. Forgot to say, such a glorious view.

  23. I've been reading your blog for weeks now. I was too afraid to ask about your condition. I am glad to hear that you're on the mend. Best of luck with your x-rays.

    Have enjoyed reading your posts.

  24. Davet30: The triangle is just to pull myself up the bed. It's not connected to my leg. I'm in basic traction that just pulls the leg as though you were on a medieval torture rack.

  25. Well now TM.... with my eyesight being soooo bad.... i can see you clearly !!!

  26. Good to see you, or most of you!! Good luck with the x-rays - and, I agree, the Dr's and nurses do (in the main) a superb job in restoring us all to health.

    But when o when are the over-paid numpties in Management suites going to connect reasonably cooked food with swifter recovery and a faster turn-round in beds?

    My late Gran, many years ago, always opted to be farmed out asap to the local cottage hospital post-op, as the food was 'alright' which, to you or me, means wonderful!! She had been in several different hospitals in the West Midlands/ Wolverhampton /Shropshire/Staffordshire over the years, and , in one wonderful hospital, awoke on a women's gynae ward to the sight of a fellow female patient consuming her own placenta (a religious thing)!

    Makes the mush on you plate look a tad more appealing, eh?!!

    Get well soon!! xx

  27. Relieved to see that you have not been reduced to skin and bone (thanks Mrs TM).

    As brick walls go, that one looks quite interesting. Perhaps a little zen meditation might help

  28. Oooooh so there you are.
    But for the love of God, get a woman in there to declutter the looks like my desk at work! ;o)

  29. Now we (almost) know what you look like! Actually, if you squidge your eyes you can actually see your face quite well. Seeing you there really brings home what a good sense of humour you must have. Your blog has become compulsive reading for me, and a few of my friends. I hope you get out soon, as long as you keep up the blog....

  30. The triangle is for his part in the hospital band.

  31. It's my monkey pole, actually :-)

  32. TM, love what you do!

    But if you really *do* have identity concerns, you should know that a Photoshop user may be able to un-pixelate your face enough so that someone who has seen you before (or who's narrowed down your identity in other ways) could recognize you.

    Unless, of course, you *are* just playing mind-games with us...

    Keep up the good work, and your good spirits!

  33. @ anonymous 01.57

    Brilliant idea! I've used my skills and managed to reveal the unpixilated face of TM.

  34. perhaps that T shirt may give the game away