Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Today’s Lunchtime Lotto

Can you guess what it is yet?

Here’s the close-up

And finally... dessert


  1. Dear TM

    Please, please - a warning is required before graphic pictures like these.

    Shaken, Cats' Mother

  2. The worst so far. 1st place in the list! (And no, have no idea what it's supposed to be)

  3. It was disgusting. QUite disgusting. I had a few nuts instead.

  4. TM please tell us what that was......... and please say u didnt eat it

    Jill, Belfast

  5. I took a mouthful. Do you really want me to tell you or would you like to take a few guesses first?

  6. TM

    can you add an additional box at the REACTIONS ticking box e.g DISGUSTING would be very handy to have to tick !

  7. ok TM a wild guess, is it crushed flesh with a bone meal mix with dead skin covering

    Jill, Belfast

  8. That pie does not resemble anything edible. The pink filling looks like shredded raw meat and the grey-white chunks look like teeth.

    I guess the pud is chewy treacle tart. At least the custard is a better colour.

    Surely it can't get any worse than this...can it?

  9. Easy! Corn beef lattice and treacle tart

  10. I recognize corned beef but little else to stir the imagination or even appetite of the inpatients....poor you xx

  11. Jo

    Did you have a rough upbringing.....

    Jill Belfast

  12. OUrrps, never seen anything like it!!
    Dear TM!
    My guesses:
    Main: Carrots, sliced, ends included; potato (or suede?) mash; brownish liquid; kohlrabi cubes mixed with minced ham; pastry with strategically placed slashes on top - the slashes make it possible to cover an area twice as big with it. If it were skin being transplanted on a wound they would slash it in a similar way, but it would afterwards grow and cover the holes; which this pastry did not. The pastry seems to consist of four and water only, but it was not baked to crunchiness, or sogged in water later on. Very strange dish.
    Dessert: bubbly custard with some kind of pie or noodle submerged in it.
    Hopefully you could eat something else instead!!
    Here autumn rains have arrived.
    Greetings from Styria. Barbara

  13. Hovercraft of beef
    (drizzled with the jism of axolotls)
    Potates au Perverte
    Carottes 'Jeremy Clarkson'

    * * *

    Gene Autry Saddlebag
    with Chernobyl dressing



  14. TM are you sure the pie was cooked? lol

  15. I don't know if it's just coincidence, but 3 of the google ads on the sidebar are advertizing dog food.

  16. Corned beef something which for some reason has gravy with it. The usual cow pat of mash. No peas - what's going on?
    I would suggest doing some blood tests on the custard to check the kidney function as it looks decidedly jaundiced today.
    How rock hard was the dessert?

  17. Okay... so we now know that Jo is a hospital cook. This was indeed corned beef lattice pie. Only an insider would have got that. The pudding was Bakewell tart that was not baked very well.

  18. TM thanks for adding 'disgusting' to the choice of reactions. I think it will get plenty of use.

  19. Yuck, that second photo looks like a wound! You poor man, being expected to eat that...I wouldn't feed it to my dogs (but they would eat it...they eat anything)

  20. This is quite appalling, worst yet, how can pastry, I presume this was pastry, look so sick and palid, was it undercooked, raw even, placed in the infamous microwave, goodness me.

    Custard has its greenish hue once more.

  21. Ye gods, that corned beef looks disgusting, and identical to the shepherd bit of my school dinners' shepherds' pie. Which incidentally tasted of fish, a most confusing flavour for lamb, I'm sure you'll agree, but explained by the fact that back in the dark ages (1970ish) they used to feed sheep on processed fish factory waste and sell the meat on cheap. Our cut of the lamb was the cheapest, being the textureless reclaimed meat.

    Pud looks like a grand piano. And just as tasty, I'll bet.

  22. I wouldn't feed that to my dog and she is a dustbin!

    That looked awful! Really, truly awful. I am so glad you didn't eat it. I would be truly worried about your mental health if you had!

    I hope the evening offering is somewhat more appetising.

  23. That's not pudding. That's a drowned harp after wandering into the Yellow River.

  24. That looks gross... completely inedible!

  25. I have one word for today's effort!


    I have seen better products from school cookery classes!!

    Surely, you should consider emailing the European Court of Human Rights? If the EU can regulate bananas and put in high curbs for buses, they can do something about your grub! They have a category for ‘Inhuman or degrading treatment’!! Hell, we pay our taxes!!


  26. re: Tiresias - Carottes 'Jeremy Clarkson'


  27. 1. Kit-e-Kat and decorative garden aggregate wrapped in skin from a recent corpse, served with slices of old wood and a small uncooked pasty. Oh, and some brown water.
    2. Piece of broken mediaeval stained glass served with custard with added snot.

    Honestly, that "pastry" looks vile. It's not even cooked properly and is still half raw.

    And do my eyes deceive me or is that a piece of forbidden sweetcorn balancing atop the carrots ..?

    Glad to see you still have a stash. Or is that stache. Like cache. Must investigate.

    That tray has put me right off thinking about dinner.

  28. there is no way in hell that resembles corned beef anything , and talk about potato overload , there was what i guess was potatoe in the "pie" and potato as a side dish , tell me , does the so called nutritionist have a college degree or did they just pull someone off the street and give themt he job , the only redeeming value of the meal was no peas , but there is still dinner isnt there ?


  29. Please challenge us!!! Cat food struedel is just too easy.

    True story we once had a babysitter stay with us while my mom was out of town for a week. One night she announced we were having salmon for dinner. This aroused our suspicions as we knew there was no salmon in the house. The sitter insisted rather hotly that there was indeed salmon of the canned variety and it would be our dinner protest or no protest.

    And to prove her point she went to the pantry and pulled out two cans of salmon. We drew her attention to the picture of the kitty on the label, the words Cat Food emblazoned on the it and the fact we did indeed have two cats.

    But our arguments were in vain. She, using all the skills she had learned as a reform school cook and heated up that salmon and presented it to us for our dinner. We rebelled. Oh if only she had thought to put a mouth watering struedel crust on top and add some diced potatoes. We would have feasted like kings.


  30. If I tried to feed that to my dogs they would run away from home. Except the Corgi, who is a gut-bucket. The Chows would have a nervous breakdown on the spot.
    Poor TM, that is just TOO BAD, how are you supposed to get better looking at that? Let alone eating it...

  31. The corned beef catastrophe looks like the the business-end of the Sand Worms that
    singer-turned-actor-turned-singer-once-more Sting encountered in the film DUNE. Run away! Run away!

  32. I did spot the corned beef but honest, I'm not a hospital cook... No greens - not even peas!

  33. After you recover TM, and you will, I think you need a holiday in a food paradise.
    The regular blog I follow (gives me ideas for what I could cook too) is

    Besides, it makes a good antidote from your pictures. I keep follwoing hoping that the hospital will finally take the hint and get some a cook and some food, but I guess that is wishful thinking for now.

    b nanno

  34. Is that a close up of your lunch or your leg injury?!

    M x

  35. Dear God... what was that !!

    The mains looked worse than my mum's shepherds pie and I did not think that was possible.

    And for dessert, they have a side line in shrinking grand piano's? I am sure it tasted like one, all woody and stringy?

  36. Oh I am so grateful to have eaten and that I didn't look before. Sorry but that is gross!


  37. That pie tops the lot so far. What is it? Is it really cheap corned beef in a pie?

  38. An old, worn-out kitchen sponge somehow turned into a strudel?