Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tonight’s dinner

Cream of vegetable soup - small portion

Masterchef presentation

More mushroom than meat

Chocolate sponge... looks familiar


  1. That actually looks like poo.. You poor poor person.

    Lots of hope, Miss Kate.

  2. Yuk!

    Half eaten soup. Mushroom shite masquerading as curry. Interesting two-tone choc sponge with matching two-tone custard.

    Poor you.

  3. Beautiful use of "confrontational" and "edgy" colours and textures during tonight's art presentation; good thing you're not expected to actually EAT any of this, huh?

  4. All yellow stuff today then, staff must love the colour yellow..!!


  5. Thankfully it is a dish without peas and potatoes, but with mushrooms and rice. Did it taste acceptably? I am glad your x-rays tell of good progress in the bone healing! I will think of something for you as birthday treat. Best wishes! Barbara

  6. You seem to be getting more than your share of food from the "brown" category lately.

  7. GUUUUUUURRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr. Blurrrghhh.

    Why is the custard two shades of yellow? Is there some old stuff in there as well? Oh wait ... silly question. Pardon me.

    I really cannot understand why you're being fed slop all the time. At least you get to have a good old chew on salad and panini .. they're the only things to give you any biting exercise.

    And another thing! Why can't they aim the food straight, at least! I'm convinced they're serving it with a paintball gun.

  8. So sorry to hear that you will be incarcerated even longer. Perhaps the medical staff refer to you as the TrAction Manana Case? Still, judging by your most recent photograph, you’re in good American company. Is the ghost of Marlon Brando or Frank ‘Spig’ Wead in the other (unseen) bed? [I think we should be told.]
    I’m much enjoying your articles - especially your acronymic parody of the NHS management-speak culture - and will be scouring the internet to find your publishers when you return to work.
    When I was briefly banged up at the NHS’s pleasure, most of the other inmates in my ward thought that the ‘food’ driven up from Wales on a daily basis was the left-over dreck when the pub lunches output targets had been met. We had little taste for it. And, by some quirk, 4 of these fellows were former National Servicemen who had thrived on army rations.


  9. What is it TM, is it curry, there looks to be a yellow tinge amongst it, then again there looks to be a yellow tinge in all the food,
    does it taste better than it looks, or is that a daft question.

  10. Personally, I think you're better off with more mushrooms than meat

  11. It was braised beef and mushrooms. Could have tasted worse.

  12. i think there is something dreadfully wrong with me , i looked at your dinner and didnt think it looked to bad !!! . isnt that ghastly? you have to admit tho ,compared to some things that pretend is food , its not to to bad .at least you can identify some of it .

    i hope things continue to progress with your leg , i dont want to think of you having xmas dinner in that place .

    rhonda ,usa

  13. Baby poo brown, baby poo brown and baby poo brown. How appetising!