Sunday, 11 October 2009

Edible food shocker!

Okay... this isn't my kind of food but it's edible if not tasty. The regular chef doesn't work on Sundays, by the looks of things. The sprouts had a melt-in-the-mouth quality but the vast majority of patients would find this perfectly acceptable. I'm not sure what the nutritional value is like, but I suspect it's not particularly great.

For everyone who is sick of seeing custard and shapeless lumps of pudding on my dinner tray, here's a little tub of ice cream instead. It's smaller than it looks and quite soft by the time it arrives on the ward.


  1. you have the odd edible food shocker once every so often. Its the vagaries of the NHS. Sometimes quality stuff manages to slip through.

  2. Are they a couple of Pringles on the right hand side?

  3. Well, looks better than most of the stuff you get served.

    Shame it didn't taste all that great. THe ice cream looks the same as my son got last time he was in hospital!

  4. What's the strange, translucent, frogspawn-like thing at the top of the plate? Sad that that is the best it gets.

  5. I detect a rather nice looking roast dinner. Lovely looking brussels. I think the frogspawn looking gloop is apple sauce.
    Not bad!

  6. It's not what we would wish for but at least it's recognizable which is more than can be said of most of your meals. No mash, peas or breadcrumbs - a bonus. Apple sauce = effort so I give this 7/10

  7. I can forgive it for looking like frogspawn if it tastes of apple. Definitely an improvement on some of the meals you've had!

  8. Well I have to be honest (no, really I do) and say that this does look edible. Someone has made an effort to make sure it looks OK, and they haven't hosed it onto the plate from the opposite side of the room.

    I can guess the rough size of that ice cream though - titchy.

    Still. That's not bad for a Sunday lunch, and I retract my earlier statement about wishing to make rude remarks about your meal at lunch.

    I'll just save them up for later.