Friday, 23 October 2009


There appears to be good news for obese people and the doctors who must treat them in the form of new anti-obesity drug therapy. It seems that a diabetes drug is more effective at promoting weight loss than one of the leading obesity drugs on the market, that's according to trials by the drug manufacturer.

In a clinical trial, patients receiving the diabetes drug liraglutide, which contains a satiety hormone, had double the chance of shedding blubber than those prescribed the anti-obesity drug Orlistat which goes under the trade name of Xenical. Liraglutide is good at curbing hunger according to a report written by an expert who just happened to be paid by the manufacturers of the drug. At a whopping £500 for a six months course, the drug is likely to be unpopular, as it has to be injected daily. It works by producing more insulin in the body and telling the brain to stop eating.

The search is on for the most effective way of treating obesity and its accompanying health risks: in the UK alone it's estimated that more than half of all men and women will end up obese if current trends continue. And whichever pharmaceutical giant comes up with a magic pill to shed the pounds stands to make billions. It’s also a reason why other cheaper and more effective treatments aren’t considered more often such as taking more exercise, wiring up jaws, hypnotising big eaters or fitting gastric bands.

Of course, there is a very large test group of patients who have already been involved in top-secret clinical trials being conducted by the NHS. A treatment has been developed that offers a 100% success rate in reducing obesity and has virtually no side effects. It simply involves physical restraining patients and feeding them a strict diet of NHS food.


  1. Well if you call malnutrition virtually no side effects then your on a winner TM

  2. O... We'd give them vitamin supplements.

  3. If only the patients' relatives would stop messing things up by smuggling in smoked salmon bagels ans sushi!

  4. Clearly you have to live 2 hours drive away from any "Feeders" for the treatment to be successful ;)

  5. TM, fat chance of losing weight in hospital unless you don't eat the offerings ( I can't call it food)
    Hospital food is full of carbohydrates and with no exercise weight/fat goes on.

    The simple way for the nation to loose weight is to watch the amount of carbs one stuffs in said mouth. This option would save billions of pounds for the NHS and also the overweight people will be better of physically and financially. The glycemic index is there for a very good reason. Basicaly cut out junk food.

  6. That's just it, you don't eat the food hence the weight falls off. If you do have ataste for the food then you may pile on the pounds.

  7. God, those drugs look good............

  8. The drugs do look better than your meals have of late...

  9. Since being diagnosed with diabeties type 2 and taking tablets for it , I have put on loads of weight even though I am a very active person.

    Then I was told I had high blood pressure and high cholestorol.... More damn tablets..!

    My main thyroid gland has been dead for 30 years so I am on a high dose of thyroxin tablets since then.

    On the leaflet with the thyroxine tablets, it clearly states that high blood pressure and high cholesterol tablets must not be taken as they counter effect the thyroxine tablets.

    When pointing this fact out to the medical profession I get laughed at and told not to worry.. Do they really know or care ?


    1. Well,

      diabetes type 2 can be controlled very good with a change in diet.

      Most cases of diabetes 2 that scratch refined flour products, white rice and sugar(lemonades and such) from their plate, can also scratch their medication away.

      The reason why you gain weight on the tablets is, that they trigger more insuline which results in more blood sugar going to the cells and beeing turned into fat.

      Same happens with type1 diabetes patients who do not control their food intake and think now that they take insulin,they can eat whatever they want and not to fear high blood sugar.

      Thyroxine tablets cause high blood pressure and higher cholesterol too...sounds as if it was time to check on your blood levels of thyroxine because when people get older(around 40-50) they need much less thyroxine and if you are still on the same pills as 30 years before, no wonder you are in trouble.

      How exactly thyroxine tablets affect the blood pressure...thyroxine fires on every process in the body, this is why people with hypothyreod problems and low thyroxine levels have low blood pressure and are always sleepy.

      Too much and you get high blood pressure and through some more complex bodily processes it also gets the cholesterol levels up.

      Thyroxine should be taken half an hour before eating meals or taken any other medication, it does not per se counteract thyroxine when you take medication for your cholesterol and blood pressure.

  10. Dr's dont know or they simply dont care.It gives them something else to treat and keeps them in work.
    Light,Love and Health to all