Friday, 23 October 2009

I’m really sorry

I know you were looking forward to seeing a culinary car crash but I really did need something to eat so I copped out and ordered a panino. I'll try to make it up to you tonight by ordering something from the patients’ menu. Is that okay?


  1. Who could blame you after the culinary disasters of the past week.... good luck mate

  2. Aplogies? Asking for permission!? You daft bugger TM! I'd much prefer to log in and see something edible (complete with salady thingies too, I'm impressed!) on your plate. At least I can go to bed now ( yup it's 11pm in Oz) and sleep soundly knowing that you've had a reasonable lunch today.
    You take care eh! and enjoy your lunch.
    Best Wishes, Kerry from Oz

  3. Oh that does look yummy! Hope you enjoyed every last bit of it!!

    I have been wondering what are we all do/read when you are finally given parole?

  4. After the last weeks offering you panino your heart out....must be an assualt on the eyes all those vibrant colours that haven't been boiled, smashed, obliterated and decimated to within an inch of it's nutritional value!!!

  5. Dear T.M. you are welcome to order all you can but I wonder do they do pannino other than than ham and cheese? A little chicken with pesto or bresaola with mostarda de fruit? ( I am not sure I spelled the last correctly) Also is there no other lettuce in England other than Iceberg??. I am, as ever,in awe of your stamina.

    Gen in Oz

  6. Remember, your first mission is to survive! If that means that some of us don't get our after-coffee jolt (Central Standard Time here) from seeing what they ralphed up on a plate so be it. Survive, TM, survive!

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  8. By the time you leave hospital, you'll be sick of the sight of pannini

  9. Gem, we have all sorts of salad in the UK but none of it finds it's way into the NHS kitchens. Must ask about alternative fillings.

  10. Chciken salsa or hummous and feta would be nice alternatives

  11. Good afternoon TM

    Your lunch looks good and your mention of northern Portugal puts me in the mood for a crisp glass of Vinho Verde ........

    My boss might not approve though - better wait till later.

    Best, Cats' Mother

  12. Thank goodness you have the option of panini! Honestly! It may not be the best, nutritionally speaking, but it is far better for you than the muck that they offered last week! Some of those meals looked just so awful!

    Food should not just be about taking in calories but it should be a pleasant experience. The panino on your plate today looks like a much more pleasant experience!

    Enjoy whilst you can! Who knows when they will stop letting you have them.

  13. i would be getting tired of the panini at this point , but if thats what floats your boat , go for it , at least it has a flavor not reminiscent of a baboons butt


  14. Keep this up TM, eating ordinary decent food, and you'll be out of there before you can say "a ladle of sick with wooden veg and a slice of car tyre with yellow pus custard".

    Courage mon petit chouchou, deliverance is nigh! Well almost. Incidentally I hope you've got an editor or two ready to hit the pages with the full story once you're out, and hopefully in a Sunday sup so we can all enjoy a good day's reading. 8-]

    Or have I not been reading the papers ... 8-\

    Anyway. Yours can be the clarion call for NHS Boards to check who their caterers are and for consultants to have a say in the diets given to patients. Revolution! To arms! (I'll just check my diary ..)

  15. The panino looks, as always, fabulous! Much better than the rubbish they slopped on to plates and put in front of you last week!
    You do what it takes to get that leg healed and out of there, back to Mrs TM and some good food!

    Offspring and I are off to visit a large childrens' hospital next week. Although we are not going to be staying, this time, we will explore the food available in the cafeteria and report back. It can't be worse than the other childrens' hospital locally which is a 1st floor portakabin!!!! I kid you not! It was fairly lethal going up this metal stair way in the wet to get a cup of tea!

    Hope tonight's offerings are better than last weeks.

  16. *claps hand over mouth and bolts to bathroom*

    Sorry about that. Eurccchh.

    I think hovel pie hits it on the head. Shack pie is too good for it, seeing as shacks can be quite bijou and desirable among the jumped up just-moved-to-the-country-and-it's-bloody-noisy brigade.

    Chocolate bourbons? Delish. Hope you washed them down with something hot and not a glass of lukewarm water ..

  17. TM this looks as good as the one me and me ma had the other day in the local cafe....

    Jill, Belfast

  18. Bloody hell ! are you still there ??? it's time to go home now buddy !!