Saturday, 17 October 2009

Things aren't looking up

Soup du Jour


What is it?


  1. They served you a turd with custard? Jeez!


  2. Soup: diluted ketchup with a few leeks and spring onions?
    Main: Peas. Minced meat ragout cooked with diagonally cut broad beans.
    Dessert: Poppy seed cake with custard. Or custard with poppy seed cake? (But please, poppy seed custard is never eaten with custard!!)
    Hope you have some niceties left! Have fabulous dreams - when are your next x-rays due? Barbara

  3. This custard got me confused: I meant to say: poppy seed cake is usually eaten without custard, as indeed eyery other cake ... well, not in the NHS, apparently. Barbara

  4. Yup, I'm with Binlid - the dessert lurking under that custard looks suspiciously like that Emu's doings you posted further down.....


  5. Hey thats better than the Rat I ate today for lunch !

  6. Is desert black pudding with custard?


  7. Perfect sense.

    Traction Man said...
    I'm not that bothered by the cake episode as much as the growing tendency of authorities to throw their weight around or to lack common sense. ............ Does that make sense?

  8. starter .... country vegetable

    main ..... diamond delight with peas (for a change)

    pud ..... chocolate roll and custard

    well ... those diamond shaped things could be pasts quills or could it be a chicken curry?? No idea without tasting it - NOT THAT I'M VOLUNTEERING you understand :-)

    Up the revolution!!

  9. Minestrone, pasta Bolognaise (with peas), chocolate sponge with custard... At least that's what it said on the menu. I'm afraid reality wasn't remotely close. The main course was hideous while that chocolate sponge would be more at home in a trebuchet.

  10. It would have helped identification if they had done the right thing and served the chocolate pudding with chocolate custard.


  11. pasta bolognaise and peas - strange combination, looks hideous. Fancy passing pooh off as choc pudding..... why does everything pud have to be drowned in watery custard, and every main come with a bumper dose of peas.

  12. Perhaps it's to save on laxatives.

  13. am waiting for you to get peas with custard!!!


  14. Thank goodness you had a mercy visit today! It has looked hideous!!! All of it barring the things that started life outside the NHS!

    Good luck in surviving your continuing therapy!

  15. Looks like something my husband would serve me during a fight...

  16. Catagory D menu.

    Dispare soup,

    Disgrace main,

    Desperate pudding.


  17. To me the custard is in the shape of Oz maybe someone in the kitchen is trying to tell you to escape. Can you get a motor for your bed.

  18. you know , i have seen so many peas and potatos on your blog that i am now turning them down here at home even tho they are fresh and well prepared , and i dont even want to remotely consider eating anything that looks like pudding . i may also be phasing out italian food beciuse some of your biggest meal time fiascos are named somthing italian .the lasagna picture you posted is being passed around thru the italain side of my family as something to show the children when they turn down good food ,[ i still cant believe that WAS lasagna ].

    and i really dont know how the people who prepare those menus are doing it with a straight face , i have a feeling that they go down to the pub , sling back a few pints with the locals and start coming up with fancy names to match what they are actually serving you , what i really do know , is someone over there is on drugs if they think that a fancy name will overcome extremely bad cooking , after all , if you put a pig in a dress , its not going to turn into mariline monroe , its still a pig in a dress.

    i hope you are springed soon as i may start a fund to kidnap you from there and check you into a hospital where they realise they are feeding human patients and not slopping the hogs .

    heres hoping for good news with your tests this week , cause i am sure that no matter what your wife feeds you when you get home , it will taste like ambrosia , at the very least , you will be able to identify it .

    rhonda , usa

  19. What do you get for breakfast? Are they able to produce a half decent piece of toast or do they manage to completely balls that up as well?

  20. Katharine Stanley18 October 2009 at 11:00

    When my daughter went into hospital earlier in the year for an operation, they asked her what she would like to eat once she woke up. Being only 5 years old, she asked for jam sandwiches, which came with a salad garnish - little slices of tomato, cucumber sliced beautifully and arranged across the tops of the jam sandwiches, and lots and lots of lettuce. Bizarre! Edible though, which is more than can be said for your chocolate poo and custard!

  21. the desert looks rather like "Black Pudding" but I am not sure why they have served it with custard

  22. Hm, the trebuchet comment has me thinking: I'm sure you could sell on your uneaten meals to the MoD as chemical warfare weaponry and make a small contribution to the bagel fund as a result

  23. Are you actually complaining about that?
    This is what you get in Hungary in restaurants! :-)

    (Wanna see what you'd get in a hospital?
    some of your food actually looks suitable for human consumption...

  24. And what, bolognese with peas?
    Bolognese is beef and pancetti and red wine and galric and celery and onions, cooked for hours, if not half a day.
    No peas or brown sauce or any of that crap.
    Maybe the onions are right. (I feel for you so badly.)