Friday, 16 October 2009

Car crash cuisine

Tomato soup... didn't taste like it

Words failed me

Aerial view

The best bit of the meal


  1. Oh god, that main course has definitely come from our staff canteen - we had it (or rather we didn't have it) yesterday. And our hospital is the other side of the country from yours. Today the food was a bit better, it was liver and bacon but nobody ate it because we weren't sure where the liver came from! LOL

    Gill (only 567 days to retirement!)

  2. What the hell is the main course.....looks bloody horrible!.


  3. The main course looks, well, words fail me really! It just looks awful! I am sure I have cleaned that up in the garden when the dog has been ill!

    Ensure for supper???

  4. Looks like something from the trash bin with maggots. Get well soon!!!! from Houston Texas USA

  5. It was bloody horrible. The most inedible meal so far. I don't know who could have concocted such a dish. I can only assume the chef had his eyes taken out with a hot poker and his tongue severed with a blunt Stanley knife. That;s the only way to explain the taste and the appearance of this culinary car crash.

  6. okay - main course - I can see a huuuuge butter bean and some stems.

    oh what the devil are they trying to do to you?

    hopefully Mrs TM will be in tomorrow with picnic. That's something for you to look forward to.


  7. I must stop checking your blog before meals. That mess on your plate put me right off my dinner. Bllleeeuuuurrrg!

    Maybe it should carry a health warning. I feel so sorry for you and your fellow sufferers.

    I can't wait to hear what it is supposed to be, though.

  8. What on earth is that on for the main course? I've seen that stuff shoveled into a trough for the piggies, but I think even they would turn their nose up at that.

  9. Just eat up and be thankful. I don't hear anyone else complaining.

  10. That's because everyone else who ate it is now dead!

  11. I have absolutely no idea what that is supposed to be. I really do think the NHS caterers are recycling the swill buckets since they must be absolutely brimming.


    Dear God.

  12. Let me put you out of your misery. This is mushroom stroganoff! However, the mushrooms were notable by their absence but there was some very wet and slimy crushed broccoli and butter beans in there. Possibly the worst thing I've rated so far... and that is quite a feat, believe me!

  13. Hi TM:
    I think the main might be a mixture of small black beans and very big white beans and potato chunks cooked in curry, on a rice bed; and the peas added in to add some kind of colour-pizzazz? The dessert is another custard attack.
    Best wishes - still cold here, it's polar winds coming in now. The saharian ones couldn't last, it seems. Greetings from Styria. Barbara

  14. orange soup, orange main course, sort of orange desert - was todays meal sponsored by a certain mobile phone company! YUCK

  15. That is, without a doubt, the worst thing you have EVER posted.
    Honestly, words fail me.
    Mr GothMaz and I just had a rather tasty indian take away. I feel sort of guilty now.

    I hope it's bagel day for you tomorrow!
    M x

  16. What a vile trio a la slop. The worst thing is that they're all the same colour...

  17. That was NOT mushroom stroganoff! My mate makes that and 1) it is a different colour, 2) it is more than edible (even for my carnivore of a hubby) and 3) well, where are the mushrooms??????

    Honestly! I am totally shocked that they say this is mushroom stroganoff!!!!

    Fingers crossed you will get some proper food over the weekend. I will be eating bacon and sausage rolls tomorrow and they will be lovingly cooked and served by AMATEURS but they will be wonderful!

    I am sincerely hoping that Mrs TM will be on her mission of mercy tomorrow and bring you some proper food!!! Man can only survive on ensure for so long!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  18. As I clicked on your blog today, I found myself chanting like a gambler/contestant on the game show 'Wheel of Fortune':

    "Come on! Come on panini, big money, baby needs new shoes!"

    Dang. Landed on turmeric.

  19. That has to be the worst meal ever. I have an idea. Why not make a collage of all the meals you have shown us and enter it in an art display.

    I am certain it would sell for millions, as it would be a better object than the crap these so called artists display.

    You could call it ... " to eat or not to eat ". or " tales of the undigested ".


  20. Reminds me of a joke;

    A guy goes into a restaurant and looks at the menu.
    'I'll have Hungarian goulash,' he says to the waiter.
    The waiter goes into the kitchen and shouts to the cook,
    'Quick! Sweep the floor!'

  21. Not the mushroom-less mushroom stroganoff again! Shall I send them a recipe for how to make it properly? Should I point out that a mushroom stroganoff needs mushrooms? And maybe someone should teach them how to cut up pudding properly.

  22. TM Said:
    The Turner Prize?

    Yeah a HEAD turner prize ;)

  23. I pitty those poor people who are in hospital with eye problems, the first they know is when their fork reaches their mouths!

  24. Tomato soup that had evidently been nowhere near a tomato, and mushroom stroganoff sans mushrooms. Even for the NHS that's a pretty impressive toll. UGH.

  25. Love the aerial view. I think they got the mushroom stroganoff confused with the 'bean feast' (yes, there is a dish called that). Better get the aerosols ready....

  26. Mushroom stroganoff - the clue is in the name, "chef"