Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Not as good as lunch but still ok

Celery and red pepper soup. Fairly tasty and hot

Salad is a safe bet but one small slice of processed
turkey isn't really a good dose of protein

Apple cake and custard... shame the apples were left out


  1. Custard seems compulsory, no matter whether you are on the 'posh' menu or not...

  2. I wasn't on the posh menu tonight. That's the plebs' choice!

  3. It's sort of in-between (unless I'm getting Stockholm Syndrome too...) A bit like airline food used to be. (Yes, haven't flown for many a year).

  4. I notice you had a corner piece of the apple pie.
    You never find any meat or fruit in the corner parts of anything with a pie crust on it or with sponge. It is the same with a sandwitch, everything is packed in the middle.


  5. Now I am not a fan of apples in puddings so I would have savored every mouthful of that yummy pudding :) What is that thing next to your salad, can't quite make it out ;)

    Chin up TM, you are getting there :)

  6. A small slice of processed turkey that barely made it out of its plastic bag, more like. I think it had to be helped, in much the same way as a sight-impaired lady of 103 needs to be helped across the road.

    In fact, so weak does that turkey look I expect it fell off the fork at least four times in transit to the plate, and could only be kept from sliding off in an apathetic swoon by the chef folding it in half and sitting on it.

    There's about as much protein in that little lot as there is in my cup of tea with soya milk. Which isn't much.

    So why are you not getting the PP menu tonight. Is it only once a day you get to eat properly? Mind you, that makes a change from once or twice a week when Mrs TM trundled in, or your parents, or a mate.

    Courage mon petit chouchou! Hope the leg is less painful tonight. Any news on the blood results and what the cause of the pain is?

  7. Tonight's posh menu had a lot of sweetcorn in it so it was no go. X-ray showed no breaks in my pin so I'm back on antibiotics to see if I can make it to the 4th when my operation is scheduled. I think it will be ok.

  8. At least you've had a break from all that broccoli. Ugh! (Too many formative experiences with home-grown broccoli complete with home-grown broccoli-coloured caterpillars.) Give me frozen peas any day.

    Best wishes - hope your pain improves soon.