Tuesday, 27 October 2009


For all of you who wanted to see what I ate for breakfast each day, here is an annotated photo. It's not bad but does get a bit boring after a couple of months.


  1. Oh dear TM - you are obviously a bit bored this morning - all the excitement of last night's supper and now you are back to the reality of the mundane breakfast tray. However, there was a picture the other day of the Queen's breakfast tray, not dissimilar to yours but with some tupperware for added attraction!

    Greetings from grey, grey London. Drizzling well - bad hair day and even my umbrella has given up this morning so a trip to Selfridges beckons for a replacement.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Cats' Mother

    (PS with apologies for the gratuous mention of "Wine" at the weekend - in future I will drink quietly)

  2. Aha! well at least with a teapot you can leave the bag to brew and get a good strong cup of tea if that's what you like. Think I'd go mad without several cups of coffee in the morning tho - is coffee an option?

    I hear there's a mini-heatwave on its way so you should soon get a good blast of sun thru your new window - just don't overdo the sunbathing!

    All best wishes

  3. Why on earth don't they give you butter? Margarine - bleeeurgh!

  4. Don't get too excited about the sun. My bit of sky takes the sun just 20 minutes to traverse. But that's 20 minutes of vitamin D I wouldn't otherwise get. Leg is giving me real pain today. There may be an infection so it's more x-rays and some antibiotics. I only hope I can hold out until November 4th when I have my next operation, otherwise they might have to put a new pin in just for a week. Keep your fingers crossed, please.

    1. Only if you get sunshine without anything between..if there is a closed glass window between you and the sun,you do not get any of the vitamin D producing rays.

      Those sunrays also help to prevent infection and boost the immune system...for long term patients it would be more than advised to either use artificial sunlight or get them access to natural one.

      There are bulbs available who will produce artificial sunlight and 5 minutes daily are enough to get you all the boost you would gain from a whole hour outside.

      They are mostly used in therapy, also in vet care for highly priced animals like race horses when they have problems with legs/joints/bones/muscles

  5. Everything crossed for you TM.
    Goodluck with the x-rays

  6. Good luck with the xray! I do hope everything is okay and it is 'JUST' pain and not infection. Bones are so difficult to heal,as I am sure you have become very aware!

    Brekkie, well, not a patch on last night's dinner but we all knew it couldn't last.

    Fingers crossed for you TM!

  7. At least you got toast, in my 2 month imprisonment (sorry treatment) here no toast only a tiny bread roll but at least with butter (after heated discussions) and the tea didn't turn up untill about 20 mins after you finished breakfast. They would wake me up about 6 am and breakfast wasn't till after 8 if they're going to wake you up in the middle of the night they should at least do it with a cuppa in hand. By the time I got home I was suffereing from servere toast withdrawal.

  8. Sadists, Rod. One thing you need when you're away from home and in need of comfort is tea and toast. I think you'd be able to sue in the UK under the Human Rights Act for cruel and unusual punishment.

  9. Why do they bother giving you margerine -or butter- when the toast is cold? It never melts in just lies there in a greasy layer.

  10. Fingers crossed for you from me as well. Does this mean you are on higher painkillers? Oh well, Messrs Dickinson and Titchmarsh's programmes don't need too much concentration.
    I was laid up with a broken coccyx once. After a while I started working part time from 10-2 and was home in time just for the football World Cup matches (I think it was 1998). The guys at work were jealous as I saw every single match. Apart from that though, it was Countdown, Watercolour Challenge and Murder She Wrote. So I know a little bit of what you're going through.

  11. Cold toast, eurgh.

    I was in hospital last year with my right hand out of commission after getting bitten by a dog. They came in, unwrapped my grotty swollen hand, brought me breakfast - cereal, roll, butter and jam - and shut the door.

    I tried my best, but the jam went everywhere! The orange juice with the peely-off lid was a real challenge...

    All the best TM - loving your blog, but hoping you get freed soon.

  12. Oh God .. yes everything crossed here too.