Saturday, 17 October 2009

A tale of two lunches

Succulent chunks of Quorn with pasta in a rich bile-flavoured sauce
and a medley of waterlogged vegetables

followed by synthetic lemon sponge pudding


A starter of fresh sushi

followed by smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

rounded off with a fresh fruit salad


  1. I'm pleased to see the cavalry has arrived with fresh supplies. Three cheers for Mrs TM.

  2. Mmmmm I think the second option looks devine. Big thumbs up for Mrs TM :) I think for the actions she is taking she should be offered a sainthood :)

  3. I think that may be the first time a raspberry has been in a hospital! I was back in hospital here in Sydney last week. I think they may have re-served me the same meal I was given (but refused to eat) on my last visit a few weeks ago. Same sh#t different day. Nicole

  4. Can you tell Mrs TM that I'm not feeling very well *cough* *splutter* and that I may need some food as well...

    M x

  5. Lovely. So glad you are eating something that is not sludge-coloured. Did Mrs TM also bring some non-perishable food to sustain you through next week? Dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit? C X

  6. I have just laughed out loud at your eloquent description of your marvellous luncheon, scrawled down a bit more, and said OMG to the computer screen, as you do, because before me is a similar meal, Marks and Spencer's sushi, ( they are gorgeous, aren't they ) toasted bagel with lots of crunchy peanut butter, I have no class, and a bag of black grapes, so today I wont swap, happy with my little lot.

  7. Hi TM!
    What is or what are "Quorn"?
    Best wishes to you and Ms TM - good thing she brought you a picknick into your room with a "view". Best wishes from Styria. I put in the geraniums and it's raining. Barbara

  8. Hi Barbara

    Quorn is a fungi based plant that is spun into a meat textured vegetarian mass. It takes on the flavour of whatever you cook it in. Unfortunately, in this case it was a vile sauce that caused an involuntary gastric reflux (gagging sensation). Most unpleasant especially when accompanied by drowned vegetables.

  9. Hi TM, I've been following your writings - and admiring the photos - for some time, but never felt that I had any meaningful contributon to make, but that pudding - honestly it looks like mashed potato covered in custard! I make a mean lemon sponge pudding with lemom sauce - but the post office won't let me send it to you, so it's just as well Mrs TM is on hand....
    I'm in France where the quality of hospital food was proved when the friend who told them that she couldn't eat eggs was brought her meal with "menu sans oeuf" written in big letters across the top.
    Today's meal: omelette
    A greyish slab of congealed something lay on the plate... we were both quite ready to believe that it was not made of egg.....

    Keep on posting - your blog brings a smile to my day,


  10. I expect the explosion of taste on your tongue made you dizzy with amazement and caused you to remember that indeed, yes, there is real food in the real world and that it is exciting and fresh and crisp.

    Yes, bile-tasting gravy does have that effect. :-)

    I'm thrilled beyond measure that Mrs TM arrived laden with tuck. I expect she had hardly got her wrists into the shopping bag to get them out before you were drooling and making strange inarticulate cries.

    Have a great day. Eat lots. Laugh lots. Hug lots.

  11. Glad you have some delicious looking food today! You can miss the bilious quorn!

  12. Quorn? Quot next? I think I stepped in some of that once.

  13. Bleurgh. Quorn is fine when cooked properly - as it evidently wasn't there.

    Glad Mrs TM brought you some decent food!