Friday, 30 October 2009

It's not Raymond Blanc

Pork chop - obviously not Halal

I think it's the first piece of meat I've seen since I got here

Look! Someone really made an effort with this.


  1. Brillant, the took the biscuits and cheese out of the wrappers and gave you a handful of grapes.....that's a huge leap forward for an NHS cheese board LOL

  2. Ah TM, back to abnormal I see, bit of gravy on the pork chop would have been very nice. I think.

    Though come on, desert looks lovely, crackers, real butter, cheese and grapes, oh boy, how the other half live.

  3. Dear TM

    Good afternoon - hope the knitting needle is feeling less sore today.

    Lunch - well ............ what's with butter on grapes - is this something new that I should know about? hmmmm

    At least with the beans/potato combi you know where you are!

    Happy Friday - greetings from grey London.

    My Chelsea Gang of 3 send greetings to your Whiskas boy - probably taking advantage and still sleeping on your pillow at home .......

    Cats' Mother

  4. It's not exciting but it looks more edible than some meals you've had. Buttered grapes... mmm...

  5. I hate to carp when the dessert does appear to be an improvement but a cheese board should really be dominated by cheese, I feel. It's a bit hard to find it among the grapes and piped butter, just as the pork chop is somewhat outgunned by the baked beans. Still, it might have been peas. But cider gravy, proper apple sauce and some fresh greens would have been a bit more appetising perhaps.

  6. Pork chop and baked beans?

    Urgh - still at least it passes the observation test and looks edible.

  7. I'm with Plato on this one... it might pass the observation test and be palatable but baked beans with chops... not in my house unless it is a brunch with eggs, bacon, mushrooms etc....

  8. Well, at least it's not peas!
    How is your pain, absent I hope?

  9. Visible protein - a step in the right direction. Hope you're feeling better.

  10. Fat could do with being a bit crispier on that chop, but it's a definite improvement.

  11. from an exceptionary and
    unusual, dare i say ,
    only the NHS could
    find dishes that are less


  12. My god. A great big slab of protein?? Not only that, but chewable too. I expect your teeth feel as though you don't love them anymore, given the slop, soft sick and gunge they've had to deal with for weeks, with the occasional panino thrown in for a quick reminiscence of what it is to chew food ...


    You sound perkier. Are you? What news on the leg and what's causing the pain.

    Been up to my back teeth today in real unpleasantness and turmoil, so it's good to get back to my beloved laptop and see how my favourite patient is.

    Will you be joining in with the frenzied NaNoWriMo-itis this year? I'm taking part as a NaNo Rebel and writing non-fiction instead, which is just as good and gets me opening up the creative taps to really flush the piping out! Getting a bit slow over the year, so this will give me a good chance to get things gushing over November and then edit like mad in Dec.

    Anyway. Must prepare the lampshade with green fringing and witty cut-out silhouettes for the wearing of, for your birthday on Sunday! Well a girl has to have something fetching to wear.

    What. ??

    Toodle pip!

  13. Sorry, but that just looks like a kidney