Friday, 30 October 2009

British lemonade brews up US school row

I am indebted to Mrs Susan Gann for pointing out this marvellous piece in The Guardian. Click here to amuse yourself for five minutes.


  1. Hello TM - I am so sorry you have been in so much pain over the last several days. It is just awful and I hope things improve soon.

    Here is something that might make you smile - I just saw it referred to on one of the local sites. It's a flash mob dance at Bondi today and you can find it if you Google Bondi and Flash mob. I've never seen a flash mob activity in the flesh but they look fun.

    I hope today is better for you.

    Your fan from Canberra (charm)

  2. That was funny! Bless good old Fentimans (just a few miles from me too), looks like they will have to expand now to keep up with demand :o)

  3. Here's hoping that your pain is subsiding and that Mrs TM brings some extra special treats for you when she next visits. You keep me so entertained that I tend to forget about the seriousness of your situation. Sending lots of positive and healing thoughts for you.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I love reading your blogs every day - keep up the good work!

  5. Oh dear! Disturbing that in this case it is a child who seriously needs to 'get a life'!
    At least the manufacturers are taking it in their stride and enjoying the upsurge in sales and potential sales.

    Hope today is better for you TM than yesterday.

  6. So funny.......I liked the awash or in hospital comment! very topical don't you think TM

    It looks like a bit of an over reaction but great publicity for the company involved hee hee

    Hope your feeling better TM

  7. Ahh, that's great. Good to hear Fentimans aren't taking it too seriously. That kid needs some happy pills.

    TM, are you all geared up for a wild party for your birthday tomorrow?

  8. Hi Nathalie

    Birthday is Sunday. My family will be coming for the day. I don't know what they've got planned butbm I'm sure it will be great.


  9. Hello,
    excuse my bad english... But do you know that a journalist in radio France Inter spoke about your blog this morning at 10h45 ?
    Ho, something else : I'm sure you know this site :
    Hope you'll be out soon,
    Bisous et courage !
    Mélilotus from France

  10. The most striking thing about this story is what an unpleasant little creep the child must be who reported this miniscule amount of naturally occurring alcohol. What DID he hope to achieve?

  11. Ha! I remember some homemade ginger beer from my childhood which a) spurted like a geyser when opened and b) was almost certainly more alcoholic than it should have been. It was quite an afternoon, though I don't think we were allowed to drink very much.

    Hope you're feeling better today, TM.

  12. Happy birthday for sunday TM
    Hope the family bring a little shiraz, nurse won't mind :-)

  13. What you have to remember, of course, is that this is stronger than most American beer (which is traditionally produced by gnats...)

    Perhaps Mrs TM could smuggle some in for you ?

  14. red wine and your blog don't mix

    It's not Tennyson but it's the thought that counts...right?

    Traction Man was in a difficult spot
    His dodgy leg really hurt a lot
    Although he's fed slop and gloop
    And dishwater purporting to be soup
    He still manages to entertain us a lot

    Thanks for the giggles

  15. Funny article but kind of sad too that a kid would do that. Have a great birthday on Sunday. I hope you can celebrate properly in the outside world soon.

  16. What a wonderful country the USA is. You can give a minor a gun but not a 0.5% alcohol lemondade drink.

  17. Facinating, I bet the boy will now get a lot of hassle in school.

    A very happy and pain free birthday TM.


  18. That was so funny, only in America, it is okay to carry a gun, but not okay to have a drink that has a small amount of alcohol in it.

  19. Another brilliantly written piece of
    rhetoric, nice to know that
    someone is standing up for our
    every-day rights, while in hospital.

    Derek, LYMM,