Monday, 5 October 2009

Lunchtime Lotto

This one’s easy to guess...

Here it is up close and personal

The Rock of Gibraltar or Sticky Toffee Pudding?


  1. Well, assumming they are fish cakes, they don't look too bad, if you like that sort of thing which, personally, I don't!

    At least you got some baked beans, reasonable protein and fibre!

    The dessert, well, what can one say about that? Yellow gloop over something!

    Did you eat it or cop out and have an Ensure?

  2. I've just thrown the dogs frisbee into the almond tree, can we borrow yours please. On second thoughts I haven't thrown the discus since school - I'm assuming they are of a certain weight?

    Go for a salad next time TM the caterpillars are a bit more appealing.

  3. Not much fish in that, the potato's look very dry, beans okay, though surely you cannot ruin beans, unless they are poor quality, watered down beans, oh surely not.

    Are you sure that is sticky toffee pudding TM, because I cannot spot any resemblance.

  4. To be fair, the fishcakes weren't too bad... If you like that sort of thing. It was the least offensive item on the menu. Normally you only get given one. I ate one but that was all. Guess it's Ensure time but my stomach is objecting today.

  5. Poor Poor man does the NHS possess any catering staff who are not colour blind? I have been reading your blog for a while now and have been struck by the utter uniformity of colour on each plate. Today's effort was a study in beige/yellow. The soups seem to be either anemic green or lycra orange. The only change is the lurid glow of the "peasancarrots" I really hope the Hairy Bikers do appear and save the day. I am in awe of your stamina .
    all the best Gen from oz

  6. OK, I get the fishcake... but what is that horrible HORRIBLE thing to its left in the close up? Like a broken eyeball...
    another food parcel on its way.xx

  7. That fish cake looks like it has a hair in it?

    Did you really eat one?!

  8. omg , thats a fish cake ? your kidding me . but at least teh baked beans are a pleasent change . not that i expect them to be of any quality . and dessert , i was seriously guessing that was a fried conch shell covered in library paste .dude . you have my sympathys .

    rhonda ,usa

  9. I did eat one as I was hungry. Stomach ache followed. I'm not sure what the problem is. The longer my eating pattern is disrupted, the harder it becomes to eat. Panini tomorrow, I think.

  10. Gaaah - lunch looks awful. Looks like powdered mash with a garnish of mash still in powder form.

    Any news on how your leg is mending?

  11. Stomachs are immune to Stockholm Syndrome. It's in all the textbooks.

  12. I would advise avoiding the fish cakes at all costs. The close up made me feel ill. Not surprised you suffered stomach ache as a result.

    You must be loosing weight in there but how do you tell if you're strapped to the bed. Do the nurses wheel you off to the nearest public weighbridge every now and again?

    Have you thought of publishing your blog as a book when you get out? If the Hairy ones take up the challenge, you could include some of their recipes. I'm always stuck when it comes to buying xmas pressies for some of my friends and relatives. This could solve my problem.

  13. Porridge and a cup of unsweetened tea without milk sometimes soothe an upset stomach. More than fried food anyway. Could some of the painkillers have started straining the stomach tissues? The doctors should have thought of giving stomach protection though. Hope you'll get well soon!!

  14. Are you sure that was a fish cake? Close up looks like a ground pork thingie I got on a now defunct airline years ago. After we landed, I spent two hours in the loo and missed the meeting I had flown in for.

  15. Its a fish cake... I've eaten several whilst in hospital in traction aswell. Though back in July 1991 there was no internet, I got to really enjoy daytime tv though, It was the main attraction

  16. Close up that fishcake looks like it still has ice clinging to it. Having seen the food you are being offered lately I have avoided the staff canteen at the hospital where I work at all costs so I don't know if you are still getting our leftovers.

    I did think that painkillers were not advisable on an empty stomach - that's probably why you are suffering.

  17. ahhh beans beans are good for your heart the more you eat the more you......... hey TM least your heart'll be good

    Keep smiling

    if not

    keep blowing whoooo hoooooo