Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It doesn't get any better

Celery and red pepper soup!

Er... Um... Ah...

Take a closer look

And finish it off with a pudding


  1. Well that is clearly Macaroni cheese, potato croquettes and green beans.
    Since when did people start serving potatoes and pasta together?! Hope you weren't on the Atkins diet!

    M x

  2. Soup: well, you've already told us. Did you like it?
    Main: Small chinese spring rolls, yellow beans with some strange sauce, green beans without.
    Dessert: custard with drowned something, maybe a piece of cottage cheese cake. Why o why do they put everything into custard??
    Best wishes, TM! Barbara

  3. The soup was very tasty. The rest was dire. So my supper was a bowl of soup. No bread or anything else. Time for an Ensure.

  4. ok , we were able to determine that you have a macaroni product on your plate . however we havent been able to guess what its covered in .the three roundish oblong items should be sent out for analysis and possibly loaded into a cannon and shot out to sea where it wont hurt anyone .the soup looked good tho.to bad your not ambulatory , could wander around the ward looking to trade your pudding for seconds on soup.

    rhonda, usa

  5. Did the main course come with or without a blindfold. When I first saw the picture I thought you had a side serving of aluminium nails but then I realised it was string beans in a bad light.

    As for the three anaemic dog turds, I'm surprised they had so many given the rush there must have been for a sample. (NOT).

    I've reserved the mush on the plate for last, as although I KNOW it's macaroni cheese my entire body rebels and resists and heaves.

    More watery custard to hide the body, I see. Why do they keep dishing out desserts. Unless they have a pretty good hunch that the man course is going to be disgusting, so here's a filler-upper for anyone who's still alive and hungry. *rolls eyes*

    Dear God. I think Marmite on toast sounds positively divine after that little lot and I am eternally grateful I have access to a healthy brown loaf. (I don't suppose you ever see the slightest shadow of brown bread, so you?)

  6. I am not even going to dignify the stuff on the plate with a comment!

    The soup looked okay but the dessert, as usual, watery custard!

    I am beginning to despair for your recovery! Thank goodness Mrs TM brings nutrition with her on her visits!

  7. that just looks so wrong. Croquet potatoes, or was it another offering from urology theatre in disguise??? The pasta looks as if someone with bronchiectasis has gobbed all over it....and the desert - hard to tell what that is as it has been submerged in a sad excuse for custard. are you counting down to the weekend yet and mrs TM bringing some food that actually contains vitamins. Hope the ensure was ok

  8. when oh when is Mrs TM coming with your picnic?
    what the hell are they trying to do to you? I'm sure that we'd all draw up a rota to get decent food to you - when are we going to be able to rescue you?


  9. Mummy Traction is coming here tomorrow with some supplies. Hopefully enough to last me until Saturday when Mrs TM arrives with more goodies.

  10. So glad Mummy Traction is on her way. That soup is definitely not enough to sustain you. Your blog is making me feel good about my worst cooking disasters. They're all far more edible than your daily fare.

  11. Surely you must be due for a visit from The Red Cross to ensure that the Geneva Convention is being adhered to...

    ...just make sure they turn up at mealtime and see the "cruel and unusual punishment" you are being subjected to.

  12. Good thing you didn't step in it.

  13. That pudding appears to be screaming. Probably offended by its own existence...

  14. I went out with a bloke many years ago who had a penis that looked very much like one of those croquettes.

  15. As you say, the soup doesn't look too bad but I couldn't even identify the main course. The green beans have had all the life boiled out of them. Where they ever actually green?

    The Ample Cook - you have put me off potato croquettes for life now!