Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Article on NHS malnutrition

This article in today's Daily Mail makes for interesting reading. Click here to read the article in full.


  1. I read this earlier and thought of you. How very true. Funny that most of the comments say nothing about the quality of hospital food which you (as patient) and I (as someone who works in a hosital)know is far short of nutritous. Keep up the good work.


    WV peckta - hmmm

  2. I just read this and thought of you too. :-)

  3. Interesting article. I remember seeing the initial reports in the 90s about malnutrition and in hospital patients. After more than a decade they've not done anything about it. It's pretty shocking really.

  4. After spending 11 days incarcerated at my local hospital and nil by mouth for most of it I lost nearly 2 stone and had several complications due malnutrition including a very painful distended gall bladder. This was back in february and I still to this day cannot eat proper size portions. Due to this I continue to lose weight!
    My only fortune was the food was so poor during my stay in January that I was glad I was spared the hospital slop but at no time did I see a dietician even after the senior nurse pointed out to the doctor I hadn't eaten anything for seven days and had got to the point were I wasn't able to tolerate liquids orally!!
    Unfortunately I'm due back shortly for another operation but I have managed to change hospital and doctor so here's hoping I don't endure the same incompetence.

    Nothing compared to your stay TM but I can definitely sympathise with you.

  5. I wish the media would make it's mind up. One week we're going to be living until way past 100, the next we're all dying from an obesity epidemic. This week, apparently we're malnourished, have rickets and all going to die.

  6. The food tray in the artical looks like typical German fayre..... Rock hard bread usually 2 slices), mystery meat (anyones guess), usually has 1 catering portion of butter and herbal tea of one variety or another! Oh how I miss it (not!)

    Feel better soon TM :-)

  7. When my dad was taken I'll in Germany he refused to eat the food. He's always been a gastronomic dustbin. Would eat things even the dog would reject. Must have been bad.

  8. It's pretty dire to say the least!! After a tonsilectomy they seemed to think I could live on nothing but vanilla flavoured wet cement, after asking for a change I got 'hot' food. I think the worst meal I was served was what only can be described as something chewed, swallowed and regurgitated. To this day I have no idea what it was! If I end up in hospital again I will take some pictures for you!!!!

    BB x