Friday, 9 October 2009

Lunchtime Lotto

There was no minced lamb left so I had to order a panino!


  1. Dear TM

    It's always such a bore when the lamb runs out and this has to happen!

    Best Cats' Mother

  2. Be brave - force it down!!

  3. Hi TM! Very nice panino you had there!! I finished knitting a jersey this morning with thirty-two cats sitting around the collar and ate a yeast dumpling filled with plum preserve, sprinkled with ground poppy seeds with sugar and drowned in browned butter. Autumn is now arriving - splashes of rain and lowering temperature. I started that jersey back in February 2008. And it's made from Shetland wool. Best wishes, Barbara

  4. I'm inconsolable. I begged them to go back to the kitchen to see if there wasn't a scraping of minced lamp, peas and mash. I even asked if they had any leftovers, not to no avail. I just had to make do with this cruchy, freshly toasted panini stuffed with cheese and ham and nestled next to a crunchy fresh salad. I'm going to lodge a complaint.

  5. Barbara,

    He is already being tortured by NHS food. Do you think telling him what he could have won if he was at home is doing him any favours?

    Cruel and un-necessary!

    Best wishes TM

    Princess Lioma of Monaco aka Liam

  6. TM As it was national poetry day yesterday, and I found myself wide awake in the wee small hours I came up with a limerick for you.

    A journalist from the South West
    Became a long-standing NHS guest
    With his leg pinned in traction
    He started blog action
    Because the crap food was so hard to digest

    I started on a second verse but got stuck trying to find something to rhyme with panino(i).

  7. Aw TM! What a disappointment that the lamb had gone by the time it was feeding tme for you! How will you cope?
    Offspring says the panini looks great but you can keep the salad!

  8. I am just about dying for one of those right about now. Our fridge is bare. Do you mind if I join you?

    Well, I suppose that good can't happen twice in a row so maybe I should hold off for a few days!


  9. I think it's absolutely disgraceful that they should try and force good wholesome food down your throat when clearly you are aching for a bucket of sludge. I mean, what are these people doing!

    For a start, that salad looks fresh and crisp. Do they think you have teeth or something? Honestly! And as for that paninoninoni it looks as though someone has lovingly filled it with slices of fresh ham and chunks of health giving cheese and grilled it to a crisp golden turn. I cannot believe how thoughtless people can be. Anyone would think they wanted you to get better. Frankly,I am appalled.

    Fear not, TM. Our spies are out and even as we speak are organising emergency truckloads of slushy vegetables, scrapings from industrial silos and canal dredgings to be delivered to your door so that you can keep your spirits up. In fact, so dedicated are they to making sure that no healthgiving food shall darken your door ever again, they are standing by your hospital canteen doors with firehoses linked up to the regional pig slurry van to cover any further plates of healthy food with muck.


  10. Dear TM

    Below is a quote from Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. Feel free to get it printed out. I'll send you a copy if you like as I believe your tied up at the moment. Then you can hang it from the bottom of your bed for all to see. Which hospital you at?

    Leon Ballin

    The public sector spends £1.8 billion on food. That money could be used to prioritise the health of hospital patients, care home residents and the armed forces, and to support environmentally-sound food businesses, farmers and thriving local economies. An optional scheme simply isn’t good enough. The time has come for the government to invest public money for public good.

  11. Blimey Baron Traction, a run on minced lamb! Would you believe it! Chef must be pleased to see his speciality being so popular! :)


  12. What a shame... You had to eat something colourful and fresh looking...

    Checking out what you have for lunch is becoming an important part of my day... Perhaps I should get out more.

  13. I cannot believe that I find it so fascinating what you are eating each day. But I am. Sad git that I am.
    dont be too Up about the panino... supper will be here soon.