Thursday, 1 October 2009

Interesting Eateries... No 2


  1. Enough with the silly-named restaurants! They're a passe Internet meme SO mainstream that Jay Leno had them on "Headlines" last Monday night.

    On a lighter front, I can relate to the hospital-food problem, here in Texas I was bed-bound for five months (in a GOOD hospital, with GOOD insurance) on-and-off back in 2007 after a Whipple procedure developed a massive MRSA bug. Same problem (and solution to bad food, Ensure!) here in the States. I've been in jail (not prison) and a hospital, the jail food was haute cuisine compared to the hospital food.

    Even worse, I was on a "low fat" diet, imagine how that helped the palatability! Actually, your food looks scrumptious compared to the slop I was served.

    Take care, be well soon! Remember, through it all, that you WILL get better!

  2. Good evening TM

    Just been doing a spot of dusting with green wonderduster or some such thing - might be quite palatable with custard over the top??

    Regards,Cats' Mother

  3. Well I thought they were funny. We don't have Jay Leno over here. Good to know that if I do end up in prison I shall be amply fed.

  4. Well we get Leno over here[canada] but the show is so crap nobody wastes time watching it. I think the eateries are funny. Keep'em coming!

  5. The legend of 'The Golden Rivet'? No, this is a family blog after all.

  6. Where is it? I hope its close. I can't wait to recommend it as a get-together venue