Sunday, 8 November 2009

Wot... no chicken escalope?

At the risk of upsetting Ann, I must report that there was no chicken escalope today of any hue. It was either an NHS roast (see me turn green) or a cheese and onion pasty which I could have had with brussel sprouts or tinned carrots. I couldn't face either and just picked mashed potato.

Inside the pasty it was less than inviting. Good job Mater and Pater turned up with some sandwiches. Thank goodness. And not a moment too soon.

What did you have for your Sunday lunch dessert? Apple pie and ice cream? Sherry Trifle? Or was it a low fat healthy balance strawberry yogurt?


  1. My Sunday lunch usually consists of Stella Artois, or some other alcoholic beverage.

    If I was stuck in hospital for as long as you have been, I'd get a mate to smuggle in some fine wine or a single malt.

    Glad to see you're on the mend, btw!


  2. Glad you're getting better, mate.

    One thing I've noticed looking through all of your photos is the potato pile. They look nearly identical all the way through. Same cut pattern, same ugly color and same spoon ladle thingy shape.

  3. Oh dear, I am upset, I lost the bet with myself, come on, it is Sunday, and Sunday means chicken escalope thingy, for weeks we have marvelled at the sight of these things, sat in awe at the different colours each week, now they take it away from us, oh you must be distraught X-MAN.

    The alternative is even more brutal, a brick beside concrete, hope you have a hammer and chisel on your dinner tray, methinks it might be needed.

    Thank goodness for Mater and Pater, can you imagine if nobody came to visit, and no goodies were brought to you.

  4. OMG is that a decorative brick? Or is it a roof tile? Goodness knows where they find these things. And as for the mashed potato, come on Ex-TM you're slipping ;-) Mashed potato is eeeee-villllllll.

  5. Ah well! Be grateful for ma and pa and sandwiches!

    For lunch today we visited a well known Burger restaurant (if you can call it that!) No time for anything else as we have to fit in food between church and theatre rehearsals! Not an easy task! Tonight tho, proper food. Because of the way Sunday goes for us we had Roast Beef and Yorkie Puddings last night. YUM! Even the gluten free ones worked out okay which is unusual. Normally I can't get them to taste right or rise properly. But, they worked out last night so I had a happy small child!

    Hope you are still making good progress.

  6. What I had for pudding .... well I skipped the pud at the pub we ate at. The roast leg of Lamb, Yorkshire pud, roasted potatoes, honey roast parsnips, carrots, peas and cabbage with stuffing (I know I though that a bit odd too with Lamb), and gravy and mint sauce was ample .. even on my birthday :-)... I'll probably have a nice slice of birthday cake though in a bit.

    Chin Chin me ol' mucker :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Dave30, hope you had a great day.

    Birthday cake for all of us I hope.

  8. Happy birthday. But did you have to be quite so descriptive about your lunch? Couldn't you have just said you'd had a roast and that it was adequate? Harrumph

  9. You're obviously delirious and hallucinating (probably from hunger) - there is nothing inside that "pastry".

    (Ha! Verification word is "grated")

    (Ha! 2nd verification word is "prick")

  10. The pasty LOOKS good, well, pretty with the braided edge and all. Sounds like they found my former pastry recipe (note the former), doubled as bricks.

    I agree, Dave30--happy birthday, but really being that descriptive is cruel...I haven't had a yorkshire pudding for about 20 years. The last set I tried to make caught on fire in the oven.

    And no, I'm not one of the cooks at X-TM's hospital but I can starve a small family! X-TM wouldn't have so many items on his plate!

    Remember X-TM, as Scarlett O'Hara said (I think) "tomorrow's another day". Keep your hope up that you'll be able to walk or roll to the staff caferteria (they always has better food)

    LK (Canada)

  11. Sorry Tm .... tact is not my strongest point ;-)

  12. This is looking tasty to me. I think I must be really really hungry. Just home to empty cupboards otherwise I'm sure it wouldn't look at all appealing!