Friday, 27 November 2009

It's Friday... fish again

This is yet another piece of Marks & Spencer magic. Salmon en croute with green beans. Very tasty and really quick to prepare. Nice glass of white... I know I shouldn't but a sip won't hurt, will it?


  1. I'd make it a big sip if I were you TM... I'm just enjoying my first glass of wine for 10 days, having been on-call at work...

    Enjoy your sojourn into the real outside world tomorrow.

    Vicki xx.

  2. Oh that looks ever so nice, not had one of those in ages.


  3. YUM! Looks good! Especially as I haven't had anything to eat yet tonight! Busy!

    In answer to the question about wine, well, alcohol often interacts with pain killers in that it makes the side effects worse. But, no. It probably won't hurt you! It never has me!

    Have a lovely weekend XTM!

  4. Going to have to make this, very intruiging recipe. Tell the Miss I applaud her recipes and cooking.

  5. Won't hurt in the slightest as far as the narcotics go, I'm on slow-release morphine plus Oramorph for occasional break-through pain (almost 2 years now and very probably for the rest of my life) and I drink - in moderation - quite regularly.

    Each seems to amplify the other, in pretty much every way so while major boozing is an incredibly bad idea, a glass or two really won't do much other than get you tiddly considerably faster than usual.

    Incidentally, it may interest you to know that it's possible to drive on lowish doses of prolonged-release morphine, once you've been on a stable dose for long enough for it to lose any sedating effects.

    PS the horrors of hospital food are multipled millions-fold when: you can only safely eat food soft enough to mash with a fork (Strike One), and you're vegetarian (Strike Two) and, horrors, you rely on the nursing staff to feed you. So basically it's NHS mash and those bloody awful omelettes every day. Only ice cold, and set like cement.

  6. Hi ET,

    I was misdiagnosed a while ago, I had gallstones which the hospital missed, and after 6 or so months an adhesion had strangled my bowel, making things very painful. So I was put on oral morphine, over the 6 months I built up to a level of 240mg A DAY.

    I was before the problems working for a nice company, and was taken by ambulance from work, every time I sneezed, coughed, laughed etc I would be rolling on the ground in agony. I did not want to loose my job, so I asked to work as a subcontractor from home.

    That way I could work and take the morphine. As working at work off my face would not look good.

    The project I was working on was a high powered strobe light with remote control. This strobe worked straight off the mains and doubled the voltage, the strobe ran from ~300Vdc to 660Vdc. Very dangerous and I was writing all the control code for it stoned.

    I managed not to injure myself and also wrote the best code I have EVER written ;)

    I was also occasionally drinking (as you have to at parties to be sociable)


    Kat from Perth.

  7. Hope you're not finding me provocative TM but that meal looks dry! I know it's not the photo because I have had this particular M and S speciality and it was. I find their food over-salty, their chicken readymades - well, you wouldn't know it's chicken and I recently had a bit of a dingdong with them about their "Very Berry Bonanza", the majority of which was melon. Ah yes, the melonberry - silly me. M and S readymades are certainly a few notches up from hospital food which perhaps is why you are enjoying it but..............
    I am just about to throw a guinea fowl and a pheasant into a pot, with a slug of wine, a load of veg and leave it to its own devices. When it's done I am going to add some chestnuts. It'll probably feed us for the week, and will get more delicious every day