Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I'm back... with chocolates!

Well, I may have been in great pain these past two days but I couldn’t resist a tiny post today to cheer everyone up and let you know I’m still here and feeling a tiny bit better. Thank you for all your kind messages. They really help and I appreciate it so much. To cheers everyone up I pass on this little snippet that I read today

A Spanish company has invented a chocolate that actually helps you lose weight. The company claims that special amino acids contained in the chocolate send messages to your brain telling you that you aren’t really hungry.

The new chocolates are, the manufacturer claims, no different in taste from ordinary chocolate… in fact the only slight difference is a green tinge that comes from the dietary supplement spirulina, a microscopic algae with a high level of nutrients such as vitamin A and B12, which also have weight loss benefits.

I said the only problem was a slightly green tinge… but I forget to mention the fact that each chocolate cost £1 each. At that sort of price it might be cheaper to opt for liposuction or have a gastric band fitted.

But don’t feel too guilty about eating chocolate because it really is good for you. The Journal of Internal Medicine found that heart attack survivors who eat chocolate regularly are nearly 70 per cent less likely to die from cardiac problems than those who rarely eat it. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, which can reduce the risk of blood clots and protect against bowel cancer.

Chocs away!


  1. so glad your feeling a little better

  2. Hello XTM,

    So glad to hear from you :))

    Been checking your Blog on and off for most of the day, I have been so worried for you and Mrs XTM,

    We are all here for you,I just wish are thoughts and good wishes could take your pain away .

    Take care X

  3. Well, I'm allergic to chocolate, so this makes me sad. Nice to know those who can eat it are benefitting. ^^
    Glad yu're feeling better.

  4. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to Blog a bit...

    I have also been checking in regularly to see how you are doing. Take care!

    Vicki (off in search of some chocolate, but not the stuff with green algae in it...) x.

  5. Ooooo choccy .... although green tinged choccy at a quid a bite sounds outrageous, I think I'll stick to me fairtrade and let the pounds cling where they may :-)

    He he .... scoff scoff slurp

    Glad to see you up and around, but just take it easy old thing and don't wear yourself out. Pace yourself :-)

  6. Matilde from Sydney17 November 2009 at 20:54

    Chocolate works for me in most situations - when I'm happy, when I'm sad.... Dark chocolate in my house is considered a health food! But not sure if I could stomach the green tinge. Think I'll stick to the regular 70% stuff.

    Great to hear that you're feeling a little better. Take care.

  7. Glad you are a bit better TM..

    It wasn`t too long ago that it was claimed that Manuka honey was the best, it was expensive but the sales shot up after the report. A few months later it was reported that Manuka is no different to any other honey, I think the report was in Saga magazine.

    Facinating how these companies get gullable people to purchase the goods at any price.

    Saga magazine is packed with info, and is not only for the elderly people.


  8. I used to have hot milk and manuka honey each night in hospital, sometimes instead of eating a meal. It made me feel better but that was probably a placebo effect. Still, it was nicer than sugar. So, I'd better put my order in for a copy of Saga magazine. I know Saga organises holidays for singles who are over 50. This led to one wag dubbing Saga as standing for 'Sex Annually, Generally August'. So cruel.

  9. Chocolate for losing weight with a green tinge? I'm a bit nervous of that one. I'll try more traditional methods.

    Glad to hear you feel a little better. I was checking on your blog through the day today too.

  10. A co worker on a Job I did (I was doing the nurse call and security for a new hospital in the middle of nowhere in WA) put me onto this beer, it is Hahn Super Dry, it is a full strength beer with 1/3 the carbs of normal beer :)

    I could knock back 6 of these for the same effect on body fat as 2 normal beers....

    Glad you are able to post today, as I worry about my ET and Mrs ET.

    I hope things are starting to loosen up a bit and the pain is slowly subsiding.


    Kat from Perth.

  11. I shall not feel guilty about eating chocolate then. Nice to see you back XTM. Take it easy.

    (As you can see, I've sorted my blog problem. 3rd party cookie settings on Firefox).

    Best wishes,

  12. I was sure you were going to tell us this 'lose weight chocolate' was actually a laxative!

    Glad you feel well enough to check in with some interesting, if not green, news.

    Hang in there ok? Maybe to get your whole body moving watch a rip snorting comedy series. You Brits have great comedies. I still get a kick out of "Are You Being Served" and "Monty Python" (the parrot one & "it's only a wafer" are hysterical).