Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Panino pre-op lunch

Tomorrow is the big day. The surgeon thinks my femur has fused and is one bone now. He'll know more tomorrow once he's looked at the x-rays. Then the pin will come out tomorrow unless there's an unforeseen problem. Then it's down to physio and learning to walk again. I have a feeling that's going to be the most difficult part.

UPDATE: Just signed my consent form and there are a few little changes that I didn't know about. I may have to have another pin put in and more traction if they're not completely happy. More likely, however, it looks like they're going to put me in a complete plaster cast tomorrow. I wasn't expecting that. So, there'll be no curling up, walking or getting out of bed as soon as I thought. Oh well... I'll just have to do my best to dig up some more reserves of doggedness and determination.


  1. Best wished for a positive result ... I've previously posted to your comments, oddly nothing's apppeared ... my thoughts are with you :)

  2. Good luck TM, hope all goes well!

  3. So is this the last meal before tomorrow? If so, it's not a bad one. All fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow - which is going to make it v. difficult to get over to the Rondo tonight.

  4. kev1 in Tenerife3 November 2009 at 13:53

    Really hope you have good news tomorrow. I know the physio will be the worst bit. I know from experience. Just try to take it slow and listen to your leg. Best wishes from Tenerife .

  5. Hello,

    I hope you stay with that fresh Panino food. I've read an article today (referring to the "British Journal for Psychiatry") in n-tv.de that industrial produced food makes you depressive. If you eat a lot of instant food your chance for being depressive is 58% higher and it sinks about 26% if you eat fresh food!

    So, good luck tomorrow and keep to the Panino! :)


  6. Good luck!! If the femur has fused, does that mean you can return home and just come in for the physio appointments?

  7. Snap! I've just had a cheese and ham panino too!

    Good luck for tomorrow. I hope you wake up after the op sans pin.


  8. The panino looks fabulous! Just made me realise I have missed lunch!! Must get some. The joys of working from home! LOL!

    Best wishes for tomorrow! I hope the results are positive and that the traction will be over! YAY! Then it is just watching out for those physioterrorists! They are vicious. I have spent many a happy hour at their mercy over the years, personally and professionally!

    At least being 'nil by mouth' will be no big deal for you! LOL!

    Good Luck!

  9. Best wishes. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

  10. The bone has fused??? That's bloody fantastic!! Thank God for that, but it was no thanks to the hospital food which, if it had been nutritious, would have had you out of there before now (OK OK I'll stop repeating myself. For half a day, anyway ...)

    So it's NBM after this panino? So you must be pretty early on the list then, if not first, and because you're actually IN the darned hospital rather than on the waiting list you won't get cancelled. Huzzah!

    And that means no more pin, no more dragging agony, you can SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE. Result! Tomorrow night you will be curled up like a cat. Oh the sheer joy of it. You know, it's the simple things like that which most of us take for granted until we're not able to do those simple things.

    I am thrilled for your good news. Thrilled. :-)

  11. Great news - all best wishes for tomorrow.

  12. Dear Master TM (although no salmon bagel today)

    All the best for tomorrow and we will all be waiting for your next post with baited breath!

    Sending you the good luck and positive vibes from my three black cats.

    Best wishes to Mrs TM and all your family, too, during this stressful time.

    Best wishes, Cats' Mother xxx

  13. All the luck in the world to you TM, I shall be thinking about you, of course you don't need luck, all will go well, and you will be home soon.

    TM, you have been through so much, learning to walk will be a doddle for you.

  14. All the best for tomorrow. Get the physio on-side and have her* insist on the central importance of a good diet in aiding recovery of muscle and movement.

    * OK yes, it could be a he, but let's not lose the motivational force of a fine young woman at the end of the parallel bars cooing "Come to me TM baby."

  15. Good luck!

    Having had to re-learn the use of a limb after post-op physio myself, I think someone as spirited as you will find learning to walk again much easier than being strapped to a bed.

    I mean, physio is tough in the sense that sometimes it hurts like hell and you can't understand why something you used to do all the time now seems impossible.

    But you're going to love learning to walk again! You'll love it so much that it makes up for the pain and the endless repetition of exercises that seem so minor that it's hard to believe that they're exercising anything.

    TM, you will soon be free! (At least, if you stick with the exercises your physio gives you.)

    BTW, having had the good (or bad, depending how you look at it) fortune of having met many physiotherapists myself, I notice that they've all been cheerful, motivating, and sweet people - much nicer than nurses (sorry, nurses - maybe I've just had bad luck with nurses).

    I imagine, though, that getting a surly physiotherapist would be a bit like being Torquemada's personal plaything.

    So here's hoping that you don't get a surly one!

  16. Good luck and hope you're back on your feet very soon!

  17. That's fantastic news, hoping you are free of that bl**** bed asap.


  18. **hugs from OZ**

    Fingers crossed for you that it all goes well. Even a shuffle with a frame beats the hell out of being stuck in bed. Having shattered a kneecap once I have had a bit of time stuck in a bed too. :)

    Do the exercises the psycho-physio's tell you to do and things will come good in the end ;)

  19. Oh TM, sorry for the set-back. I hope you have the best outcome possible. Good luck with digging up some further reserves of doggedness etc. - your blog fans support you

  20. Re: update

    Presumably the surgeon needs to cover all possibilities. Fingers crossed that you don't have another pin or a plaster cast.
    Good luck TM. I will hope for good news tomorrow.

  21. Have you thought how much fun you can have even in a plaster cast! Nowadays you can buy covers to put over your cast to keep it dry even when you go swimming, let alone in the shower. Through personal experience I have found the Dry Pro plaster cast cover the best.

    Best of luck tomorrow. Try and send us all a message when you can.

  22. Best of luck TM. I hope all goes smooth as silk.
    Gen of OZ

  23. oh very, very best of luck for tomorrow.



  24. I've got everything crossed for you TM, good luck for tomorrow.


  25. Best of luck for a happy outcome tomorrow!
    As frustrating as it must be (and I can only empathise, ya poor bugger) you have come this far and still have your humour intact so it can only get better from here :) Chin up TM and positive thoughts!

  26. Hi TM,

    Best of British. I hope you get away without another Pin or Cast.

    Will keep you in my thoughts.

    Take care mate.

    Kat from Perth.

  27. Can't wait to hear how you made out TM. Fingers crossed in Canada for you.

  28. Best of Luck from West Oz, everything crossed for you