Tuesday, 17 November 2009

That's better

Tonight's supper was pasta penne with spinach, bacon, blue cheese and crème fraîche. Tasty and nutritious, and it goes nicely with a nip of Oramorph. My doctor friend came round today to check on me and make sure there wasn't anything too serious going on with my legs and feet. That made me feel a lot better... she also brought some nice chocolate cookies and other treats. Thanks, Jane. Why can't all doctors be like you?


  1. ooo supper looks super

    so very glad you have been checked by nice doc and that you are feeling a bit more like blogging. we're all very concerned, you know


    my word is fructusi - i therefore name your supper "fructusi" and would like Mrs XTM's recipe

  2. So glad to see you are feeling better than yesterday...
    Thought of you earlier when we had smoked salmon.
    Supper does look good - might try to make it some time. (Any tips, Mrs XTM?)
    Did you read the article which claimed most women only have a regular repertoire of nine dishes? (Like NHS cooks?)
    Apparently, the nation's most popular meals are:
    Spag. Bol, Roast Dinner, Shepherds' / Cottage Pie,Pasta, Meat & two veg., Pizza, casserole / stew,sausages & chips or mash, curry / Indian

    There may be some truth in it, but they apparently don't classify Spag. Bol as pasta, and I don't see much difference between a roast dinner and meat & two veg.

    All the best,


  3. Hooray! XTM is hoovering up the vittles again and being all perky.

    Glad to hear you're being monitored and that nothing appears to be going wrong. Just growing pains after weeks and weeks of immobility I reckon :-)

  4. Hi XTM! Good you had all those yummynesses: doc's reassurances, chocolate cookies and Ms XTM's pasta dish!!
    If you add spirulina to everything it might all get a green tinge? Not just chocolate, but also custard and peas. Well, peas with a green tinge might be too much. Also, I guess the NHS food wouldn't need anything added to make people loose weight who consume it; it achieves that goal by just letting people look at it, without any superfluous green tingyness added ..
    Best wishes - if you'd like some Zotter chocolate, let me know!
    Barbara (Styria)

  5. I'm not a fan of pasta, but that looks yummy!!!. Glad things are getting back to normal for you and Mrs XTM. I had to go and retrieve one of them hospital food orange trollys from some lift doors the other day....what a mess that was!!.


  6. are you suffering withdrawal symptoms after being deprived from cook kill custard and peas yet? Won't be trying the expensive chocolates - I think the only pounds you would lose would be the ones in your bank account!Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today - remember - one day at a time.

  7. Hi TM

    Welcome back to the world of not-quite-so-much pain and decent food. A doctor who brings chocolate? That's what I call enlightened.

  8. I wish my doctor would give me chocolate... This pasta looks great. Am so glad that today (or yesterday as I'm home late) was a better day for you.

  9. Hi ET, Dinner looks super, Nothing like a good bit of pasta with some wine.... Hmmm must be the Roman in me coming out ;)

    I have solved a puzzle for you, where does the green tinge custard come from.... It is specially recycled nuclear waste. That is it, plain and simple, if you eat enough, you will glow in the dark ;)


    Kat from Perth.

  10. HeyTM glad your feeling perkier... that dish just looks lish... would Mrs TM be willing to part with the recipe... pleaseeeee pretty please with a big cherry on top


  11. Looks lovely, but I really don't like blue cheese, can mrs xtm suggest an alternative. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better than the other day, and glad to know your friends are supplying important getting better chocolates xx