Thursday, 12 November 2009

The penultimate lunch

Carrots... great choice with sausage... I say sausage but

There is no meat in this... I promise!

Apple Grumble

Looks more like a road being dug up


  1. Its really true? you are leaving hospital?

    Congratulations! on a very selfish note i will miss your updates, pictures and your humour

    I think you should go undercover in a hospital kitchen for the next part of your blog.

    Dont stop blogging, we all love you


  2. Congratulations on leaving the hospital, have been following you since it started.

    I had apple crumble for lunch with hot custard and thought of you.

    I think mine may have tasted better though.

    One more sleep!

  3. oh my god,

    I'm so happy you're leaving tomorrow - bring on the juicy steak!


  4. Good luck for tomorrow, are you going home via a first class resturant?
    Looks like it's downhill all the way on the culinary front - I'm stil grappling with the concept of a ploughman's that has paté but no cheese... it did look OK with the salad and the butter, but I can believe that the churned up sludge masquerading as paté was foul, and if the bread was frozen ... how disapponting. As for today's effort - I don't think I could have eaten any of it - was that onion gravy or just lumps? Either way it's most unappetising - how do you know there was no meat in the sausage - were you so hungry you actually had to try it? Oh dear, oh dear.... let's hope they do better tonight.
    I look forward to following your progress in the future,
    all the best,


  5. I do hope they are pulling out all the stops for you tonight ETM and soon to be E-NHS inpatient.

  6. Well, what do you expect? You are leaving! They don't have to pretend to make an effort any more.

    The sausages, as always, look more 'rusk' than anything else. Not like a real sausage should. As for the apple 'grumble' was there any apple there? I saw lots of topping and 'lashings' of custard!

    Aw XTM, you really are going to miss the place. And, you have managed to recover in spite of not all nurses caring for you having a degree to do so! WOW! How good are you?

  7. I'm off away for a few days and won't be here for your release - just wanted to say you've been source of inspiration and unfailingly cheerful. Keep blogging and who cares aobout a platform shoe - you'll still have your sense of humour, your family and your impeccable writing style. Have a fabulous time at home.

  8. I am going to miss your comments about the hospital lunches and what passes for food, somehow I don't think Mrs x-TM will be very happy if you start criticising her food but do carry on blogging about the next phase of your recovery Take Care xx

  9. are you packing already?

    good luck for a bump free journey tomorrow

    keep in touch with us all please


  10. I'll miss seeing the horrible food. It makes even my cooking failures look appetising. I join the chorus of keep blogging. This looks a suitably disgusting penultimate lunch.

  11. Dear ETM

    Hey, come on - what did you expect! What time is release tomorrow - perhaps there might be time for one more panino ..... hey ho if not!

    Just one more sleep to go!!!

    I am happy for your that your release is imminent and happy for me that you will continue the blog for a while - selfish or what.

    On another subject, how can one human exist with only 3 pairs of shoes - counted my shoes in the office this morning - 12 pairs and 2 pairs of boots (I walk to work with trainers and then change) - goodness knows how many pairs at home (and that we are not discussing with the husband)......

    All the best - Cats' Mother

    PS waiting for a post from Whiskas Man to my Chelsea Gang - miaow!

  12. So, is tonight's meal 'the last supper'?

  13. Can we see what you have for tea when you get home tomorrow? Will brace ourselves for the shock of seeing you get proper food.

    All best wishes

  14. I've been promised something very nice so I'll do my best to post.

  15. Great news about you going home TM, take care though, have you seen the weather forecast:o(
    Tipping down here right now and lights on since lunch time.

    Keep blogging


  16. THat's a poor welcome. Perhaps the sun will dazzle tomorrow. Doubt it!

  17. BLY's is a fantastic idea! You're final post should be your first meal at home!

  18. Some other poor devil will be getting your meals tomorrow!
    Good luck Traction Man.

  19. Sausage = Star Trek doomsday machine (with indestructible shell)

  20. The "sausage" looks like it was pre-owned by John Wayne Bobbett - best avoided, I think...

    And "glerper" as a security word accurately describes the pudding !