Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Why don't we have omelettes more often?

Each time we have omelettes we enjoy them so much we wonder why we don't eat them more often. They're nutritious. inexpensive and quick to prepare. Tonight we had cheese and mushroom omelette made with free-range eggs and accompanied by crispy french fries and a fresh side salad. There's only one small problem... it's not thick enough or tough enough to use as a sole to build up my left shoe to equalise my odd-length legs. NHS omelettes were just perfect for this or any other heavy duty task such as road resurfacing, re-roofing or for use as a damp-proof course. We did try to make a big, thick omelette but I think you need powdered eggs and wallpaper paste to do that.


  1. I love omelettes, but not of the chef variety, I'm with Mrs XTM those look gorgeously golden brown and with melted cheese and ham mmmm. Might not pass the micheline star test, but beats nhs leather soles hands down xx

  2. This looks gorgeous. Hope your not too sore today.

  3. YUM! I love omlettes with cheese and mushrooms. You have just reminded me, I have some organic mushrooms in the fridge. Tomorrow's lunch may just be a yummy omlette!!

    So sorry to hear it will not help build up the shoe tho but I am sure that the NHS could find you some that have been left uneaten by inmates!

  4. with decent, home cooking you should be running around in no time at all - you sound better today. Thanks for the recipe - might try it myself if I can get away from work for long enough - we are submerged in piggy vaccines at the moment.....

  5. good to see you are back on form. Take it steady, will you be cracking open the champagne tomorrow to celebrate your 1 week anniversary?

  6. Will you be getting the built up sole soon? It just doesn't seem very good for you to be learning to walk again with legs that are different lengths.

  7. What you need is a Spanish tortilla, with potatoes and onions. Delia has a recipe here:

    These are solid and can be made as thick as you like - really! In Spain you can buy the potato and onion mix ready prepared (frozen), and double frying pans for turning the tortilla. I don't know if these things can be bought in the UK.

  8. I already have my built-up shoes but my feet are too swollen to fit them!

  9. Tomorrows dinner is solved thanks to you and Mrs TM. But, since we like Spanish omlette as well, I think I will do both.

    I was going to make Guard of honour with lamb chops and a nice herb stuffing..!!

    Glad you are feeling better TM, only way is forward now.


  10. You can easily make a Spanish omelette from scratch. The thing to remember is not to let the potatoes crisp up, just let them cook in the oil, so oil should be hot at the beginning and then reduce to medium after about 3 minutes until potetoes are done. Whether you include onions with the potatoes is hot debate here, personal choice.

    You leave potatoes in a colander to drain away all excess oil.

    You don't need a double frying pan to turn it over. Once the omelette is set at the bottom (if you shake the pan a bit it should slide about)- take a china plate larger than your frying pan and turn it over firmly. Then slide back the omelette into the pan. If you do it over a bowl, any beginner's accidents can still be "reconstructed."

    In the bars here you often see two medium-thick spanish omelettes used to "sandwich" a filling..anything from ham or bacon and cheese or tuna or roast peppers, etc.

    Another variation is to add cooked spinach, or any other vegetable like stir-fried fresh garlic or green asparagus to the potato and egg mixture before cooking the omelette.

    let us know how it turns out!

    bnann, bilbao.