Saturday, 14 November 2009

Something fishy...

Prawn risotto... one of my favourites

Tasted exquisite. Pinot Grigio wasn't bad either


  1. That looks excellent! Any chance of the recipe? Even though my husband and I live in North Yorkshire, we're more than happy to join you for dinner one night.... seriously, it's not too far to drive for food like that!

  2. Compliments to Mrs X-TM. I have just come back from a day out to this succession of meals and even though we had some lovely fish & chips, I am sitting here drooling. Chapeau!

  3. We are both delighted for you, escape and fine grub. Take care, shrunk stomachs take time to readapt...

  4. Matilde from Sydney14 November 2009 at 20:17

    Hi XTM

    I'm hungry looking at that and its breakfast time here! Hope you're well and adjusting to life at home with Mrs XTM.

    Best wishes

  5. That looks super; and you must be seriously relishing having a glass of wine with your dinner once more.

    I keep imagining readers who haven't tuned in for a while, looking in utter puzzlement at these pictures of fresh, tasty food, and thinking.... whut happened???

    Hope the cat got a prawn or two..

  6. This looks delicious. The home cooking shots would not look amiss in a mag about gourmet food. I had really tasty food that I cooked tonight but no wine alas.

  7. Looks lovely but does your wife mind you putting photos of her food on the blog? Or are you the cook? What's going to happen if dinner goes wrong one night? Will you complain about it? And why are we all still reading this blog now you're out anyway!

  8. Very nice: fresh herbs! Slice of lemon. Vitamins and tastiness.
    Barbara (Styria)

  9. Enny... She doesn't mind at all and assumes it's good therapy since my legs are still killing me and I need something to focus on. I'm not well enough or mobile enough to work so I need some contact with the outside world... Hence the blog. I hope people are still visiting it beacsuse it entertains and there's a serious aim behind it. Next question?

  10. The risotto looks wonderful! One of my favourite foods. Always seems like comfort food to me! YUMMY! You are fortunate to have such a talented cook as your wife. I am thinking that those out there who live eating microwave dinners wouldn't really see the problem with hospital food the way you do.

    Pinot Grigio! I discovered that a couple of years back and moved swiftly from drinking Chardonnay to that! You really are being very well looked after now you are home.

    I hope the pain is copeable with?

  11. MRS TM, Your meals are fantastic.

    I hope everyone appreciates the fact that , not only has TM suffered, but Mrs TM has too and I think she should be commended for her loyalty, dedication and love toward TM.

    I wish I could just hug the pair of you as you are an outstanding team.

    God love you both..xx


  12. Never eaten a risotto in my life, but even I'd be tempted by that and I am not a huge fan of rice.


  13. I have to admit X-Man, for the last few months I have had no desire to share your food, now I am envious, that looks delicious, and I should imagine it tasted even better.

    Are you settled now, it must have been so strange to be home after all that time in hospital.

  14. Congratulations on your return home.
    I hope your recovery continues well.
    With decent home cooking I imagine your health will improve much faster.
    (Regards to Mrs. TM too).


  15. Thanks, Musclebear. The home cooking is marvellous but I'm still trying to understand why both my legs (especially ankles and toes) hurt so much. It's excruciating, even with painkillers. I hope it gets better soon.

  16. Prawn risotto just made it's way onto my next menu plan. Thanks!

    The Nurse makes a very good point. I cook everything from scratch myself and I think my tastebuds got a better education after living in Spain for 16 years. The hospital food genuinely repulsed me, but I know folk in the can't cook / won't cook category and would be happy on a diet of "Sellafield" orange coated fishfingers and wartime powdered mash, who really don't seem to "get" how awful it is. Keep the blog going: as it takes shape, I am convinced it is going to do some real good.

    Hope your pain subsides soon too.

  17. Yes, it does entertain and DH likes the updates also.
    Prawn Risotto? I've just discovered risotto and was wondering what delicious dish I can make with it...THANKS Mrs. XTM!
    I do hope the pain subsides soon, I had a 3rd degree sprain on my left ankle/leg and it was horrid but physio helped 'though that was painful also.

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