Thursday, 5 November 2009

RyanAir offers free child flights


  1. Why do I read these things first on your blog, Mark@markmywords? And there you are in hospital, and here are we in the real world. Thank you, get better - but please don't go away

  2. Sold to the woman with three boys!


  3. Now we know where that stray scout went!

  4. After flying with Ryandon'tcare for the first time last week, the only surprise I have is that they left an empty space beside the boy.

  5. Can't I just fly by plane with everyone else, if man can't fly then surely children will fare no better without an engine and wings lol xx

  6. Dear ETM

    Good morning and hope you are now sleeping better. Pleased to hear of your progress so far and fingers crossed that all contiues in the right direction.

    Excellent result to get my nephew at the front of the plane where we can't hear him - thanks for that.

    Friday greetings from Cats' Mother x

  7. The first (and last) time I flew Virgin Airlines here in Australia I would gladly have offered to climb out and hang off the cockpit window just to get away from the hostie doing a comedy routine over the intercom to sell their merchandising stuff, while pretending to be her own grandmother. I'd rather my hostie's demonstrated that they knew what to do in an emergency.

    Hope you're feeling good TM - gotta be fantastic to be upright!! Fingers crossed for an early release.


  8. I hate RyanAir with a passion. If I had the misfortune to see Michael O'Leary engulfed in flames, I wouldn't reach out for one of my bedside bottles to throw the contents over him. And as for paying to use the toilets on his flights... I'd be more than happy to pay as long as every sheet of toilet paper had his face printed on it. Bitter? Moi?

  9. Having tried out Ryanair and Easyjet, I prefer regular airlines as at least you know what you're getting. Having to kneel on the floor in Murcia airport to re-pack our bags was a humiliating experience.
    Flying to Holland soon on KLM, not a bad fare, departing from an airport close to me (instead of 60 miles and a two-hour journey away) and no hidden charges. What you see is what you get and that includes a drink and a nibble. And I can check in my trolley instead of lugging it around and having to be mindful of 100ml restrictions...
    I can see another campaign coming on TM


  10. Oh I agree, don't you think the vid was spot on.

    What's with the airline staff walking up and down the aisle selling cigarettes/papers/raffle tickets/more tickets, then we had a male, I think it was a male, talking into the intercom, I swear to you, nobody could understand a word he was saying, it could have been " the wing has detached itself, you need to bail out as soon as possible ", not one word was understood by anybody, he/she could have been Polish/Dutch/Iranian/Swedish for all we knew.

    I decided to buy a bottle of fizzy water,well too much drink on holiday makes you dehydrated, £3 for the small bottle, I decided to frame it instead of drinking the contents.

  11. I don't think RyanAir is a cheap airline. It's an absolute scandal to pretend a flights is 14p and then load on £11 tax, £30 airport charges, 33p wheelchair levy, £50 for a bag, a miserable 10kg cabin baggage and you must fit your duty free in that. Then there's the scandalous snack prices, the constant adds for leprechaun health juice and dodgy lotto cards. O'Leary hints at possible toilet charges and the absolutely scandalous cost to check in online or pay £40 at the airport. Worst of all is the charge of paying £5 per person, per leg of a trip just for paying by card (there's no other way to pay). It's time someone cut O'Leary's loathsome ego down to size and made him lump all the unavoidable charges into his prices. He must think we're all as thick as he must be. I'll fly by regular airlines. They're no more expensive in the long run and at least the seem pleased for you custom.

  12. TM - my son used to work for BA, and he said the same as you, pointing out that BA's fares were the all-in price, with no hidden extras, and they fly you to the nearest airport, not one where you take another day getting to your destination. Personally, I don't fly - I'm a "Let the train take the strain" woman. Rome, Lisbon, Venice ... these train journeys are awesome.

  13. I think it was Nick Newman who was responsible for the following cartoon in Private Eye a few years back (ie badly drawn, all characters with soulful eyes and downturned mouths).

    Passenger to neighbour: 'If you ask me, some of these "no-frills" airlines take things a bit too far'.

    At the back of the cabin is a forlorn looking man sitting on a 'throne' with his trousers round his ankles.

  14. I'm agree with you about Ryan Air, TM - I call them Leprechaun Airways - using JK Rowling's idea of Leprechaun Gold - it disappears when you try to use it. Flying with them is like playing Russian Roulette - things can be OK 3, 4, or 5 times, but then everything goes pear shaped, you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere having to rely on your own ressources to get home - and on that one journey you spend as much as you would have if you'd flown by a reputable carrier every single time.
    I used to fly with Ryan Air before O'Leary started really taking the piss - yes, that credit card charge per person per leg of the journey really rankled. This time last year I started to book a flight to attend a family party one weekend - the up front price looked OK, but as I got closer to paying the charges suddenly mounted up and when they neared 100 EUR common sense kicked in and I reached for the Eurostar timetable. 106 EUR return, city centre to city centre with no stupid restrictions on what luggage I could take (apart from my ability to carry / wheel it) - I've caught the train every time since then and wouldn't go back to being treated like cattle at Stansted at any price! Berlin Air, run by Nikki Lauda, are low cost but really good - if they can do it, why can't O'Leary?

  15. Again we have one disgusting reaction.Why? If you dont like it dont look.
    Light and Love to all