Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Just testing

It's been a feet and physio day and I'm really pleased my oedema has gone and I'm working on stregnthening my muscles so that sort of thing doesn't happen again.

It's only just over a week until I find out if my cast and brace can come off. I really hope so but I'm not betting on it.

No supper report tonight as it was the same as last night. The fatted calf has been finished and so my second week at home means a return to less luxurious rations. Delicious nonetheless.

Okay, that's about it for now. I'll try and entertain tomorrow. Bye.


  1. Never mind the entertainment! Just get yourself well!

    I am so pleased to hear the swelling has improved greatly today. That is great news.

    Sorry to hear Mrs XTM has returned to normal cooking for you but it still must be a huge improvement on what you had in hospital! Enjoy it and fingers crossed for the brace!

  2. Fingers crossed for the cast and brace removal TM, X


  3. hope it is good news tomorrow....at least it beats being in hospital

  4. Sounds like pain was on the menue today. Hope you feel better tomorrow and that your cast is cast next week.

  5. Hi XTM! Good to hear your edema is gone. I cooked a tasty dish today: sliced carrots and a leek cut into pieces, braised in olive oil with minced beef, shredded soup vegetables preserved in salt (homemade), and a mixture of Italian herbs. With a polenta accompaniment. It might remind you of the hospital mush, but I found it was very tasty. And neither peas nor custard. Wishing you well, and my regards to Ms XTM and Whisky! Barbara (Styria)

  6. The descriptions of your food are so mouth watering, Barbara. You don't need a camera. I think it's time for an Austrian cookbook. Or some recipes, perhaps.

    PS whisky decided to stay in tonight as the wind is howling outside.

  7. ahhh leftovers , still a bliss isnt it ?nothing like the next day soup , always taste better then the first .glad to hear your coming along .


  8. thougfht i would post whats for dinner tomarrow, i am a trained chef , studied only for a year , but i came up with some nice recipes for my friends , hope you try this one .btw , this is a cut and paste of the email i sent to my friends .

    k , how many of you saw that title and thought i was sending you a dirty pic ? yeah yeah , i know who you are , nope , no nudie pic , i get alot of requests for recipes so when i made something especially tasty tonight , i thoughtr i would share it .

    ok heres what you need .

    1 large 4 inch deep frying pan with tight lid , you can use any thing you want just make sure its at at least 4 inch thick with alot of surface room and a tight lid , got one ? good , put it one the stove top.

    now get out the following items ,. i am listing them in groups so it will be easier to follow

    your meat , could be any cut of beef roast like chuck or 7 bone or pot roast , or even get some lamb shanks or ox tail , this is a very versitle dish and can handle any of that .

    group 1 ........

    2 tblspn of garlic , chopped
    2 tblspn of fresh ginger
    3 tblspn of fresh orang zest , now your wondering what the hell that is all about right ? well , grab a orange and a grater and rub it along the grating edge , large holed area , until most of orange has lost its orange skin , try not to get to much of the white part in there .

    put all that in a bowl to one side

    now for group 2

    1 cup beef broth , you can use 3 bullion cubes in a cup of water or a can \of broth
    6 tblspns of soy sauce
    1/2 cup of sherry or port or red wine , if you use wine , use a heavier burgandy
    1 tblspn honey

    group three

    onions , 1 cup chopped or 1 cup pearl carrots
    potatos 1 celery stalk potatos

    and one small to medium sized butternut or acorn squash

    these measures are to be at your discretion depending on how many people youer feeding except foor the celery and onion which should be chopped and put to one side

    now , put down the wine i am sure you are now "sampling"

    ok , heat pan and enough oil to coat the bottom on a medium heat wait till its hot .place in meat , dont crowd the pan , do it in batches if your doing lamb shanks or seperate pieces of short ribs or what ever , you want all sides browned , be patient , rome wasnt built in a day .
    and put down the wine , i see you .

    when your meat is brown , remove it from the pan , and add group one and half of broth and de glaze the pan of any bits stuck to the bottom smells good dont it ?when your donwe with that , add remainder of liquids from group 2 and add meat back in , heat should be lowered to a simmer , i mean really low , to where bubbles are barely breaking surface , at this point , add in mushrooms , onion and celery , and crack some fresh pepper into it , i use a pepper mill but lazy people can just sprinkle on some of that sad already ground black pepper .to taste , dont go crazy tho, at this point , liquid should only be half way up meat , if not you can add a little more broth or water .cover and let it cook for about an hour and a half , try not to mess with it to much , but at the half way point , turn the meat and add rest of veggies and let ut cook for another hour or so .ok , thats the recipe , bon appetite , NOW you can drink the wine .


  9. ooh I love soupy leftovers with toast to dip in it!! Mrs XTM certainly knows how to cook. Crossing my fingers the bits and pieces can come off soon.

    Take care

  10. Morning ETM

    Well - you are now facing the harsh reality after having been rather spoiled during your first week home. I'm talking about leftovers of course. We have a "no throw" policy at home and try to use up all leftovers ie veggies in a soup or whatever.

    It might be harsh on you but Mrs ETM is right! Soup does get better with age - how about some parmesan croutons to go with it or at least a splash of Worcerstershire Sauce?

    Come to think of it, only the humans in my house eat leftovers, Cats wouldn't touch 'em with a barge pole let alone an elegantly extended claw!

    Happy Hump Day

    Cats' Mother

  11. You certainly cannot go wrong with soup...especially homemade. It is my favourite food. My mom made a mean "Boot Soup" and I've only been able to replicate it once in the past 30yrs of marriage.
    What is Boot Soup? That was my Dad's name for it. Leftover turkey, veggies-carrots, onions, potatoes, celery and canned whole tomatoes--that's the key veggie. It is the broth that is amazing. I think I know what's for dinner tonight...
    Mrs. XTM's looks sooo good.
    Glad the swelling is down.

    Libby -Canada

  12. PS afterthought re: Oedema - Nettle Tea can help - available at all health food stores !

  13. Loved Rhonda's recipe.

    Glad to hear that the swelling is down. Hope you get good news about the plaster.

  14. We had a most marvellous spring day today - 21° celsius! With a market on the streets, the market shopkeepers sitting in the sun, no one looking at the winter woollens displayed on their tables, and a band of Ecuadorian bamboo flute players in colourful attire standing next to the chestnut roaster. An icecream vendor would have made huge profits I guess. 25/11/2009 - Barbara (Styria)