Monday, 9 November 2009

Things are looking up

Look at those three different colours! There's loads of chicken in there.

Rice was a bit clumpy but the chicken was acceptable

So why did they have to go and cock it up!


  1. "So why did they have to go and cock it up!" - they have their reputations to think of, you know!!

  2. What IS that lurking in the custard? Still, I suppose at least the first course was nutritious. I'm a bit worried about the slightly glutinous quality of the sauce but maybe I'm just being picky.

  3. yes, yes.. but what did it taste like? lol

  4. Instead of peas and sticky rice, a naan or poppadum plus chutney and a fresh tomato would have been nice... but the chicken looks acceptable. Shame the pudding let you down.

    I know you do not have quibbles with NHS care per se, just with the food that is supposed to nourish and sustain you.

    I would, however, like to report that my husband and I had a very positive NHS care experience this morning. Despite arriving 2 mins late, we got seen within 10 minutes. The consultant took her time and answered all our questions as well as drawing up an action plan. We then popped to a helpdesk where two lovely volunteer ladies were happy to chat and just provide a friendly ear as well as handing out some helpful leaflets.

    Husband then made a GP appointment to follow up some issues and managed to get seen within 30 minutes.

    I know this is not the focus of your blog but today's experience has made me feel more confident about the care (in non-food terms) that is provided by the NHS.

  5. At hospital they know that too much elation isn't good for you, so they had to calm you down with dessert. Is that really custard? It's an unexpected colour and I'm not sure custard should have bubbles like that. Nice touch soaking screwed up brown paper in it though.

  6. Food is crap but we do have some fine doctors and nurses in this country. SOme of the hospitals have pulled their socks up too... but they really needed to.

  7. Wow... was my first reaction...that looks good... then...I saw the [Supposed] custard and ?... whatever it is, it's blowing bubbles.

  8. Apart from the amazing amount of peas on that plate it looks fine. What a difference. The dessert, well, they do have a reputaion to uphold so you can't expect anything different really.

    As a nurse I have to say that I am so pleased to hear positive experiences of the NHS apart from the food. It really is good to know that the hard work done in very difficult circumstances most of the time is actually appreciated.
    I haven't worked for the NHS for a number of years now (not worked clinically, on the wards) as it was made impossible for me to do so due to having a child with additional needs and a health authority unprepared to work around that. I am having to consider returning and it is nice to know that if I do, the work I do will be appreciated.

  9. That meal looks like a pie chart with almost equal thirds of everything.The pud is more of an enigma.

  10. Is this chicken curry X-Man, looks good, why the peas, what is it with these peas, a lovely chunk of garlic Nan bread would be gorgeous with the meal.

    Is there something lurking in the custard, something breathing under the custard, lots of bubbles on the top, though how could anyone call this custard, this is the most insipid one yet.

  11. things have improved for you since they realised you were going to be ambulatory , i guess the chefsa dont want to turn around and find you there with a cooking spoon in one hand and a seasoning jar in the other .

    how ya feeling ?

    rhonda , usa

  12. It wasn't curry. It was chicken chasseur. Otherwise know as hunt the chicken in the gloopy sauce.

  13. Oh okay X-Man, chicken chasseur, if you say so, I believe you ha!!.

  14. Ah, I was right then - it WAS gloopy. I wondered afterwards if I was being unfair and it was just the photo.

  15. Pooh sticks said...
    That meal looks like a pie chart with almost equal thirds of everything.The pud is more of an enigma.

    i read that as "the pud is more of an enema"

    :) :)

  16. My goodness there's at least one sixteenth of a chicken in that chasseur. Maybe not even as much as that - I was being optimistic :-)

    The Nurse - I've tried a couple of times to go back to nursing and because the re-training is sourced outside the NHS now, many of the providers take no responsibility for ensuring you have clinical practice. My last quote was for £700 to retrain, and that was just the theory.

    I tried when I was down south, and my clinical tutor went off sick with a broken hip. Because I specialise, there was no-one else to tutor me and they were trying to get me to take charge of an operating theatre IN MY FIRST WEEK whilst I was still retraining. I said no, of course. In the end I jacked it in because I wasn't getting the clinical training and I didn't think I should be taking responsibility for operations before I could legally do so.

    It's a shame, because they're starved of theatre people, and that's my specialty. Sigh.

    Good luck! Hope you have a better experience.

  17. Ah Suzanne! The dilemma. Will they accept my non clinical work and allow me back to clinical duties or not. I just don't know. I have done enough to keep my registration current but I am not sure they will employ me back in a clinical setting over someone newly qualified, straight from Uni without the years of experience I have. I guess all I can do is give it a go. I don't want to be a pen pusher/research for the rest of my life.

  18. I like you found a missing sock and it's in the pudding!
    The meal looks edible, never heard of a chaussier but doesn't sound too tasty, prefer the curried chicken.

    Rhonda, I agree with you... fear motivates people, especially chefs (using that term loosely)

    One of my favourite doctors was trained in Scotland.

    I'm off to see my South African doctor later today. Does England have many nurses/doctors trained elsewhere?

    LK in Canada