Saturday, 21 November 2009

Just what the doctor ordered

My unofficial doctor popped round for dinner this evening and brought with her a very tasty Lamb Tajine and her husband made some excellent couscous. This was followed by freshly made profiteroles stuffed with whipped cream and drenched in a gorgeous sticky chocolate sauce. The cheese course was optional. Now why can't other doctors make this sort of house call?


  1. If too many doctors started making this sort of house call, National Health would get on their case for "subverting standardized nutrition", I expect.

  2. Slavering as I post and my keypad will need replacing....


  3. Oh hell, ex-TM!!!

    I used to use your picture posts to threaten my children with, when they refused to eat my home (not so good) cooking, and now you've RUUUNED IT(you fat hobbit!!)
    We are all trying to climb in to the screen and nosh on this!

  4. i think she is trying to stay in your good graces , she knows about your blog!!!!

    not making a nuscence of yourself are ya?i hope mre traction is doing well .

    rhonda, usa

  5. oooohhhhh laaammmmb, I love lamb palak...craved it with my last pregnancy (the baby is 20yrs now) and the East Indian resturant would deliver it to me. They loved the idea that a caucasian craved their food. That was before multicultural eating was common here.

    Now I'm going to have to look up a lamb tanjine recipe!

    As for the doctor's house call, well, I gotta get me one just like your's! Bringing food of goodness with her, I like that! I'll have to suggest it to mine. Don't let NHS find out, they may sanction her or something unpleasant.

    Take care--do you read? I've just finished "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"...a light read that is delightful.

    Libby, Canada

  6. what better sort of doctor could you ask for?? Between Mrs XTM's posh nosh and friends like these you'll be fighting fit in no time!!

    Enjoy!! I certainly wish I was.


    p.s. check word was roxit...the new menu certainly does!!


    or even ...

    but here also ...

    takes yer pick

  8. Wow, it looks interesting! Will your doctor write out the recipe for this as well?
    Very best wishes! Enjoy as best you can and dream yourself into the future with your cat Whisky and your Sunday house full of nice people! I had a nice Burgenländische Krautsuppe. It's basically a kind of cabbage soup stew made with sweet Hungarian paprika, the same as is used for gulyas and pörkölt; kümmel, pepper, nutmeg and garlic, ham cubes, onion, olive oil; and white cabbage cut into noodles. These are previously salted and left to rest, then the sharp cabbage water is discarded. I added some potato cubes as well. The soup stew has a lovely orange colour and is eaten with a dollop of crème fraîche. It's nice warming soul food. Barbara (Styria)

  9. Why can't everyone have a Doctor like that?