Saturday, 14 November 2009

Send me back!

Just how am I expected to eat this sort of breakfast? Where's my cold toast? Where's my fake orange juice? Where's my lukewarm dishwater tea? I even had marmalade afterwards and proper coffee. This sort of abuse has to stop. Nurse!


  1. You poor thing!! Quick, rub some germs into your wounds and then try to go for a run - that should put you back into hospital and make you feel a little more at ease!

    Toast soldiers have a great healing capacity in my opinion, along with a runny egg. I'm so glad to see you back at home!

  2. Obviously the transition was too fast. Does the hospital do home deliveries?

  3. Maybe there needed to be a full debriefing to allow you to acclimatise to REAL FOOD again :)


    If you still have trouble settling into home life, call cultbusters, they're meant to be good at rescuing people from awful situations and your NHS (food) experiences ought to qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. Liz from Melbourne14 November 2009 at 11:27

    Really glad to see you are home exTM. Keep eating that lovely nutritious food and you'll be on your feet in no time!

  5. Well, you used to have nice food brought in to you on saturdays while you were in hospital. Perhaps now you could try to find some weird things to sniff at on your saturdays at home instead? Just so you can cope with the abundance of nice food better. It's a topsy-turvy world, isn't it? Or is it the other way round? How's walking progressing? Best wishes! Barbara (Styria)

  6. You took a photo while that egg congeals?
    Shame on you
    Back to the ward.

  7. I am going to take a bet that tomorrow Mrs XTM will take revenge for this... lol xx

  8. I would be very careful if I were you! Mrs XTM may just take offence and send you back for punishment!

    What a difference to have a decent brekkie!

  9. Be careful what you wish for matey - don't want to go back to that dark, gloomy place where they torture you with platefulls of unimaginable horror - trying to outdo themselves on a daily basis with the next revolting offering of slop
    Keep on enjoying the fresh, home cooked meals, chill out and a speedy recovery awaits

  10. Ha Ha ? or Oh Dear
    Just posted a comment and the word verification was -SKINCIF

    That's not the stuff they used on you for your daily bed bath was it XTM ??

  11. Ah! It must be tough going cold turkey (pink/grey escalope in soggy breadcrumbs, of course)!! You poor thing.

    Are you missing the peas and custard already?

    Mmm! Boiled egg and soiliers. One of my favorites.

  12. ohh I love soft boiled eggs & toast! Yummy...think I'll go make a coddled egg for breakfast (it's 8:30am).

    Be careful, a sudden change in diet can cause, umm, a urgent need to bolt for a certain room and I don't believe you're at that stage of rehab :o)

    Good to see you're eating well.

    LK Canada

  13. I'm off to boil an egg... That looks so good.

  14. Mmmm scrummy brekkie....
    Btw - are you a Marmite fan? Was it available while you were incarcerated? (Love Mrs XTM's tableware!)

  15. Oh yes. MMMMMmmmmmmYUUMMMMMMMMM slurrrppp.

    And real coffee too .. perfect.

    This will help you recover quicker and get you up on your pins mending even faster. One step at a time.

    Were you battered by storms? We got some heavy rain up here but nothing like wot woz going on down south.

  16. Its called cold turkey. Take 2 panadols and.....
    p.s. Mrs. XTM has great presenation skills. Does she work in hotel and tourism?

    Keep up the great progress,


  17. oops...presentation...

  18. Very pleased to see you home safe and sound and eating normal food again. Keep the updates coming though! x

  19. From Chris,Melbourne, OZ
    You are truly blessed XTM, with your wonderful wife dishing up such treats.I am green with envy.
    As there's only you listening can I share one of the darkest secrets of my existence? I have to confess ( sob,sniff ) that I cannot boil an egg to save myself. Beef bourgignon a la Julia Childs, Asian dishes and the odd Escoffier recipe, no probs, Boiled egg, fat chance. Enjoy,keep well and look after those legs.