Friday, 13 November 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Somehow words don't really seem to be necessary...

Rump and filet Aberdeen Angus steak with fresh dumplings and tenderstem broccoli

Succulent and warming

A nice Australian red and not a pea or a drop of custard in sight!


  1. Can I come and live with you? This looks absolutely beautiful. I am so pleased for you. Enjoy!

  2. I'm hungry just looking at that.....Nice to see you home Ex TM. I'll be thinking of your wonderful looking tea as i'm sitting under a gazebo cooking burgers for 34 scouts in this torrential rain......


  3. Good food and fine wine at last! Enjoy!


  4. Bon appetit et à ta santé!

    Welcome home,

    (in France)

  5. Dude your wife is going to leave you if you take a photo of the food she lovingly prepares you each day.

    Loved your blog but all good things must come to an end eh?

    Glad you survived the NHS and wishing you a speedy recovery (which will probably be speedier now that you can provide your body with nutrients)

  6. She might not cook for me each day! But seriously, some of you want the blog to continue in order to push the matter of nutrition and health in hospitals. Maybe we should have a poll like we did for the TV chefs.

  7. You need a new comment box to cover 'delicious'. Welcome home.

  8. It's been a long wait - welcome home - all looking good - now stop blogging and pay attention to your excellent dinner and Mrs TM.

    Best, Cats' Mother

  9. I think the push to get the NHS to improve nutrition must continue!

    The meal looks wonderful. The food is presented beautifully and the bottle of wine is just the best! WOW! What a homecoming celebration!

    I am so pleased you are home and that the cat has forgiven you for leaving!

    Whether you decide to continue with the blog has to be up to you. I guess if you don't you might just get bored and have to watch daytime TV!!! ARGH! Almost worse than NHS food!

    Enjoy your first night home. There is no feeling like it!

  10. Delighted you're home! But you've started something! You're so right about hospital food, something MUST be done!!!

  11. Wow That looks great.

    So glad you are at home with your family.

    I think we do need to 'push the matter of nutrition and health in hospitals'. My husband is in and out of hospital on a regular basis and I am appalled at some of the meals on offer.

    Have a restful evening,enjoy .

  12. I sense a note of disappointment that there was no custard in sight, surely you haven't become addicted to the stuff? Mrs TM that looks like an excellent meal it looks delicious...

  13. That is so wonderful to see, Ex-TM. Hope you have a fantastic evening and well done to Mrs Ex-TM for her fabulous looking cooking!

  14. Yay! Home at last!! and wine!! a glass & you'll be gone after so long on the NHS' lovingly prepared diet.

    As for the blog - keep it up XTM! While your blog is an enjoyable and funny read it was born out of a desperation at the situation with the NHS.

  15. Altho I will miss the pictures of your English hospital food, I am so glad you have recovered enough to be sent home. Your blog has been "informational" for me living in the US. I had never actually seen one of the custard things with sponge before you posted the pictures. Can't say I'm disappointed. I'll stick to chocolate mousse. Be well and take good care!

    PS: Mrs. TM's dinner looks wonderful.

  16. All that and a cat that loves you. Who could ask for more?

    The healing begins. All the best, ex-TM.

  17. Look like Friday the 13th is your new Lucky Day! Glad you made it.

  18. Congratulations on tunneling your way out to a Michelin star family home!! The Whiskas looks very tempting!! Seriously, though, I am really pleased you have managed to improve enough to get home again - it can only be far, far better than the vile slop you have had to endure for so long....

    The cat will forgive you, eventually... I have 3, so the pain is very sustained for daring to have a weekend away once or twice a year!!

    I would like to see the blog continue and maybe morph into a pressure group/name-and-shame spot for the foul food and lack of patient care to be nourished properly - especially amongst the elderly, who have virtually no one with a popular voice to speak up for them. We honour the heroes of previous conflicts, but can't insist upon their decent nourishment when frail and confused.

    Good luck, dear TM! xx

  19. TM... Keep the wifey`s dinner pics flowing, it helps me to decide what to cook Alf Garnet , my hubby.

    Mrs TM, the dinner looked fabulous. As time gets on and hopefully your hubby takes pics of your meals , perhaps we can swap recipies ?

    TM and Mrs TM, I expect things are bordering on the strange at the moment , time apart and adjustments to a change in the normal life may seem alien now, it does get better.

    We get the channek Kuwate 2 here, funnily enough I was watching it this morning on a documentary in pioneering advances after surgery.

    Now this blew my mind, what a coincidence.....A woman was in traction for 7 months. They tried some new surgery on her hip and knee due to arthritis.

    Ok she was a guinie pig, but after they had all the traction stuff taken away, her left leg was 5 centimeters shorter.

    All discussed the options for this as the shorter length meant it would have an effect on her good leg.

    They exhausted all options, one bright spark came up with the old rack of torture , from years ago, he was laughed out the meeting.

    Head surgeon said , it was a damn good theory .

    Woman was all for it , so off they went to devise a modern day rack to stretch the leg, this was all trial and error by the way.

    Torture rack devised , the woman endured her arms strapped up and her legs, at this point the bloody neighbour popped in and I missed the crucial part of explaining the procedure.... It was in America by the way.

    Just caught the end of the docu , woman had half hour or more on the rack each day for three months ..... result.... both legs normal and same length.

    They repeat programmes often here , so I will get details next time if you like .


  20. Your welcome home dinner looks delicious, I can almost smell it and, for the first time on your blog, wish I could taste it! Welcome home indeed...

    I hope you do keep the blog going, not only to continue the fight for decent hospital food, but also so we can see how you are doing...

    All the best to you and Mrs TM.

    Vicki x.

  21. Looks delicious and festive enough, like a Birthday and Christmas Dinner combined, but I'm sure you feel like feasting doubly and trebly now!! Best wishes, my cats meow to you, too, and send both Whisky and Ms X-TM their regards! Barbara (Styria)

  22. Hello XTM

    It's great you made it home, that Mrs XTM produced such a splendid welcome home dinner, and topped it off with and Australian wine - great choice!

    I hope we do hear more of you, how and what you are doing.........

    Have a lovely weekend and all the very best to you and your family

    Your Canberra (AUSTRALIA!) fan (charm - which is short for my given name, not a description of me..)

  23. Glad to see you are finally home....have followed your blog with great interest but this is the first time I've posted. Thank you for your posts on hospital food, it puzzles me how people actually survive on such 'slush'. Would love to see you continue to blog about food....Oh yes, I'm an Aussie, it's good to see you enjoy a drop of good old Aussie red.

  24. WOW WOW WOW and WOW

    What a feast!! That looks absolutely fantastic and I don't even eat meat. AND NO PEAS!!

    TM I am so happy for you. Have a fantastic weekend.

  25. Mmmmmm - meal looks lovely. Glad you made it back to civilisation - we can stop worrying about you now!

    Keen to find out what's next for the blog.

  26. congratulations on your great escape. Don't do too much too soon, get plenty of rest and PLEASE keep blogging.So pleased you are home

  27. Mmm, tenderstem broccoli looking both tender and stemmy and not sorry florets boiled to buggery, much better!

    Mother has been back in and has been doing her bit to drain the NHS custard lake, minus ballistic pudding as that would play havock with her few remaining teeth.

  28. Dear Mrs. XTM,
    That dinner is beautiful. And I'm especially jelous of the dumplings (none of my family cares for them and those look like the dumpling of dumplings).

    Dear Mr. XTM,
    Continue this blog in the vein of the Cakewrecks blog ( and have people submit their hosp meals to you for posting the worst of the worst.

  29. Good Luck TM!

    (How long do you think it will be before you can stomach custard again?)

  30. Thanks everyone. I slept well and Whisky slept too and was. According to Mrs XTM, the most relaxed he's been in weeks.

    Great idea about the cake wreck site. Spread the word and let's go global. If you know anyone in hospital ask them to email and photos and I'll post them up for you.

    As far as custard goes... If it's real proper custard I'd eat it tomorrow. NHS custard is not worthy of the name.

    XTM x

  31. Excuse me but you should be asleep, knackered. Please don't say you want to go back.

    Brilliant to see you are at home with the family, take it steady you will be quite tired for a couple of days.

    All the best Ruth

  32. hmm.. looks like your sleeping pattern is still out of kilter.

    Grub looks just like home cooking should be -- fantastic! Even cheepo shop bought microwave dinners would knock the spots of that load a crap you've had to suffer these last few months or so. Now grab a sudoko, fill it in and get some sleep.


  33. * Whoop * Mary poppins jumping up and down in excitement ;) I am SO pleased for you TM, what happens now then, lost of outpatients appointments, or are you a free man. Stay healthy, stay strong, keep eating all those lovely meals Mrs. TM lovingly cooks for you.

    Ohooo I am so happy, PLEASE keep blogging, don't leave us quite yet, maybe we shall soon have a little nose around what looks like your lovely home ;)


  34. That's more like it! Good work, Mrs XTM.

  35. oye shift your butt over im on me way... make room please

  36. You don't get that for £2.78 per day, for the whole days food.

  37. Welcome home! No more peas and custard for you and!

  38. Oh this is wonderful X-Man, you must be so happy to be home.

  39. it looks as if Lindow Man is hiding in the custard...