Sunday, 8 November 2009

Another lemon

Tomato and butterbean soup. It doesn't sound like a good combination, does it? Well it isn't. It tastes like something you spray on your garden to stop cats and other animals coming in and crapping on your lawn. Would certainly put me off!

This is minced lamb pie. And if that's lamb, I'm a toddler! Accompanied by mandatory mashed potato and broccoli that had been boiled to death... to the point where it could be mashed with the back of a fork. Yum!

Be honest... why would you mince up lamb? It's a relatively expensive and tender meat that's not really suited for mincing unless it's gay or an old piece of clapped-out mutton. Incidentally, that pastry almost broke my fork.

Thank God my big brother popped by for a rare and unexpected visit. He's a bit like royalty. He looks older than me, he's not as smart as me, but he can walk... which is all he's got going for him over me. Only kidding, bruv! He kindly brought me the Sunday papers and this delicious brownie concoction which turned out to be my supper as I couldn't face eating the soup or the lamb.


  1. I am so glad you can't transmit odours via the internet, because I can only begin to imagine what that smelt like - yuck. Even my cooking looks fantastic in comparison to that offering and that really is saying something! Hope you are mobilising well.

  2. oh dear, what a horrible looking "official" meal.

    Will be accompanying Mr Susan to our local PFI hospital on Tuesday - they usually have rented out some space - normally a jewellery shop and one time there was a Brantanamo shoe shop in the reception area - (who would go to a hospital and buy a pair of shoes?) More methods of gathering in the dosh, as if PFI didn't get enough.

    When you are more mobile - get down to your reception area and see what little money earners they have going for them.

    I'll let you know what this week's "shop" is selling.

    get a good night's sleep


  3. Well, um, the brownie looks good... shame about all the other rubbish. *sigh* and there was me thinking it was all getting better!

    Now I have to try and get some much-needed sleep with the image of a mincing lamb parading before my eyes! Thanks... to reciprocate, if you're in need of a laugh or can't sleep (because counting sheep does not work so well if they're in drag), see the pic on my latest blog post! ;-)

    Chin up old (butter)bean x

  4. er, sorry - but where does the 'pie' bit come into the lamb pie? I guess you haven't been rumbled yet, or you wouldn't after all these weeks still be being served this sh$t.

  5. Eyes fell on the delicious brownie, brain thought, wow, NHS have pushed the boat out here, it looks delicious, surely it cannot taste awful, then I read on the big bro brought you it.

    Never heard of minced lamb pie, do they mean shepherd's pie, though doesn't that usually have potato on the top, wonder if they like trying out different combo's of food, or realistically, and probably more like it, they use up what is left, or use the cheapest cuts of everything

  6. Thought for one awful moment the hospital chef had managed to get his hands on a recipe for a brownie.. but no thankfully it was your elder brother.... phew xx

  7. My first thought was 'why would they mince up lamb pie'? Makes it easier to digest I suppose. And then I read what you said about how tough the pie was, and so you answered the question. So is the NHS now applying some health & safety risk assessment for pies, following the lines of that Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation stuff a week or so ago?

  8. "...and broccoli that had been boiled to death... to the point where it could be mashed with the back of a fork. Yum!"

    That's the way old people like it, and hospitals are full of old people. Of course, many of them can't eat the food anyway because they need help and don't get it, but if they COULD eat it, the veg would be mushy just the way they like it.