Monday, 2 November 2009

Petit Pain

Leek Soup. Leek is an old Anglo Saxon word for bland

Half an hour after eating this I had a stomach pain of such savagery

Perhaps these semi-warm potato wedges were the culprits


  1. I'd be going with the "meat" as the culprit, myself. I mean, just LOOK at it. All I can see is salty, processed, fatty disgusting pink stuff. I suppose some people might call it meat. I call it gastro waiting to happen.

    Those potato wedges actually look pretty good. Blame not the humble potato!!

  2. Could have been the mayo in the coleslaw and/or the ham. At first sight, this doesn't look too bad TM, I agree the ham looks processed but this is the type of food we have for lunch now and again without ill effects. Luckily we do not have hospital germs in our house..... another thought for a blog - hygiene, MRSA and how far you should go in disinfecting everything?

  3. I bet cole slaw was the culprit TM, after all it is made with raw eggs..!


  4. That coleslaw does look a bit suspect, looks like it's bubbling up.


  5. Now you mention it, it did have a fizzy taste; so I only ate a tiny bit and left the rest.

  6. I'm surprised you haven't had more gastric disturbances - serving warm food must produce a veritable breeding ground of some amazing bacteria just waiting to pounce....

  7. i ate such wedgies and had a stomach pain too.

    i heard potatoes causes gas to accumulate in stomach.

  8. THanks for the tip. THat's another item off my list.

  9. Of course it upset you, you know you cant give up peas cold turkey you have to taper off slowly:-)

  10. Maybe it's just the photo, but the whole lot looks as though it had been sitting around somewhere for quite a while before you got it. The ham is starting to curl, the cucumber looks a bit wrinkled but the mayo looks like the guilty party to me. Definitely seems to show signs of fermentation.

  11. TM, I'd have thought that after all these months, your body's defences would have been able to cope with anything the NHS catering dept can throw at you; but there again this is the first time I've seen mayo on your plate. NHS mayo is definitely dodgy.
    I played NHS-style Russian roulette the other day by munching a prawn, lettuce and mayo roll. Fortunately, it wasn't loaded!

  12. Hi Traction Man

    Been reading your blog now for a couple of weeks and have found it a mixture of entertainment, information, wit, saddness and a brilliant platform to highlight the poor quality food served to patients at your temporary NHS abode
    If your blog leads to improvements from the catering department, or a least constructive discusion leading to a way forward, then you have achieved greatness and will be knighted in the new year !

    Anyway, back to the ham salad incident -
    Mayonnaise in a hospital will definately not be made with raw eggs as suggested by anonymous

    Mayonnaise will be bought in ready made and will contain pasterised egg yolk (even if they are buying in ready made coleslaw, same will apply)

    I suggest the culprit here was the dead fly on the ham - if you look closely you can just see it
    Maybe Traction Man didn't and ate it - yum yum

    Best of luck and hope your results are good