Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday lunch... taste at last

It's those good 'ol Southern Fried Ethiopian chicken drumsticks! Made with a the NHS secret recipe of two herbs and spices... salt an pepper

Is it a ripe Camembert or could it be a piece of foam rubber? No! It's jam and coconut sponge pudding with custard!

Now that's what I call an appetiser

Healthy chicken, bacon and spinach salad with a cheese scone


  1. the hospital offering is hardly appetising is it!! It looks like a kids school dinner gone wrong. Is it really chicken under those breadcrumbs? I think I would go for the 2nd option. If you are no longer on traction, why do you have to spend several more weeks in hospital??

  2. Yup, hubby and I did the Times 2 crossword last night and the answer to 'condiment' was pepper. I'd venture that the English cuisine has four condiments: salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup.

  3. I can't walk properly. I can only put 25% weight on my bad leg and I have to learn to walk again and adjust my shoes for a 3cm leg difference. It's a long way to go yet.

  4. You've already come such a long way.... and done it with such a brilliant view of it all. Here's hoping the thoughts of getting home spur you on when you need it. Good luck!!


  5. I spent a few months in hospital in my younger days and the food always seemed to taste of antiseptic.When I finaly got home we celebrated with a slap up dinner.
    It tasted of antiseptic.... Wonder if the surgeons left a bit of kit inside me.

  6. I know what you mean. I blame antibiotics. I've had six months' worth including Vancomycin - the Domestos of aintibiotics. It ruins your taste for a while and strips your gut of bacteria.

  7. Wow. Even though I don't touch meat or fish those alternatives brought to you by your loving wife look absolutely splendid. I bet she's thrilled that you've come through all this relatively perky, and even though you have some way to go you've covered a good three quarters of the journey.

    When I had a major op a handful of years ago, the taste of fresh beetroot, or a handful of strewberries practically blew my sparkplugs - it was amazing. A friend of mine who lived nearby was able to bring in a little dish of something delectable and home cooked every so often and the taste explosion was phenomenal. Even just a simple fresh salad or a little pot of blackcurrant crumble with creme fraiche had my brain bouncing off the ceiling ;-)

    Imagine how Christmas dinner will taste! Just keep that thought: you, parked at the table with a fistful of good red wine and a plate heaped with deliciousness, surrounded by the people you love. Silly hat optional.

    Hope you're having a great day. Love to you and the wonderful Mrs Ex-TM!

  8. When I went back home after I had my fixtator fitted, I was blown away by how tomatoes and fruit just exploded with flavour. I know what you mean.

  9. You are a lucky man to have a wife who cares enough to bring in such lovely food for you.

    As for the antibiotics, it never ceases to amaze me that we all know antibiotics kill off the good bacteria but in hospital when you are having high dose of domestos type antibiotics they don't give you probiotic yoghurt or equivalent every day! Too much like common sense for the bean counters I suppose.

  10. "Too much like common sense for the bean counters I suppose."

    Too right. Perish the thought that a bean counter will have any concept of patient care or that he/she will take any notice of medical experts. There's such a huge chasm between what is and what should or could be.

    We're back to the argument about nutrition of course - why the quality and nutritional value of food isn't linked in as a vital element of a patient's recovery I have no idea, but then as we know, those who make the decisions have no idea about anatomy or physiology and don't feel they need to. Plus there's no interest. Talk to some of these bean counters and they will dismiss the whole subject with something like "well maybe, but we have to watch costs", unaware of, or deliberately ignoring the fact, that decent nutrition will save more money in the long run.