Thursday, 12 November 2009

Just for Sarah and the Chelsea Gang

A Whiskygram especially for Sarah's children. This is Whisky's official publicity picture. He's going to ignore me for a few days when I get home just to show his disgust for me being away so long without his permission. He'll come round...


  1. Dear ETM

    Oh that's just so cute - my Gang will be so pleased!

    Proud Cats' Mother (who probably needs therapy) ..

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww he's so beautiful!! Tia xxx

  3. Lovely looking cat. I do like cats. :-)

  4. Awww he's gorgeous...

    Of course he will be offended, his staff went AWOL as far as he is concerned. You will be forgiven though, eventually :)

  5. Love his golden eyes, ain't he a beaut

  6. I hope that Whisky is not to upset with you, you need to have a treat for him, and approach with head bowed, giving him plenty of compliments on how handsome he is :)

    He will sucker you in by ignoring you, when in reality he will be glad to have his other "slave" home ;)


    Kat (Slave to 5 cats)

  7. He's beautiful.
    Show him the pictures of the muck they have expected you to eat while away- cats are amazingly fussy eaters and you will win his immediate sympathy and forgiveness.

    Glad you are about to be paroled.

    -Julie (another slave to five cats here).

  8. Beautiful!
    Barbara (Styria)

  9. He is really beautiful and this is a great publicity shot. He will get a star role in Cats no bother with this shot.

  10. I've just heard that he is being very fussy. A dish of his favourite fish has been put out and yet he sits there with one paw raised in a pathetic begging manner. Fussy? Whisky raises the word to a whole new meaning.

  11. Beautiful cat. I am sure he winked at me when I first saw him.

    So pleased to hear you are finally going home! Take the walking one step at a time (no pun intended). It has taken me 3 weeks to walk properly after a fairly routine knee operation so you imagine how long it is going to take you, special shoe or not. Be patient with yourself.

    Glad to hear you will keep the blog going - if you run out of NHS inspiration just let me know. I can provide you with plenty of topics on all the stuff that goes on at work. Mind you I am not back to work for another three weeks but I have experienced being on the other side of the fence (i.e. as a patient) these last few weeks. The thing that really got up my nose was having a letter from Patient Centre cancelling my 3 week follow-up and giving me a 7 week follow-up.

    Phoning the hospital I ended up with our bloody stupid automated telephonist who thinks it's Google. When asking quite clearly for a particular person it said "did you mean....?" This went on for quite a few times until I used a four syllable swear word. Eventually I got through to the right person but the voicemail was on her extension! Grrrr!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

    Gill x

  12. He's gorgeous. He'll probably stay out of your way when he sees the walking frame and crutches. I thought my cat would trip me up when I arrived home after my hip op but he seemed to know I wasn't well.
    Enjoy seeing him again!

  13. there is only one sort of pussy which gets me excited ... and that's not it.

    Good luck in your recover TM :-)

  14. You can always share a bowl of Whisky's cat food with him to bond with him again. After what you've eaten over the last few months it may be an improvement. Best of luck.

  15. He looks stubborn but understanding. He'll come round when he realises that you're under the weather.